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Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB

Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB



To the right we list our Top Recommended Deal and below that we show all the mobile phone recyclers who will pay you to recycle your old Apple mobile phone.

Sell your Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB

Released June 2009Operating SystemiOS 3Display 3.3 inchesCamera 3MPProcessor 600 MHz Cortex-A8RAM 256MB

Were you one of the people who snapped up the new iPhone 3GS back in June 2009? If so, while we're sure that you were absolutely thrilled with your purchase at the time, it's since been relegated to either an emergency phone or even pushed to the darkest corner of your junk drawer. However, did you know that there's an environmentally friendly way to recycle your old iPhone, and you can even earn yourself a couple of quid as you do it, by selling your phone to a phone recycling company. Here in our comparison chart, you'll see all the phone recycling companies in the UK who are prepared to buy your old iPhone 3GS 8GB. While you'll also see that you're not going to get mega-bucks for it (come on did you really expect to?) you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that you've recycled your old phone in an environmentally friendly way.

Although the iPhone 3 had much to recommend it on its release, the new family of iPhones have made it all but obsolete. However, if you're planning to get rid of your old iPhone, there's no better way than by sending it to one of the phone recycling companies listed on this page. No matter which of our recyclers you choose, they'll send you pre-paid packaging so that you can securely pack up your handset, and it won't cost you anything to post it. Once your chosen recycler receives your phone, they'll pay out in accordance with the payment method and timescale shown on the page. Whether you choose to opt for payment directly into your bank account or a cheque, is entirely up to you.

Don't forget that old phones contain all kinds of contaminants and pollutants that we don't want to end up in landfill, therefore it's not advisable to simply toss them in the trash, as you would other unwanted items. By sending your phone to a recycler, you'll be doing your bit for the environment and getting a bit of cash for your old phone too. It's really easy to do and we're sure that you'll allow a bit of a smug smile to pass your lips knowing that you've chosen the best way to recycle your old Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB.