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Sell Your iPhone

Some models of iPhone are worth over £350 when you sell them to a recycler. Compare Prices

With new phones being released constantly even handsets such as the hugely popular iPhone eventually become outdated. The iPhone has retained its value much better than many phones of a similar age and so recycling companies will often pay you a good price when you decide it's time to sell your iPhone.

How much can you get for an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5?

How much can you get for an older iPhone?

Is your old phone not an iPhone?

You can still get cash for your old mobile if you're upgrading to the new iPhone 5 even if your old handset isn't an iPhone. Just use the search box below to find your phone and get a price for it.

What to do with your old iPhone?

Throwing out an old mobile phone is not only a waste of a device which may still have a high cash value but it also damaging to the environment due to the number of potentially toxic components used in electronic devices.

Selling your old phone is an obvious option but selling privately or on eBay can often be more trouble than it's worth. Not only do you risk getting mixed up with a troublesome buyer, but it often takes a long time to make the sale and any wear and tear can significantly reduce the value of an old phone when selling to a private buyer.

Recycling companies will give you a much better price for your old iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S than most trade-in deals will offer and many recyclers will give you the choice of cash or vouchers too depending on what suits you best.

If you're tied into a contract with a mobile phone network and you're not yet eligible to upgrade to the iPhone 5 or your network isn't carrying the iPhone 4 then recycling your phone could be your only option if you want to upgrade.

Even if you have a few months of your contract left then the money you can get for your old model may enable you to buy out the rest of your contract so that you can get the iPhone 4 on a new contract. If you've only just started a new contract then recycling your old phone could at least give you a substantial chunk of the cost of buying out your contract or buying the iPhone 5 seperately.

It makes sense to sell your old iPhone to a mobile phone recycling company and not only help the environment but make yourself some money and save yourself some trouble at the same time. So do an iPhone recycling comparison and find the best price for your old iPhone.

Is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 5?

The iPhone was released on September 21st 2012 and is a much more sigificant upgrade than the iPhone 4S was from the iPhone 4. Not only are their some big changes on the inside but some very obvious visual changes have been implemented too.

Not only does the iPhone 5 feature a fantastic new design but it has a number of changes that make it worth upgrading:

Thinner and Lighter
While the iPhone 4S was pretty thin and not too heavy the iPhone 5 manages to be even slimmer and weight even less. The iPhone 5 is 18% thinner and 20% lighter which means the second you feel the new iPhone in your hand you'll notice the difference.
Bigger Screen
When the iPhone 4 launched it blew away the competition with it's high resolution Retina display. While the competition has caught up a lot the iPhone still has an incredibly high pixel densitiy meaning the screen looks incredibly sharp and detailed. The iPhone 5 features a bigger screen than the iPhone 4S with 18% more pixels and improved colour saturation.
4G Connectivity
While 4G has been taking off in the USA here in the UK we've been a little behind the times but it's already been announced that the 4G ready iPhone 5 will be able to use the 4G networks when they're launched in the UK in the near future. 4G is up to 5 times as fast as existing 3G connections.
Faster Processor
You may have felt the iPhone 4S was already a bit of a speed demon but the new A6 processor found in the iPhone 5 means faster web browsing, better graphics with high frame rates and all round improved performance. Not only that but improvements to power efficiency mean the iPhone 5 will have even better battery life.
Other Improvements
Not only has the iPhone 5 taken some huge steps forward but it also features a number of changes which keep Apple ahead of the rest of the mobile game.
  • Improved headphones, the new EarPods which come with the iPhone 5 are a huge improvment over the headphones included with the iPhone 4S which means even the most hardcore music lovers
  • 1080p video recording and panoramic photography mean the iPhone 5 is a great phone for taking pictures and recording video.
  • The same A4 processor found in the iPad is now included in the iPhone 4 meaning that the new model is even more powerful allowing for faster and better looking apps
  • Small, more durable connector. The new lightning connector is not only less bulky but it's reversible too so it doesn't matter which way round you plug it in.
  • A larger capacity battery means even when powering the faster processor and higher quality screen the iPhone 4 can still manage to offer better battery life than the older models
  • iOS6 comes installed on the iPhone 5 meaning you benefit from the hundreds or improvements and new features.

If you're interested in the iPhone 5 then why not head over to Compare and Mobile Phones and take a look at the latest iPhone 5 deals.

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