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Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi

Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi

The price of a faulty device can vary depending on what faults it has. By default we show a guide price but if you choose from the options below we can give you a more accurate quote from some recyclers.

YesNoIs the screen cracked?YesNoIs there a broken button?YesNoAre there other faults?Prices marked with Accurate Quote are based on the actual faults and are accurate. Up to prices are a guide only and will depend on the actual condition when assessed by a recycler.

Comparing prices for your tablet pc has potentially gained you an extra £17.70 cash and by recycling your tablet pc you're also doing your bit for the environment!

To the right we list our Top Recommended Deal and below that we show all the tablet pc recyclers who will pay you to recycle your old Apple tablet pc.

Recycler Working Price Pay Period Pay Method Free Postage Sell

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Recycle My Smartphone
£29.70Same dayBank Transfer, ChequeYes Sell Now
Pay PeriodSame dayPay MethodsBank Transfer, ChequeFreepostYesFree PackagingYes
Music Magpie
£27.90Same dayBank Transfer, ChequeYes Sell Now
Pay PeriodSame dayPay MethodsBank Transfer, ChequeFreepostYesFree PackagingYes
£20 Price GuaranteedSame dayBank TransferYes Sell Now
Pay PeriodSame dayPay MethodsBank TransferFreepostYesFree PackagingYes
M&C Recycle
£20 Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Sell Now
Pay PeriodSame dayPay MethodsBank Transfer, PayPalFreepostYesFree PackagingYes
£12 Same dayBank Transfer, ChequeYes Sell Now
Pay PeriodSame dayPay MethodsBank Transfer, ChequeFreepostYesFree PackagingYes
O2 Recycle
£12 Same dayBank Transfer, Cheque, Amazon Gift CardYes Sell Now
Pay PeriodSame dayPay MethodsBank Transfer, Cheque, Amazon Gift CardFreepostYesFree PackagingYes

Merchants below do not list a price for this tablet pc

Mobile Cash Mate No price listed
iBuyMobiles No price listed
Gecko Mobile No price listed
Phones 2 Pounds No price listed
Apple Recycle No price listed
Gadget Converter No price listed
Sell Smart For Cash No price listed

Sell your Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi

Released March 2010 Operating System iOS 4Display 9.7 inchesProcessor 1GHz Cortex-A8RAM 256MB

Did you buy an original iPad? If you did we bet that you couldn't wait to show it off. One of the first and best tablets, it certainly was one of the hottest selling gadgets of the year. However, we're sure that even if you did invest in the Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi version, you're well aware that it just can't compete with the latest models, and that it sadly doesn't really have much value as a second-hand tablet in today's market either. Despite the fact that it was a clever combination of netbook, e-reader, gaming device and iPod, with bluetooth, a long battery life, wi-fi and, of course, 64GB of storage, its lack of camera and its cumbersome size proved a problem for some users, although these issues were addressed in later models.

However, if you do want to sell your iPad 64GB Wi-Fi tablet, we've got the perfect solution right here in our comparison table. We've put together a whole host of phone recycling companies who are prepared to buy your old iPad. While you won't be making mega-bucks, you'll certainly get enough to put towards a rather nice case for your new iPad. What's more, not only do our phone recyclers buy used iPads, but they'll buy damaged and non-working iPads too, albeit at a reduced price. However, maybe the best thing about selling your smart device to a phone recycler, is the fact that it's pretty much hassle-free. There's no photos needed, no descriptions or sales pitches, no listing on auction sites. Just check out their offers, and choose the option that suits you best. They'll then send you postage paid packaging so you don't even have to hunt out your own. You simply parcel up your iPad and put it in the post.

By clicking the 'sell now' icon, you'll start the selling process. You can choose from several payment options, including direct bank transfers, cheques, Paypal payments and vouchers, and your chosen payment will arrive within the week without you having to go through all the steps required for selling on an auction site. Just simply click the icon and follow the instructions and pretty soon your iPad will be winging its way to a recycler and your payment will be winging its way to you. We told you it was easy to sell your Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi, didn't we?