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Why Mobile Phone Recycling – Benefits Of Recycling Mobile Phones

So by this point you know that sites like ours can help you get money back for your mobile phone. And chances are you have a mobile or two hiding at the bottom of a draw or pile of stuff you haven’t used in years. With mobile phones being used by many for over a decade, and constantly coming out with new features – most phones have a short lifespan of a couple years before they get relegated to the storage bins. However, one can’t just throw these old mobile phones away, and as much as some people think they might need them again one day – chances are they won’t. Mobile phones contain hazardous materials that can pollute the environment such as arsenic, along with valuable metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, nickel and zinc.

If the phone is semi-recent and still working, you can give / donate the phone to various places where they give phones to people in other countries. Another option is to sell your mobile phone off to places that specialise in mobile phone recycling (which we feature over 30 places that do this) . Millions of pounds in scrap metals such as the list above are used in these phones and as certain minerals becomes a scarcer natural resource of the earth (gold prices for example continue to go up), the value of these parts have increased. According to a US based Geological Survey, unused old mobile phones have significant precious metals content in them – over $314 million – which converts to 200 million pounds.

In the UK, mobile phone recycling has become a major industry, with millions of mobile phones being recycled over the past year. It is also one of the first markets to look at combating the sale of stolen mobile phones – setting it up so that all recycling companies have to check if the phone was stolen at any point. This combination has helped the market be a proactive leader in mobile phone recycling. And users in the UK are more inclined to clean out their desks – replacing the mobile phones with money, in many cases buying a new mobile phone with the money. Find out more about recycling mobile phones by viewing our latest news and blog sections, or just cut to the chase and start looking at how much your mobile phone can bring today.