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Sell Smart For Cash T&Cs

Terms & Conditions of use

Before submission of your order on our website please attentively read the following terms and conditions. Please keep in mind that you will be bound to follow these terms and conditions as well as our terms of use by submitting an order.

The Basis of Contract between Us and Our Customers

Our site is proposed to be used by people having residency in Great Britain and having registration with us. Acceptance and rejection of orders is a matter of our choice from people falling to comply the terms of our services.

This contract is formed between you and www.sellsmartforcash.co.uk

The contract between us will be formed as soon as we receive your order. For further information you may click on the “How It Works” page. It is mandatory for you to own all rights, interests and title of any phone that is sent to us by you.

When we have sent the payment to you in consideration with the phone, a contract will be established and ownership of the phone will be passed to us according to the terms and conditions. The contract, rights and obligations arising out of the contract cannot be further transferred, assigned, charged or disposed off without the prior written consent from us.

However, at any time during the term of contract, we have the power to sub-contract, charge, dispose of or otherwise further transfer a contract or any of the obligations arising out of the contract. You can cancel the contract established between us at any time till the time you may send us the phone provided the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • •The negotiation and conclusion of contract was solely by means of distant communication
  • •You are acting not for the purposes of any business so you must be an individual.

You will not be liable for the payment of any administration charges or for any justification for the cancellation of contract if you cancel the contract during the cooling off period. Also a notification in writing is required for the cancellation of contract.

However the contract cannot be cancelled if the phone doesn’t meet the terms and conditions (listed below), after you have dispatched the phone to Sell Smart for Cash.

Make sure that you are willing to send us the phone and it is under your rights to do so.

Warranty by Consumers

You must fulfill the following conditions while submitting the order through our website www.sellsmartforcash.co.uk

•You have residency in Great Britain or Northern Ireland.

•You are competent legally of entering into a binding agreement or contract

•Your age is equal to or above 18 years; or you have obtained the consent of your parents or guardian for selling of your phone / gadget in exchange of the sum indicated via our site if you are under the age of 18 years.

We are not liable to your parents for any of the claims, if you are sending the phone to us in breach of the above mentioned warranty.

In above mentioned terms and conditions, "consumer" can be defined as an individual who doesn’t make the contract under discussion in the course of his/her business and who also doesn’t hold himself/herself for doing so, as per defined by Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

Warranty by Businesses

You must comply with the following in case you are contacting us as being a business:

•You are authorized to represent the registered business

•You are a resident of Northern Ireland or Great Britain; and

•You are competent legally of entering into a binding agreement or contract;


The prices which we offer at our website are subject to change without prior notice.

The prices which we quote are guaranteed for the period of 14 days from the approval of order date. If your phone has been received after expiry of 14 days period then the current price prevailing at site will be applied.

We will offer an adjusted price if your phone could not meet the criteria stated above. If you reject the offer, your phone will be returned. The prices we offer are final. If we will not get a reply to proposed offer within 7 days, adjusted orders shall be processed.

Devices and Phones

The mobile phone or device which is sold shall be same as the make and model mentioned in the sale order and shall fulfill the conditions given below:


•Be able to turn on and turn off (with all keys under working conditions)

•Have an operating system that is in fully working condition (software)

•Have a workable touch screen if the device or phone is touch screened. Remember that cracks and damages will not be acceptable at all

•Have a fully working screen

•Be capable of being functional. (Normal wear and tears will be acceptable)

•Not be damaged by water or any other liquid (water indicators shall be normal not red colored)

•Have its battery along with (the charger or memory card can be kept)

(Functional phones include capable of making calls, video and all other features)


Any device or mobile phone ought to be sold shall:

•Be in one whole piece and shouldn’t be broken into two pieces

•Have its battery however you can keep the charger, headphone, memory card, etc

•Be complete handset and any parts or components shall not be missing

Any “activation lock” must not be applied to the iphones or apple devices intended for sale and shall be deregistered from icloud accounts if any. Phones or devices must be on UK based networks and unlocked while any phone or device locked to any foreign based network will be rejected.

You give the warranty of your phone complied with these terms by submitting a sale order through our site.

Important Note:

Phone locked to any specific network will attract revised offer and so please unlock your phone and post it to us. You network service provider will unlock your phone for free if you are near to your contract end.

Any phone which has dent marks/scratch marks/scuff marks beyond normal wear and tear would attract revised offer.

Non-acceptance of revised offer and subsequent return request will attract a shipping and handling charge of £6.99.

Sale items received after 2 PM are subject to be paid the next working day.

