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Samsung Galaxy A40

Galaxy A40

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How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy A40?

Have you just upgraded your phone or have a spare lying around? If so, it is time to get some money for it. Use our comparison tool to find the best price and sell your Galaxy A40. Simply search for your Galaxy phone and compare the different offer prices.

Once you have selected the offer and submitted your details, the recycling company will provide you with a freepost package to send your phone in. Your chosen recycler will then receive the device, check its quality and pay you the agreed amount.

Why Should I Recycle My Samsung Galaxy A40?

Ensuring a mobile phone stays out of landfill is incredibly important. The process of mining is not environmentally friendly, so it is essential to try and keep a device out of landfill and remaining in circulation for as long as possible. This means that less of the earth’s finite resources will have to be mined. If the device is beyond repair, then the phone will be responsibly recycled. This means that the materials will be recovered which helps to keep resources in the market and out of landfills.

Samsung Galaxy A40 Price History

Here at Compare and Recycle, we like to keep track of how much a phone depreciates over time. This can help to inform your purchase decisions in the future and ensure that you receive the highest price when you sell your Galaxy A40. Samsung devices traditionally do not hold their value as well as Apple phones do, so timing can be crucial if you want to get the most money that you can to put towards a new phone.

Can I Sell My Broken Samsung Galaxy A40?

If you have broken your phone and it will not turn on, has too many deep scratches or a cracked screen, then your phone will be classed by the recycler as broken. But do not worry, many recyclers are willing to buy a broken phone off you to give it a new lease of life. If your Galaxy A40 has water damage, it will be important to check the recycler’s terms and conditions and see if they accept water damaged phones at all.