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We compare the top mobile phone recycling sites and find out how much you can get for your mobile phone. From Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, to iPhone and even non-mobile phone devices such as iPods and games consoles, we help you get the best cash price for your old mobile phone, sat nav system, games console, digital camera, MP3 player or even your old jewellery. Compare and recycle today with us.

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Enter your phone brand or model number in the searchbox near the top of the page or view via our top brands, including Sony Ericsson, LG, Nokia, T-Mobile and many more. We feature the best prices to sell your mobile phones and other devices and compare all recyclers here. View our list of mobile makes and model numbers here here.

What is Compare and Recycle?

Compare and Recycle is a mobile phone recycling comparison site, we compare the top mobile phone recycling sites and find the best price on offer to sell your mobile phone. We do more than just mobile phone recycling. We can find you a price to sell your old mobile phone, digital camera, iPod or other MP3 player, sat nav, games console, laptop or even gold & jewellery.

We can find prices for all the top models including Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. We compare all the top mobile phone recycling companies too including Mazuma Mobile, Envirofone (Envirophone), Mobile Phone Xchange, Phone Recycle Bank,, Fonebank and Money 4 My Mobile. The best way to get the top price for an old mobile is to compare mobile phone recyclers.

Here at Compare and Recycle we know that some of you will be thinking "I want to sell my mobile but I don't have the time" which is why we aim to make it as quick and easy as possible to sell your mobile. One of the key reasons to use our comparison is rather than having to visit over 30 recyclers indivdually to find the best price you can see all the best deals in one place!

Why Mobile Phone Recycling?

In recent times more interest has been taken in the damage that is being done to our environment and how we can do more to protect it. Many of us are now recycling more of our household waste but not enough of us are taking part in mobile phone recycling. In the UK alone there are an estimated 70 million unused mobile phones cluttering up our homes when they should be getting recycled.

Many mobile phones contain a number of components which are potentially harmful to the environment if not disposed of in the proper way. The damage that can be caused by throwing out an old mobile means you can't just throw an unwanted mobile phone away any more. These days recycling is your only option and using a mobile recycling company is not only the easiest way to do this, but they'll even pay you for your unwanted handsets.

You may not know that mobile phone recycling is actually becoming more important in the production of new mobile phones. The supply of raw materials used to create mobile phones will not last forever and so reusing the materials found in older models is becoming more necessary in order to produce new devices. You may have heard of companies like Mazuma or Envirophone but there are many more recyclers!

What if I just want to sell my mobile?

If you're looking to sell your mobile then mobile phone recycling is one of the quickest and easiest ways to sell an old mobile phone. Even if you're not motivated by recycling and just want to sell your mobile to get some cash using a mobile phone recycler has many advantages over selling privately.

Very old models or mobile phone are often too outdated to be of much use and even though private buyers will not be interested mobile phone recyclers will still take them off your hands and even the oldest handsets are still often worth at least a few pounds. Comparing mobile phone recyclers will make sure you get the most cash to sell your mobile phone.

Selling to a mobile phone recycling company couldn't be much easier, rather than having to agree a price and arrange payment a mobile phone recycling site will give you a quote for your old mobile in seconds and pay the cash directly into your bank account, most will even send a freepost envelope to post your old phone in.

How do I sell my mobile?

At Compare and Recycle we aim to make it as easy as possible to find the best prices to sell your mobile to a mobilerecycler. All you need to do is tell us which model you have and we'll tell you the best prices offered by all the top phone recycling sites.

In most cases all you need to do is type the make and model of the mobile you want to sell into the search box near the top of the page, if you can't find your mobile this way then try browsing by make and looking through the list of models.

Once you've chosen the best deal to sell your mobile click 'Sell Now' to visit the recycler and enter your details. Then all you need to do is sit back and wait for payment to arrive! Don't forget to leave feedback on our mobile phone recycling reviews forum to let others know how you got on. Mobile phone recycling is just about the quickest and easy way to sell mobiles so why not sell your phone to a mobile recycler right now!