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How to sell your phone using Compare and Recycle

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What is Compare and Recycle?

Compare and Recycle is a mobile phone recycling comparison website. We not only help you find a company to sell your phone to but we'll also compare the prices offered by a number of top recyclers to make sure you're getting the best price too!

We not only find prices for top phones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5 but we can also tell you how much you'll get for iPads and other tablets, digital cameras and lots more! We've been doing this since 2010 and we've even been featured on Channel 5's The Gadget Show!

How to sell your phone

Selling your phone can be a pain, spending time typing up a listing on a site like eBay, waiting for a buyer and posting your phone can be a lot of messing around. Using our comparison to find a phone recycler makes everything much quicker, simpler and easier. Just use the search above to find your phone and take a look at our comparison table to see which recycler you would prefer to use. Once you've chosen you'll only need to fill in a short order form and then either wait for your pre-paid postage pack or print off a pre-paid label if you want your money even quicker. Pop your old mobile in the post and then simply wait to get paid, many recyclers do this the same day they receive your phone!

Most Popular Mobile Phones

Why use a comparison?

There's a reason comparison sites have become the first place many people go when it comes to car insurance, home insurance, energy suppliers and more. They save you money! We'll in this case it's even better because we help you make more money! Going straight to the first recycler you find to sell you phone often won't get you the best price and searching for a price on site after site could end up taking you a lot of time. Using our comparison means you only need to search once to see the prices offered by the top recyclers plus info on company.

Broken Phones

If you want to sell a broken phone your options are often limited. Most people don't want to pay for a broken phone as they would rather buy one that is already fully working and you may not want to spend money repairing a phone just to sell it. Most phone recyclers will happily pay for your broken or damaged phones, you won't get as much as you would for a fully working phone of course!

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Free Postage and Packaging

One of the things that might put you off having to send your phone to a recycler is finding the right packaging and paying for postage. Luckily just about every recycler will not only pay the postage charges for you but they'll send you a pack to pop your phone in and send it back to them in! If you want your money as fast as possible then using the option of a pre-paid postage label will make the process even quicker. If you're sending a high value handset such as an iPhone 6 then you may want to check with Royal Mail and pay for a postage option such as Special Delivery to make sure your phone is insured while in the post.

Fast Payment

Using a mobile phone recycler is one of the fastest ways to get cash for your phone. Many recyclers will transfer the money into your account the same day they recieve your phone which could be as soon as the day after you decide to sell if you use the pre-paid postage label option to send your phone immediately. Even recyclers who don't offer same day payment usually pay within a few days so no matter which recycler you go with you'll usually get paid before your auction would even end if you'd used eBay!

Most Popular Brands

iPads and Tablets

It's not just mobile phones either, most recyclers buy iPads and other tablets too. So if you've got an iPad or Android tablet you're not using anymore then search for a price and sell your tablet to a recycler. Like iPhones you'll find iPads usually hold their value really well so you're likely to get a great price! Other tablets such as Samsung's Galaxy Tab range often hold their value too.

Since fewer of us get tablets on a contract than we do mobile phones it's even more vital to compare and get the best price to recover some of the cost. iPads don't come cheap!

What We Compare

To help you decide which recycler is right for you we include the essential info in our comparison table. The most important thing of course is the price offered for a working phone, we also show a non-working price for many recyclers. Some recyclers offer payment by voucher or gift card which is usually a little more than the cash price. We tell you how long the recycler states it will take for you to get paid as well as payment methods such a bank transfer, cheque, and PayPal. Lastly we should whether a recycler offers freepost and free packaging, if they do then you know it won't cost you a penny to send your phone to them!