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Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5

By recycling your mobile phone you have helped safeguard our environment.

How Do I Sell My iPhone 5?

On our site there is a choice of X different recyclers who will be willing to buy your iPhone 5s. Your options for getting your phone to them are as follows: you can either send your device yourself or you can use the packaging that they will send to you. The recycler will then carry out an assessment of your device which will, in part, determine the amount of money that you will receive. To get paid, your options are either a bank transfer, PayPal or via cheque.

We have a choice of various recycling companies that will buy your iPhone 5, and you can send your device to them either independently or by using the freepost packaging. The recycling company

When Is the Best Time to Sell My iPhone 5?

When it comes to selling your phone, it is usually recommended to put it on the market immediately. This is because smartphones’ value depreciates over time. Despite this, there are still specific times each year which could get you more money for your phone. These are usually in the months leading up to Christmas and just before a new iPhone is announced (which is usually in September).

iPhone 5 Price History

The iPhone SE came out in 2016 and it comes with a choice of four capacity options: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The device’s capacity is what partially dictates the amount of money you will receive for your iPhone SE. The price is also determined by its condition. If your device is in good condition, this will maximise the price that you will receive for it.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My iPhone 5?

Each recycler will carry out different processes for recycling your device, however what usually happens is that your phone will have a refurbishment. If your phone is past the point of a simple repair job, then it will go to a recycling facility in which the profitable internal components of your device will be removed and put back on the market.

Can I Sell My Broken iPhone 5?

Even if your device is completely broken, it can still get sold as a second-hand device with certain recycling companies. At the top of the page, choose ‘broken’ to categorise your device. There is an array of issues that your phone could have, including a broken screen, buttons not working, charging problems and scratches and dents. If your device has been damaged by water, then you should check your recycler’s Terms and Conditions, or get in touch with them directly to find out what their policies are on this.