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Apple iPod Touch 4 Gen 8GB

Apple iPod Touch 4 Gen 8GB

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Sell your Apple iPod Touch 4 Gen 8GB

Released September 2010Operating System iOS 4.0 Display 3.5 inchesCamera 0.7MPProcessor Apple A4 RAM 3GBBattery 2,550 mAh

Are you one of those people who invested in an Apple's mp3 player, in particular the iPod Touch 4 Gen? If so, it's probably been put to one side in favour of the latest iPhone, and spends its life languishing in some drawer. However, we know how you can make a bit of cash from your old iPod Touch 4 Gen, by simply selling it to a phone recycling company. We know that when you bought it, it did pretty much everything an iPhone did, bar being able to make calls and, for that reason, was a very popular buy for many people. After all, who could resist such a nifty little gadget, which could take photos and videos, and thanks to its Apple A4 processor did everything you needed to do at a pretty good pace? Lighter than an iPhone with a stylish steel back and a curved body that fit comfortably in your hand, there's no denying its good looks; plus its front and rear cameras made Facetime fun, and it maintained all the core features that fans had come to expect from the iPod, including music playback, podcasts, audiobooks and games.

As you can imagine, there's not a lot of demand for Apple mp3 players right now, however our recycling companies will still pay you a pretty decent price for your old Apple iPod Touch 4 Gen 8GB mp3 player, especially if it's still in pretty good condition. Take a look at our comparison chart and see for yourself just what our phone recyclers are willing to pay. You'll see that they're prepared to accept both working and non-working mp3 players although, of course, the price they pay will reflect the condition of your iPod Touch. You'll also see that some of our recyclers will pay out the same day that they receive your device, although others will take between 2 and 3 days. Furthermore, there's a variety of payment options, from direct bank transfer, cheques and payment into your Paypal account to vouchers from big brands such as Amazon.

So if you want to dispose of your old Apple iPod Touch 4Gen 8GB mp3 player, simply click on the 'sell now' button and start the process. Your chosen recycler will send you postage paid packaging so all you have to do is package it up securely and post. Then sit back and relax and wait for your payment to arrive. That's all there is to it!