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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Galaxy Note 3 Neo

What counts as good?

To receive the full quoted price your device must power on, show only minor signs of use, and have both fully functional hardware and software. Check the recycler's terms for full details.

How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo came out in 2014. The Galaxy Note 3 Neo was a lower cost alternative for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It has the same light and upmarket look and the same stylus and multitasking-oriented functionality as the Galaxy Note 3. We have a lot of recyclers that are willing to buy your Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Simply choose a company using our online comparison tool.

The recycler will send you a package for you to give your phone to them. Alternatively, you can give your device to a recycling company by packaging it yourself which means that you can get paid faster for it. Once the company receives your device, they will make sure that it is in the correct category. After you have carried out these steps as listed above, you will receive payment.

Why Recycle My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo?

As far as we know, Samsung is not a green company. Unlike some other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung do not seem to have a firm stance on sustainability. The process for creating smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 often produces a high amount of greenhouse gas. Because of this, it is crucial to keep your smartphone in circulation for a long period of time if you can. If you do not keep it in circulation, then there is a risk that it will get dumped in landfill. We want to avoid this for as long as possible, because of the dangers of e-waste sites around the world. When you resell your phone, it will get refurbished to make it suitable to be used as a second-hand device for another consumer. Your device could have some light damage; nonetheless, you can still sell it and get a decent price for it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Price History

All mobile phones depreciate as time passes. It is therefore generally better to sell your phone sooner rather than later. However, there are certain points annually which are better times to sell your phone than others. These include around the time when a new Samsung model comes out and during the build-up to Christmas.

Can I Sell My Broken Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo?

Even if your phone is broken, there are still ways for you to sell your device. If it just has some wear and tear, then this is easily fixable. On the other hand, something like water damage could potentially cause more of an issue. Check out your recycler’s Terms and Conditions to find out how they would work around this problem.