Introducing the Nokia 9 PureView: Nokia’s Photographic Perfection Gamble

There is a lot to be excited about new Nokia 9 PureView handset from HMD Global. The relaunch of Nokia has gone somewhat to plan for the Finnish company and the PureView is the company’s latest endeavour at capturing the photographic crown within a very competitive field.

What makes the PureView 9 so different is the inclusion of five cameras powered by Zeiss optic technologies. Yes, that’s right, five rear cameras in one handset! But they are not just adding them for the hell of it. There is a function to the "rose" on the back and is a striking way to display their cameras.

The reviews, from Pocket Lint to Engadget, have been relatively positive albeit with a caveat – this is HMD Global’s Nokia flagship (well for the photographic flagship crown). This handset sets the tone for smartphone photography ingenuity. However, there is a clarification required for this handset. It doesn’t include “AI” gimmickry like Samsung or Sony.

It produces photos that could almost be described as "plain", but that’s the USP. This is a “phone for real photographers” (i.e. those who understand SLR photography and the value of colour palettes when taking photographs and the flatness of colour when contextualising landscapes and portraits).

Exporting in Raw formats could be exactly what budding mobile phone photographers need to bridge the gap of being able to take nice photos and offering some extensive level of editing that has not been previously available.

This is a very specific handset with a very specific audience in mind – which means the £549 price is a real consideration for anyone thinking about investing in this handset (albeit you do get a free pair of Nokia True Wireless Earbuds 6 thrown in for free).

The Specs

The handset is ready to pre-order. The specs are as follows:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform with imaging co-processor
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB storage
  • 8mm machine aluminium body
  • “Seamless” Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • Under-screen fingerprint sensor for improved unlocking and biometric security provision
  • QI wireless charging enabled
  • 5.99 edge-to-edge pOLED QHD 2K resolution display that supports HDR10
  • 20MP selfie camera with a primary camera that includes 2 x 12MP RGB and 3 x 12MP mono lenses powered by Zeiss optics technology
  • IP67 waterproof standard
  • Qualcomm’s unique APTX playback technology.
  • 4K HDR10 recording
  • Comes with Android One – Android Pie 9.0 – which means more simplicity and less bloatware
  • 3,320mAh battery that includes fast-charging USB c connector charging

The “controversial” design and last years processor does mean it lags behind Samsung and Huawei. However, the focus technologically-speaking for this Nokia handset is on the camera technology. This is a photographer’s phone. It is about understanding and valuing the pleasure of photography but through the prism of the smartphone.

Could this be the answer traditional photographers have been looking for in a smartphone handset?

Andrew Marchant

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