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Do you feel the summer party vibes? The biggest party for you and your phone is about to happen!

Do you feel the summer party vibes? The biggest party for you and your phone is about to happen!

We are GIVING AWAY 2 WEEKEND CAMPING TICKETS to one of the UK’s top festivals, V Festival in Chelmsford on 19-20th of August! Read on for more details on how to join PINK!, Rudimental, Craig David, Jay-Z and many more. Make the most of your time at the V Festival with our advice on how to ensure your phone survives festival season.

We love good parties and summer, but when there is an opportunity to combine both – we want you to enjoy the fun too! We are giving you a chance to win 2 WEEKEND CAMPING TICKETS for you and a friend to experience one of the loudest, vibrant and rhythmic festivals in the UK – V Festival!

All you must do to enter is sign up for our newsletter and like us on Facebook. Make sure you don’t have any plans for the 19-20th of August (or be prepared to cancel them – it’ll be worth it!) and make sure you can get to Hylands Park in Chelmsford.

How to enter

In order to be in for the chance to win 2 tickets to V Festival, we ask you to:

Subscribe to our mailing list

You see this lovely widget below? Yea, that one! To enter the giveaway type your full name and email address. Email signup is a mandatory action to qualify your entry, so don’t be shy and hit submit.

Connect with us on Facebook

Visit our Facebook page and like us for updates (and because we’re cool). Make sure you tag a friend you’ll take with you to V Festival in the comments below the giveaway post.

You can find the Terms and Conditions of this competition if you click on them under the widget or here.

Compare and Recycle V Festival giveaway


And now the important stuff

Let’s face it – we can party all night long, but when the party is in full swing, we can forget to keep an eye on that little computer in our pockets that you rely on for taking festival pictures, updating statuses, Instagram-ing and making calls. We’ve all noticed that modern phones have become less hardy over the years (nothing close to the indestructible Nokia 3310). We do tend to see an increase of phones that are recycled as “broken”. Is it due to festival seasonality or that people enjoy summer outdoors, we can’t be sure, but the only thing we’re definitely sure about is that Compare and Recycle provides an instant comparison for phone recycling in any condition – broken or working.

To give you a greater picture, here is our quick rundown of advice to stay connected after and at your next festival!

Problem: Losing Charge

One of the 21st century nightmares! A smartphone with a dead battery is an emotional, physical and materialistic burden on your festival. You’ll have to carry it around, it will be useless and the fear of losing it may treble. But you really want take selfies, pictures and to record Jay-Z performing to post in Instagram stories and make your friends jealous.

Solution: A battery pack like Anker can charge your phone to 100% around 3 times, not too heavy, not too bulky, just turn your phone off and let it charge.

Pro tips: Carry a torch (you can get in Poundland) so you don’t have to use your phone’s battery to light the way back to your tent. Wear a watch so you can tell the time instantly without pulling your phone from your pocket every time. Turn on any power saving mode, turn Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth off so you’re not distracted by notifications and you won’t miss that band you were dying to hear live.

Problem: Breaking your phone

Ok, this is even worse, much worse than having 0% charge. We know you won’t do it on purpose but festivals can be a wet and muddy place, and unless you have an ultra-strong endurance class phone case, then the likelihood of it getting ruined by just falling on the ground, while you’re jumping and dancing, is high. If you have your phone out recording a band or snapping the best picture ever, the chance of it getting knocked out of your hand is increased dramatically!

Solution: Get a phone case that protects against water, dirt and impact, and your phone may survive the weekend!

Pro tips: Keep it in a secure pocket with zipper or a bumbag/fanny pack/waist bag so it stays securely there when not needed.

Problem: Losing your phone

Where’s my phone? WHERE’S MY PHONE?? Well, losing your phone sucks. The fashion trends of skinny jeans and short skirts are upon us and as phone screens have been increasing in size even if the phones are getting slimmer, phones falling out of pockets is likely to happen. If you manage to notice right away that your phone has fallen – good for you, but what if not?  Not to be accused of fear-mongering but where there are large gatherings of people there will always be a percentage of people that are looking to take advantage of the anonymity that is afforded at festivals.

Solution: The solution that costs money would be to have good insurance but we recommend a good mobile phone insurance package so that you can insure your phone against any mishaps. You can check our comparison for mobile phone insurances by clicking here (link to mobile insurance page)

Pro tips: Seriously get phone insurance! It pays for itself in the long run. Other tips include taking an old phone, use a belt clip to ensure it stays attached to you.

And finally, may the luck be with you!

Are you ready, party animals? We bet you are! Remember the two steps for you to enter: sign up for email and like our Facebook page. In the mean-time start catching up on the hottest songs of this summer, buy yourself phone insurance and stay up to date with our Facebook page to miss the winner announcement. Good luck!



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