O2 Recycle are arguably one the most well-known brands on our list of recyclers, as they are one of the leading recycling outlets in the UK. O2 Recycle have been on our site since 2014, and they buy an array of electronics including mobile phones,tablets and iPods. They are powered by Redeem, who are an ISO-certified global provider of recycling solutions that offer an end-to-end service, meaning that they will receive your device and refurbish it, then sell it on to a new market. If your phone happens to be too broken for a simple refurbishment, then it will be responsibly recycled instead and kept in circulation.

O2 are one of the few sites listed on Compare and Recycle where you will put the order through on their site as opposed to our own, so please note that we can only provide limited assistance on order enquiries.

O2 Recycle

O2 Recycle


Guildford House
Heather Close
Lyme Green Business Park
SK11 0LR






0345 505 0202
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