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We have all come to rely on our mobile phones so much to the extent that breaking or losing a phone can have a huge impact on our lives. A broken phone does not always mean you need to buy a new one though. In fact, there are many repair shops across the UK that will fix phones even if they have been badly damaged.

A lot of the time it still makes sense to repair a broken phone, even if you are considering replacing it. A broken phone, especially if it is non-working, is worth far less than a fully working phone in good condition. Therefore, repairing your old phone can help you to maximise the amount that you will get when selling it. Even if you are only planning to keep it as a spare, you will probably find your backup phone a lot more useful if it is fully working.

A broken old phone is not useful to anyone, and getting your old mobile back in fully working order to be used by either you or someone new can have a positive environmental impact as the device will be reused rather than become e-waste.

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