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Apple iPhone XS Contract Deals

The iPhone XS replaced the ground-breaking X as the latest ‘must-have’ from Apple, by introducing a faster processor and an enhanced camera. The iPhone XS is truly a must for photography fans. With all of the networks vying for your contract, there are some great deals around with different plans and payment options. Comparing the best iPhone XS contracts is easier than ever before when you use Compare and Recycle. You can sort the deals to compare iPhone XS contracts by the total cost of the contract. Or, if you have some money to pay towards the phone upfront, you can sort by the upfront cost that will bring your monthly expenditure down.

Is the iPhone XS Big Enough?

The iPhone XS measures in with a 5.8-inch screen, yet while it is the smallest of the three new iPhones, it still feels substantial in your hand, especially when you put a protective case on it. If you are after a bigger phone, but want to pay less, then head over to the iPhone XR contract deals page to find the 6.1-inch screen, or if you have more money to spend and want to get a bigger size, go to the XS Max deals for a whopping 6.5 inches of OLED screen, the largest on any iPhone.

How to Get a Cheap iPhone XS Deal

For the iPhone XS, you are going to either pay upwards of one-thousand pounds up front or pay a large amount per month for the iPhone XS. There is really no way around this. However, there are things you can look out for to bring the cost of your iPhone XS slightly down. Look at the “total cost” of the contract over the course of the contract length and compare these to all the deals you are seeing. Some deals will be lower than others.

iPhone XS Durability

Apple claim that this model is “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone”, using “precision-machined, surgical-grade stainless steel”. As iPhones go, it is quite resilient, however if your phone is dropped from high up or it lands on a hard surface, there is a good chance of it breaking. When you purchase a contract iPhone XS, you ought to maintain the condition of it to maximise your iPhone XS’ value for when you wish to sell it. We recommend that you purchase a sturdy phone case to keep your phone protected for if it were to be dropped on to the ground. It is also worth noting that the protruding dual cameras are susceptible to getting damaged and chipped, but this is made up for by its water and dust resistant rating.

Repairability of the iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is quite an easy smartphone to repair. With sufficient know-how and tools, components of the iPhone XS which are the most often replaced (namely the OLED display and battery) are quite simple to access and replace. However, if the back glass breaks after getting dropped, every component will need to be removed and the entire chassis will need to be replaced.


Apple provides data regarding the CO2-e emissions for each model which depends on the capacity. For the iPhone XS with a capacity of 64GB, the total of its greenhouse gas emissions is 70kg. This is under the average of other iPhone models. But, the iPhone XS with a capacity of 256GB releases 85kg CO2-e during production, and the iPhone XS 512GB has a total of 99kg. These totals are higher than the average of greenhouse gas emissions in comparison with other Apple models. You can manage the CO2-e emissions of your phone (up to 40%) simply by using your storage efficiently.