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Envirofone are one of the top mobile phone recyclers but did you know many other companies offer more cash for old phones?

Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8

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Envirophone are one of the biggest names in the mobile phone recycling business, you probably remember their popular Wonga Man TV ads a few years back. Take a look at review sites such as Trust Pilot and you'll see Envirophone have good reviews and are considered a great company but what you may not realise is that there are many other trustworthy phone recyclers who often offer more money for your phone while still providing a great service. Use our comparison to see how Envirophone stack up against the rest and make sure you're getting the most cash when you sell your phone.

Envirophone's most bought handsets

iPhone 5 16GB

iPhone 5 16GB

iPhone 4S 16GB

iPhone 4S 16GB

Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

iPhone 5s 16GB

iPhone 5s 16GB

Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

iPhone 4 8GB

iPhone 4 8GB

Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone 4 16GB

iPhone 4 16GB

Galaxy S III Mini

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

HTC One M8

HTC One M8

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By now almost all of us are familiar with the idea of a comparison site, many wouldn't consider getting car insurance any other way! It's not just when you're paying for something that a comparison site can help you out but when you're selling to. So when you've got a phone to sell instead of just going straight to Mazuma or Envirofone spend literally seconds making sure you're getting the best price by using our comparison. While Envirophone are certainly a top quality phone recycler they don't always pay the most so checking out the competition first can make sure you're getting the most cash for your old phone.

The prices offered by mobile phone recycling companies can change at any time so even if one company usually offers higher prices the only way to make sure you're getting the most cash when you actually go to sell is by checking a comparison site. Mazuma and Envirophone are two well known and trusted companies but there are plenty of other recyclers offering great service and in many cases, better prices. While bigger companies spend huge amounts on marketing smaller recyclers generally don't and as a result the money that might have been spent getting more customers through advertising is used to offer higher prices and bring in business that way.

There will be times when Envirophone do offer top prices but equally there will be many times when you can get more (sometimes a lot more) from a lesser known recycler. There are a number of phone buyers who you may not have heard of but have many years experience in the industry and positive feedback on review sites. Keep in mind that damage to phones does reduce prices so be realistic and don't expect to get the full quoted price if you're phone has a few battle scars, this is one of the main reasons for customers giving negative reviews and it often isn't fair to recyclers.

So what would you rather do, spend a few seconds checking which recycler is offering the best price or go straight to one of the big name recyclers such as Envirophone and potentially get less for your old mobile? Using our comparison means you can check how much Envirophone and many other top recyclers are offering in one place so you don't have to spend time looking for places to sell your phone and checking how much each buyer is offering. Some recyclers pay the same day they get your phone so if you find a price now you could have the cash within a few days.

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