What is an online car buyer?

Up until recently selling a car was a long winded, stressful process. Many people trying to sell a car were limited to placing an ad and selling within the local area. Now that has all changed thanks to online car buying companies. You may have seen flashy adverts on TV, heard catchy jingles on the radio or seen billboard posters plastered around. Either way, online car buyers want you car and all play on the fact that they buy any car regardless of it’s state.

Selling your car online is a simple and stress free process that is intended to offer a quick method for selling any car. Many people over the country are turning to such places as quick means to sell their unwanted car as the service they provide is quick and your car could be turned into cash on the same day.

All of our featured car buyers offer a similar process.</span>

  1. Free online car valuation service
  2. Free estimated price
  3. Free pick up or drop of service

The free car valuation service is comprised over a series of question which helps the car buyers to grade your car. The question are relatively simple. In order to do your free valuation you will need to know the cars registration number. This will bring up all your cars basic details, such as manufacturer, model, age, transmission and engine size. Your will be required to enter details on the cars mileage, service history and previous owners. Some companies may require additional information such as specifications which will included any luxury extras such as electric windows, mirrors or seats, leather interior, air conditioning or climate control.

In order to get an accurate estimated price you must be honest. If you have given incorrect information about any of the cars details or specifications you may be getting the wrong estimated price. A select few of our featured car buyers will ask you to grade your cars condition and may even require you to confirm if your car has any scratches, dents or blemishes. The best way to get an accurate quote is to give the most truthful answers possible.

All of our featured car buyers offer either a free home pick up service or a free drop off service, some even offer both. Once you have confirmed to sell your car simply choose a drop off centre of your choice OR contact the customer support team to arrange a home pick up. It’s easy.

Please bear in mind that all valuation are subject to inspection. This means your estimated value may increase or decrease if you have inaccurately described your car. It is more beneficial to be honest about the condition of your car so you have a better understanding of the value you can expect to receive.

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