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Amazon are a huge company best known as an online retailer but after releasing the hugely popular Kindle they've branched out into tablets and mobile phones too. Much like Google, Amazon see mobile phones as a well to sell their content so they're keen to get customers using their phones! If you've upgraded and have an Amazon phone to sell then use our comparison to find the best price from the top recyclers. Mobile phone recycling companies are a great option if you want to sell quickly and with no fuss.

Getting a price for your Amazon phone is really easy, just find it in the list below or enter your model in the search box above. We'll show you not just prices to sell your Amazon phone but we'll fill you in on some of the most important info such as how quickly recyclers pay and which payment methods they offer.


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Amazon are a huge company and while almost everyone has used them at some point and the Kindle has almost completely replaced books for some of us not everyone releases they've moved into the mobile phone market. Like their tablet range the Amazon phones currently use the Fire branding and run on a customised version of Android. Selling an Android phone to a recycler is really easy using our comparison, you've got the list of phones above to choose from or the search at the top of the page which you can use to find your phone.

The great thing about using a recycler is they're ready and waiting to buy your phone, instead of writing a listing and waiting for a buyer you know that a recycler will buy your phone right away and give you a price immediately. Once you've chosen a company to use you only need to enter your basic info and you'll be sent a return pack to put your phone in and send back to the recycler. Some companies will even pay the same day they recieve your phone but they're all pretty quick. Broken phones aren't a problem so even if your Amazon phone is damaged you can still get cash for it! Selling your Amazon phone to a recycler is just about the faster and simplest option!

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