Using Compare and Recycle to get the most cash for your unwanted goods couldn’t be easier.

We have designed a clear and simple way to compare the best recycling companies and find the ones offering the most cash for your recyclables.

  • Search – Select your model and click to see a full table of all the prices that we can find,
  • Compare – Look at all the columns to see which recycler is best for you,
  • Get Cash – Follow the “Sell Now” link to go and get your cash.

In the search box, just start to type the name or model number of your product and watch the search bar prompt you so you find exactly what you want and then click to go and get prices.


To make life easier, all the columns of information that we find can be clicked to sort and show the top performers in each category. This saves you having to search about for your information on all the different websites.

For your benefit we have listed:

  • Rating (star rating out of 5)
  • Cash price (working)
  • Non-working (up to a value)
  • Voucher values
  • Pay Within (time taken to pay)
  • Payment Method (options)

Star Rating

To help you select which company suits, we give them a Star Rating based upon:

  • data collected
  • satisfaction feedback
  • accurate price information
  • easy to understand websites
  • conversion statistics
  • delivery
  • brand association
  • transparency
  • 5 Star rated companies must subscribe to our forum and respond to customer feedback

We give our five star status to a select number of companies called 5 star recommended recyclers. They do not always offer the highest prices but we have found that they do provide a consistently reliable service. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions published by each company particularly regarding grading and the condition of your used products and pay attention to any costs associated with returning your items in the event that you disagree with their amended valuation or alternative offer. All companies which are displayed on this site pay us a commission to appear in the price listing. Companies displayed in our recommended results pay an enhanced commission for prominent promotion. We also ask that they join our forum and respond to any feedback users give publicly if required. A low star rating can means that we are not confident of a merchant’s conversion statistics or there has been unanswered adverse feedback or there is adverse feedback elsewhere that we have taken into account. When you have selected a recycler and sent your product off please do use our forum and tell us about the service they gave and when you received your cash. You can contact us here.

This helps us refine our Star Rating Guide.

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Cash Price

The cash price we display is where possible the price that each company will pay for a working phone in reasonable condition.

Non-working (or damaged)

This is a proportion of the maximum paid for a working phone and can vary markedly. As a guide we include the best offer for slight damage but you should satisfy yourself that your phone complies by reading the terms and conditions of the recycler if you have any doubts.

Voucher Value

There are various voucher offers to consider but please make sure that you select vouchers that will be useful to you.

Pay within

This is the length of time that the recycler claims to take, to issue your payment. Some methods will take longer than others, remember, so you may not actually receive it until later.

Pay Method

Choose whichever method suits you best.


When you have decided which recycler is best for you just click on the “Sell Now” link and follow the recycler’s instructions. Please read the details carefully to make sure that it is what you expected then freepost your goods to get your payment. It couldn’t be easier.

Listed and Recommended Recyclers

Compare and Recycle is a free comparison service to consumers and we try to ensure that you can link to most companies that are willing to bid for your goods. These companies are called merchants and they pay a fee to become listed on an affiliate network and they pay a commission to the network for each confirmed transaction. That is how we are funded.

From Compare and Recycle

We do hope that you enjoy using this site to find the best deals and that we have made your life a little easier. Please get back to us with feedback on any issues that you encounter or ways you can think of to help us improve our service. All your comments will have a positive effect on the service that the recyclers provide.

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