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Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II

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Sell your Samsung Galaxy S II

Released April 2011Operating System Android 2.3.4Display 4.3 inchesCamera 8MPProcessor 1.2 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9RAM 1GBBattery 1,650 mAh

We're sure that, just like, us you'd be lost without your mobile phone, but while most of us don't know what we'd do without it, we're all guilty of falling a little out of love with our phones once a new version is released to the market. Despite the fact that there's probably nothing wrong with your old mobile at all, even if it is a Samsung Galaxy S II, suddenly it becomes less desirable when faced with the all singing, all dancing new kid in town. Don't worry, we understand how you feel. So that's why we want to help you to find a new home for your beloved phone, and why we've put together our comparison site of recommended phone recyclers. When you finally take the plunge and replace your existing handset, we want to make parting with your old phone a whole lot easier.

There's no denying that when the Samsung Galaxy S II first hit the market it was an extremely desirable and covetable phone. Not only did it achieve a number of 'firsts', in that it offered the Exynos chipset and the unmatched Super AMOLED Plus screen combined in an ultra-slim body, but it also gave us great stills, 1080p video recording and a whole gig of RAM, that made multi-tasking a walk in the park. So, as you can see, while your S II might be getting on a bit, in terms of age, it's still pretty tasty in the technology department. Of course, as your Samsung Galaxy S II is at least 4 years old by now, it's not going to fetch a very high price, but you'll get a realistic sum of money that reflects the age and desirability of that particular phone.

So if you're planning to get rid of your old Samsung Galaxy S II, why not send it to one of the phone recyclers listed in our comparison chart? They'll not only give you a reasonable price for your old handset, but they'll be able to sell it on to somebody who's looking for a great phone at a sensible price. While the prices offered aren't going to go very far to offset the price of the latest model, they're certainly more than you'll get for simply leaving it to gather dust in a drawer somewhere. Take a look at the deals offered and find the best one for you, then simply contact the recycler by clicking the appropriate button. They'll send you pre-paid packaging so that posting off your phone is ultra-convenient, plus many of our recyclers will pay you the same day as they receive the parcel.