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Apple iPhone XR

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iPhone XR




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Compare Apple iPhone XR Contract Deals

The Apple iPhone XR is Apple’s budget answer to the next generation of iPhones. With its full screen display (if you do not count the bezels for the casing), plenty of different colours, and the latest A12 Bionic chip by Apple, this budget phone should satisfy those looking for the latest technology with a slightly cheaper price tag. With the 6.1inch LCD screen, and the unmistakeable notch, the XR is the next best thing to the XS and is sure to be a real head-turner, especially with its bright colours.

Cheap iPhone XR Contract Deals

The cheapest contract deal will always be purchasing the phone outright and buying a cheaper, SIM-only contract, which could save you up to £200 from the total cost of the contract. You can see this yourself by looking at the higher ‘upfront cost’ selections in the filtering down section of the left-hand side of the page.

Is the iPhone XR Right for Me?

To decide whether an iPhone XR contract deal is right for you, you should really consider whether the total cost is affordable for you and if the handset is likely to retain its value effectively. Traditionally, we have found that the premium handsets tend to hold their value better in the long-term. It might be worth having a look at the contract deals for the iPhone XS to see if there are any better deals out there that might be more suited to your budget and expected usage.

Durability of the iPhone XR

Apple claimed that the iPhone XR has “the most durable front glass ever in a smartphone”, and that it is made from “precision-machined, aerospace-grade aluminium bands”. The XR has a one point lower IP score than the XS, but functionally, it will still be protected from spillages and even submersion if the worst comes to the worst, as the aluminium chassis secures the front screen and the glass back. If you do break the back glass however, it will require an entire chassis replacement, which can be costly.

Repairability of the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR adheres to the same principle whereby with a little heat and some prying tools, the screen comes off relatively easily. They have increased the number of screws inside the iPhone XR, but with the correct screwdriver set, all of the parts are reasonably easy to replace. The LCD should be cheaper to replace than the XS range, but it will still cost around £100 to replace (as of January 2019). The iPhone XR is not the cheapest phone to repair, and with no simple way to replace the glass back, it is worth keeping a case on it for added protection.

Is the iPhone XR Sustainable?

The two lower capacity iPhones are the lowest total emissions of the 2018 Apple devices, and the iPhone XR 64GB has a total of 62kg CO2-e, which is well below the average of CO2-e compared to other Apple devices. Similarly, the iPhone XR 128GB has a total of 67kg greenhouse gas emissions, and the iPhone XR 256GB capacity has a total of 76GB. Both totals are slightly below the average when compared with other iPhone models.