Compare Deals for Mobile Phone Insurance

These days most top phones cost in excess of £500 and even if you got your handset free with a contract if it gets broken or lost it'll cost you hundreds to replace it. Unless you have mobile phone insurance of course!

It's not just replacing the device that can cost you money either. If your phone is lost or stolen whoever gets their hands on it may rack up massive bills before you get a chance to contact your network. Insuring your phone may cover you against these costs.

  • Drops and accidental damage
  • Spills and liquid damage
  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Mechanical Breakdowns

Other Phone Insurance Options

To give you an idea of how much phone insurance can cost we've listed some example prices. If you've got a recent high-end phone such as the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC M9 then you'll expect to pay the amount shown below. Less valuable handsets can be cheaper, get a quote for an exact price.

InsurerDamage OnlyDamage, Theft and LossExcessSell
Protect Your Bubble£4.99£6.99£50
Gadget Cover£4.99-£50
Network Insurance
No longer available

Prices are correct at time of writing, check terms and conditions thoroughly before taking out a policy.

Why insure your mobile phone or gadget?

You may take great care of your phone, keep it in a case and make sure you never take your eyes off it but it only takes a split second for a phone to be lost, stolen or damaged no matter how careful you are. Mobile phone insurance doesn't have to be expensive and for less than a couple of pounds a week you can save yourself a huge repair bill or even the full cost of replacing your phone completely. Of course insuring your phone doesn't mean you should be careless with it but it does mean that if the worst should happen there's no need to worry about how you'll afford to fix or replace your phone.

Comparing mobile phone insurance options

It's likely that when you buy a new phone you'll be offered cover by either your network or the retailer you buy the phone from. It's a great idea to get yourself covered right away but these options are often more expensive than alternatives such as Protect Your Bubble or Gadget Cover and sometimes if you're not sure at the time of purchase you can't get cover later on so if you decide to insurance once you'd have your phone a while then a company like Protect Your Bubble will still cover you.