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Why Compare Phone Recyclers Using Mobile Recycling Price Comparison Sites?

Why do customers need mobile recycling price comparison sites?

With well known mobile recyclers such as Mazuma and Envirofone offering high quality services and bombarding us with television advertising you may ask yourself the question, ‘Why is there any need for mobile recycling price comparison sites?’. Compare and Recycle believe the answer to this question is very simple – Comparison sites are vital to ensuring that recycling companies have a reason to both maintain the quality of their service and to offer fair and competitive pricing.

We believe the following are key reasons why mobile recycling price comparison sites are necessary in the mobile phone recycling market:

  • Smaller marketing budgets can translate to higher prices – National advertising campaigns are expensive and the more money spent on advertising can result in less money being available to pay for phones. Companies who would rather give customers higher values for phones than operate national advertising campaigns rely on recycling price comparison sites in order to gain their business.
  • Allowing smaller companies to compete – Many smaller recycling companies offer a similarly high level of service to larger, more well known companies but cannot afford the same kind of marketing campaigns. In many cases these companies will offer the same standard of service but offer higher prices since their overheads are lower, it is in the customers best interest that these companies are given the chance to compete for their business.
  • **Competition ensures standards are maintained **– If a single recycling company monopolised the market and there was no room for any competition prices would fall and there would be less incentive to maintain a high quality service.
  • Less work for customers – With more recycling companies popping up all the time customers are forced with the decision of whether to spend a great deal of their valuable time looking for the best deal or to go with the first company they see on the TV, sometimes missing out on a significant amount of money in the process. Comparing these companies in one place both saves the customer time and gets them more money.

How much do customers really benefit from using a mobile recycling price comparison site?

In most cases a mobile recycling price comparison site will not only save a customer time but also result in a significant difference in the amount they receive for their phone when compared to directly visiting one of the more well known recycling companies. Below is a comparison of some of the most popular models of phone and the difference in prices offered at the time of writing:

Top Price OfferedLowest Price OfferedPotential amount gained by using comparison
[Nokia N95](https://www.compareandrecycle.co.uk/mobile-phones/nokia-n95)£73£50£23
[Nokia 5800 XpressMusic](https://www.compareandrecycle.co.uk/mobile-phones/nokia-5800-xpressmusic)£90.94£44£46.94
[Apple iPhone 3G 8GB](https://www.compareandrecycle.co.uk/mobile-phones/apple-iphone-3g-8gb)£147.29£110£37.29
[Nokia N95 8GB](https://www.compareandrecycle.co.uk/mobile-phones/nokia-n95-8gb)£94£50£44
[Apple iPhone 3G S 16GB](https://www.compareandrecycle.co.uk/mobile-phones/apple-iphone-3gs-16gb)£254.17£180£74.17
[Blackberry Curve 8900](https://www.compareandrecycle.co.uk/mobile-phones/blackberry-curve-8900)£81£60£21
When looking at just these 6 phones customers could potentially be missing out on a total of **£246.40** if they went directly to the company offering the lowest price rather than using [Compare and Recycle](https://www.compareandrecycle.co.uk). It is worth noting that two of the companies who invest in the biggest advertising campaigns, Mazuma and Envirofone, did not offer the highest price for any of these popular phones at the time of writing.

Compare and Recycle also offer a forum where customers can discuss their experience using recycling companies and share advice, the forum has resulted in customers being able to resolve issues by communicating directly with some recycling companies in a public place.

So what’s in it for mobile phone recycling price comparison sites, doesn’t it cost money to run a comparison site?

Creating and maintaining a phone recycling price comparison site takes both time and money, a site like Compare and Recycle also invest a lot of resources into improving the site and implementing new features to make the experience for customers even better. Of course it requires financial backing to make this possible and financial support is provided by the recycling companies themselves.

This support is provided in the form of commission on phones sold to recycling companies via comparison sites, this in effect means that recycling companies are paying to provide the comparison service on the behalf of customers. Without the support of these companies we could not afford to keep the comparison service free for customers and keep the site free of advertising.