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Sell your MacBook or other laptop to a recycle and get cash. Compare deals to get the most money.

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Make some quick money and sell your old laptop to a recycler

Over the last few years the increased popularity of tablets such as the iPad has resulted in more people using their tablets more and laptops less. You may find you don't use your laptop at all any more in which case you may be better off selling it and making some cash rather than holding onto a bit of tech you don't need any more. Enter your model above and you can find a price for your old MacBook, Dell or other laptop.

Hoarding old laptops is even worse than holding onto old mobile phones and tablets as they're bulkier and take up even more of your precious space. Sell your old laptop to a recycler and get a bit of cash and free up some space that would otherwise be taken up by a bit of tech that's not only becoming less useful but also less valuable.

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Recycling Laptops

As we all know computers become out of date just as quickly as our mobile phones do and an old laptop is even less useful than an old mobile phone.

While an old mobile still may be able to make calls and send texts without any of the fancy features of a more modern mobile, an old laptop is often just not capable of running all the software you need to enjoy your work, movies, music and games.

Worse still an old laptop takes up even more room than an old mobile and the larger batteries and bigger screens contain an even greater number of environmentally damaging chemicals and materials that could be recycled.

Luckily you can now recycle your old laptop using Compare and Recycle and not only get help the environment but get some money to put towards a brand new laptop!