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Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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iPhone 11 Pro




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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Contract Deals

The iPhone 11 Pro is the successor of the iPhone XS, and it is a fast and powerful device with a triple rear camera set-up which is great for night mode and the brand-new slow-motion selfies using the front camera. The battery has also seen an upgrade and should comfortably last the day . It came out in 2019, and its colour options are Gold, Midnight Green, Silver and Space Grey.

Cheap iPhone 11 Pro Contract Deals

This iPhone model is a premium handset, so there is a good chance that you will be interested in trying to get a good deal for it. We would recommend getting the iPhone 11 Pro outright with a SIM-only contract, which could save you up to £200. On our iPhone 11 Pro contracts page on the left-hand side, you can filter the options by ‘upfront cost’.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro right for me?

If your current smartphone needs an upgrade, you use your device often and your budget extends to the high-end price bracket, then an iPhone 11 Pro might be a good choice for you. One of the main advantages of this premium smartphone is that it is probably going to keep its value for a long period of time as it is an Apple device.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro durable?

Apple claim that the iPhone 11 Pro has tougher glass on the front and the back of the device than its predecessors. It is in fact a comparatively sturdy device as it can survive several drops. However, if your iPhone 11 Pro has a major fall, there is a good chance that the glass on the front or the back will shatter. If you decide to get this device, we would recommend getting a good phone case which will help to prevent any breakages from occurring.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro easy to repair?

The iPhone 11 Pro is quite an easy handset to fix, all things considered. Commonly replaced components such as the battery and the display have been made simple to access and replace by Apple. When replacing the battery, you ought to be able to access individual components. One of the downsides of fixing this device yourself however is that you will need to get specialist drivers to carry out some of the repairs. There is also the issue of waterproofing measures that Apple have undertaken which could complicate things, plus if you break the back glass, all the components will need to be removed and the entire chassis will need to be replaced.

How sustainable is the iPhone 11 Pro?

Each of the capacities of the iPhone 11 Pro are higher than most for total emissions across all iPhones. The average CO2-e emissions of Apple devices is now 75, and the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB, 256GB and 512GB versions are 80, 96 and 110 CO2-e respectively. These emissions are very high, which is something that you might want to take into consideration when choosing a device. However, Apple do go to great lengths to integrate sustainability across their various manufacturing processes, making them one of the more environmentally friendly smartphone manufacturers.