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Apple iPhone 3G 16GB

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB



To the right we list our Top Recommended Deal and below that we show all the mobile phone recyclers who will pay you to recycle your old Apple mobile phone.

Sell your Apple iPhone 3G 16GB

Released June 2008Operating System iOSDisplay 3.5 inchesCamera 2MPProcessor 412 MHz ARM 11RAM 128MB

If you were one of the first people to get your sticky mitts on a brand new Apple iPhone 3G 16GB way back in 2008, no doubt you were over the moon. However we're willing to bet that it's now been superseded by some bright new shiny model and is sitting unloved and unwanted in a dark corner somewhere. While, of course, it's not really taking up much room, isn't it time that you disposed of this relic from the past once and for all? Unless you're saving it for posterity. Well, first of all, you have to be realistic, it's not going to fetch anything of note on the second-hand market. Of course, you could give it away to a friend, or you could just put it straight in the bin. But if you're thinking of the latter option - STOP. Don't you realise that mobile phones are full of contaminants that we don't want to end up in landfill?

However, there is an easy way to recycle your old phone that won't cost you a penny. In fact our phone recycling companies will actually give YOU a few pennies in recompense. Just take a look at our comparison chart now and although you'll see that phone recycling companies aren't exactly falling over themselves in their enthusiasm to take your phone off your hands, there are a couple who are prepared to buy your Apple iPhone 3G 16GB from you.

So if you've got an old iPhone that you no longer use, why not start the process to send your phone to a phone recycling company? Simply choose the deal that suits you best and click or tap the 'sell now' icon to put you in touch with the relevant recycler. They'll then send you postage paid packaging so that you can parcel up your device and then it's just a case of dropping it into the post. That's all there is to it really. We guess you won't be waiting on tenterhooks for your payment, but at least you'll know that you've done your part for the environment by recycling your old phone the responsible way.