The payments through banking channel will only be made to the account details mentioned while placing on-line order. Under any circumstances, bank transfer payments cannot be recalled or reissued by us.

The price offered on the website is for individual customers and not for traders and so if you wish to sell us large quantities, please do get in touch with our support team for further assistance. Orders registered without prior consent with our support team will be cancelled without any further notice.

When a customer places an order for New handset then they must include new original accessories, original box and all other material you would get with a new handset or the payment would be made for a used handset.

A valid proof of purchase is also required for all brand new phones and expensive used phones above £300.00. In absence of a valid proof of purchase, we would require a copy of your ID e.g. Passport or Driving License.

Please make sure choose the right product when placing the order to avoid any confusion. You may be charged an admin/return fee of £24.99 if you have placed your order wrongly and want your handset returned.

All our prices are for unlocked handset unless otherwise stated. Handset received locked to a network will be revised for value and paid accordingly.

Rooted handsets are classified as 'Faulty' and will be paid as per the listed price for faulty. In case of a return request, all rooted and faulty handsets will attract a admin charge of £24.99.
It is against law to sell counterfeit version of any phone. If we receive any, it will be disposed without any notice. In case of return request, £24.99 return shipping and handling charges will be charged.

Stolen or Lost Devices and Mobile Phones

It is a criminal offense to sell a stolen or lost mobile phone and device. Sell Smart for Cash strongly adhere to the code of practice “End Theft Mobiles Recycling” which is set by National Mobile Phone Crime Unit and Home office.

To ensure that we don’t purchase any lost items, we will inquire IMEI/Serial number of all devices and mobile phones on checkMEND (www.checkmend.com)

If we could later, find out any issue with the ownership of the devices and mobile phones or it is indicated to be snatched or lost then it will be put in seclusion for initial period of 28 days. Payment shall be withheld until and unless the device or mobile phone isn’t approved by CheckMEND.

If the device or mobile phone isn’t approved by CheckMEND then you are required to contact them and prove that you are a rightful owner of the mobile phone or device. You must clear all the issues relating to the ownership of such mobile phones or devices within the Quarantine period.

If the issues regarding ownership of the device or mobile phone are resolved and it is cleared from CheckMEND then your sale will be processed as normal one.

If the mobile phone or device is not approved by CheckMEND during Quarantine period, it is obligatory upon us to withhold the mobile phone and pass it to the law enforcement body or dispose it off. If we will take any such step, you will not receive the payment. It is as per requirement of UK legislation not to pay or return such stolen mobile phones or devices.

Packing and Posting Instructions

After registering your sale order, you will be sent a freepost envelope along with packing instructions on how to pack and post your phone.

If you wish to post your phone through freepost tracked returns service, you will have to go to the post office and collect a proof of postage which has a 13 character reference number which allows you to track your parcel at www.royalmail.com

Freepost tracked returns service insures your post up to £50.00 in case of lost or damage and makes it important for you to retain your proof of postage with you.

For phones which are valued more than £50.00, it is highly recommended to use Special Delivery service which insures your post up to £500 in case of lost or damage.

Please do not post your phones through post box or letter box which does not provide you with a proof of postage.

We do not in any circumstances take responsibility for non-delivery or damage of your post except when we have arranged courier collection ourselves.

So it is highly recommended to send the valuable devices or phones through registered post.

Out of Control Events

The events subject to compliance with any laws or regulations or events that are not in reasonable control, causing delay or failure to perform our responsibility, will not bring any liability for any such delay or failure.

About Company

SellSmartForCash is a trading name of isns ltd Company No. 08141505.

Registered office Address: 14 Lansbury Avenue Romford RM6 6SD

Trading Address : 14 Bank Street Ashford Kent TN23 1BX

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To contact us for any information please email us at info@sellsmartforcash.co.uk

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The used price we quote for your phone is based on it being in full working order without any cosmetic damage. The prices quoted below are subject to assessment and verification once we receive your phone, when a confirmed value will be determined.

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When you submit an order via Compare and Recycle you will provide information such as your address, name, phone number and email address. This information is sent to us over a secure connection and will be stored securely.

The information you provide will be passed on to the recycler you have chosen to sell to. This information is necessary in order for your chosen recycler to send you a sales pack (if requested) and to contact you during the course of the sale.

Compare and Recycle will not keep your bank details for any longer than it takes to pass your order onto your chosen recycler. Your contact details will be retained and Compare and Recycle and we will use this information to:

  • Inform you of the latest products, services and offers provided by Compare and Recycle (Atom Juice Ltd).
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Opt-out policy

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