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Phones 2 Pounds are a UK based recycler with over a decade in the mobile phone industry. They have extensive expertise and specialist knowledge in dealing with mobile devices. Phones 2 Pounds is the result of combining that knowledge with a commitment to helping save the environment.

The Phones 2 Pounds service is open to those with new, used and even damaged mobile phones and tablets. Blocked phones will not be accepted and will be forwarded to the police. The only thing you need to provide with your phone is the battery although Phones 2 Pounds will happily accept other accessories should you wish to include them.

Using Phones 2 Pounds to recycle your phone for cash is really easy! Just place an order and you'll be sent a pre-paid package to send your phone in, or you can use your own packaging to get paid even quicker! Once you've sent your phone to Phones 2 Pounds they'll check it over and you'll be paid the same day it is tested! You can choose to be paid by Bank Transfer, Cheque or PayPal, whichever you prefer.

Phones will be wiped as part of the process so you don't have to worry about anyone getting your personal information, although it's always recommended to you delete all your data before sending it in just to be extra safe! You can sell a phone on any UK network including unlocked handsets. The whole process is so simple and you could have your cash within a couple of days of first making your order!

Common Misspellings

Phones 2 Pounds is sometimes misspelt. Common misspellings include: Phones2Pounds, PhonesToPounds, Phones To Pounds, PhonesTooPounds.

Feature Summary

Accept WorkingYes
Accept Non-WorkingYes
Free PostageYes
Free PackagingYes
Bank TransferYes

Contact Details

Phones 2 Pounds Limited
Innovation Centre and Business Base
110 Butterfield
Great Marlings
01582 439 740


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