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Make some quick money and sell your old Sat Nav to a recycler

It wasn't long ago that a lack of map reading skills could cause you a lot of problems. Since Sat Nav systems became common most of us no longer have to worry about getting lost and despite the odd hiccup they usually get to to and from your destination safely. Like most technology however newer, better models become available and we want to upgrade leaving us with TomToms, Garmins and other GPS devices sitting unused. Instead of letting that satellite navigation system sit in a drawer why not sell it and make some cash?

Many new cars come with a built-in sat nav system so you may find you don't need your trusty TomTom any more leaving you free to recycle it for cash. Likewise mobile phone GPS software has reached such a high standard that with an in-car dock you can switch using your iPhone rather than needing a separate device. Selling to a recycler is quick and easy, just use the search box above to find your model and choose the best deal to get the most cash for your sat nav.

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Recycle and Sell Used Sat Nav Systems

Many people don't realise they can earn cash for most of their unused electronic products, even their old satellite navigation systems. Whether you got a new Sat Nav for Christmas or you're selling your vehicle and the sum of its parts, recycle your old sat nav system for a fair price at Compare and Recycle.

Sort through our listings of companies to find the best deal for your outdated GPS. Our recyclers list payment periods, voucher offers and shipping methods, and in return, we encourage our customers to review their experience with our recyclers so future clients are armed with knowledge to make the best recycling decisions.

Some of our most popular models of satellite navigation like Tom Tom's GO 730 earn up to 44, whilst some companies will take non-working, older models off your hands for a decent sum and free shipping.

By recycling with us, you are also doing your part to safeguard the environment from toxic chemicals released from electronics, plastics and other man-made materials.

Interested to see how much your unused sat nav is worth? Enter the model number or search by brand. If you're looking to recycle sat nav systems then compare the prices offered by all the top recyclers to get the best deal to sell your sat nav for cash.