How to prolong your battery life on your device

Whether it’s an iPhone 6 or a Samsung Galaxy, Android or iPhone, the battery is one of the primary failing points and one that causes growing frustration throughout the course of owning a smartphone. Battery life has often been the bane of many a smart device user’s existence, with many people finding it almost impossible to confidently keep the juice flowing over time. With modern devices simply being charged by a plug system and USB (most of the time) it can be incredibly frustrating to find that the battery of your device has effectively become old and started to die out. This article will give you some tips on how to prolong the battery life of your device, and simply enjoy it for longer. Don’t forget also that good battery performance can often mean the difference between a fast and a slow device.

Charger quality Apple are famous for stating that only chargers they create should be used with their devices. And this time they are not being protectionist. Instead, they are actually helping Apple users get more battery life out of their devices. If you purchase a very cheap but seemingly effective charge and it is not one that your device manufacturer’s recommended, then you could well be leaving yourself open to a major problem. Batteries rely upon having quality chargers, and manufacturers make sure that the chargers they create are specifically for your device. This means that any other charger that you buy could most likely be one that causes your device to deteriorate.

It is tempting to buy a very cheap charger if you see one in stores that seems to be compatible, But if you do this, you are only leaving yourself open. And the problem is that the vast majority of manufacturers will not support you if a fault arises due to you using a charger that is not recommended. It’s common sense, and it only requires that you buy the official charger units.

What’s more, these chargers will definitely reduce the battery life on your device. This is not just scare tactics, cheap chargers can even impose a greater risk on your safety at home. They are not designed for your device, and will therefore cause it to suffer from power loss that sets in, and then gets gradually worse over time. So whilst they may look the same, the performance between chargers can vary wildly.

Overcharging Yes, this is not a myth. It is absolutely vital that you do not overcharge your device. We have all heard about those people who like to leave their phone charged on and kept on 100% for most of the time. While it may be cool to do this – and some people think it is – is a surefire way of damaging your battery life. Your phone, for example, will simply not be able to cope with being overcharged, and will gradually lessen in battery life over time.

Obviously, you don’t want to be without power. But you also need to give your phone time to breathe, and this is why many experts argue that discharging your phone (taking the plug out) is worth doing every now and then at around the 40%  mark. This allows your  phone to focus on running itself on lower power and therefore stretch itself. If it is bloated and fat and on 100% most of the time, it will soon find it difficult when it has to deal with complex tasks. Sounds like a weird analogy, but it is the only way to explain it. Bottom line is to not leave your phone charging for hours on end, or any other device for that matter.

Temperature This is an easy one to get right. Don’t expose your device to high or extreme temperatures. Now we are not talking about dropping it in an ice bucket (that’s just going to kill it) but we do mean situations where you leave it in the wrong kind of temperature, like on a windowsill when it is extremely sunny for example.

Use your common sense and make sure the device is kept cool and in the shade, and if it is wintery, try to ensure it has some room temperature benefits it can fall back on. Seriously, your device doesn’t like extreme temperatures, so make sure it never has to experience them.

Low power mode This is perfect if you have an iPhone like the iPhone 6. Low power mode is a mode that came into effect with iOS 9, and it simply allows you to reduce battery usage significantly. The good news is that it actually works, by taking away all of those automated tasks that drain battery life, such as email fetch. It is worth using if you have an iPhone with that operating system on, and can slow down battery reduction by as much as 50%.

Battery killers Okay, we’re still on iOS 9 here, so anyone who has an Apple device like an iPhone 6 should be right at home with this tip. It will be of no surprise to you that running multiple apps at the same time does have a somewhat negative impact upon battery life. But there is a way to see which apps are causing the most problems, power wise.

Go to settings, general and then battery and you can easily see which apps had the biggest drain on your battery life. It should be quite revealing, and if you close out the apps that drain a lot, or use them less, you should see a subsequent gain in overall battery life. Simple.

Too bright? We have left our best tip for last. Amazingly, many people are not aware of this quick and simple way to reduce the battery cost on your phone or tablet. If you simply reduce the amount of brightness on your device, you will see a subsequent gain in battery life.

Most people argue that anything below 60% is a good idea, and this is probably a very good place to start. In any case, anything lower than that just gets difficult to see.

Try the above tips the next time you are worried about the short or long term wastage of battery life, and you should see results pretty quickly.



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