Guide to pre-order the iPhone X: All How Tos In One Place

Guide to pre-order the iPhone X: All How Tos In One Place

A report from Monday states that Foxconn – Apple’s contract electronics manufacturer – started distributing the iPhone X. Great news bearing in mind that pre-orders will go live on the 27th of October! But…the first bulk shipment includes only 46,500 devices. For comparison, this figure for last year’s iPhone 7 family first retail shipment was 371,000 units.

Keeping in mind that iPhone 8 duo sales are not going that well in comparison to iPhone 7 figures, Apple fans are gearing up for the iPhone X launch and they won’t miss the chance to own at least one. We’ve brainstormed and come up with pro tips for you not to stay empty-handed.

Tip 1: Do Your Homework

If you are the iPhone Upgrade Program subscriber, check your upgrade eligibility through Apple website if you tend to go through Apple’s upgrade program or browse your carrier’s website for this information.

Tip 2: Install Apple Store App

Get equipped with official Apple Store iOS application. Installing the app you will be able to click directly to any of company’s products made available. Meaning that you won’t waste time searching for the iPhone X in the online store and save those precious seconds. We’d advise you to mark iPhone X product so it will be listed under your favourites and do all order configurations such as finish and storage choices in advance ready for clicking on that “Pre Order” button.

Tip 3: Double check your account

Up-to-date payment details are crucial in walking away with nothing-you-have-ever-seen-before iPhone X. Bank details change, new cards are issued and there is high likelihood some of these have been modified. We doubt you will be happy to discover old card or address details at the checkout and there won’t be anything else left rather than to fill them in manually under pressure of waving goodbye to your almost acquired iPhone X. Take your time before pre-orders are official to update your app account settings and payment method. You will be grateful afterwards.

Tip 4: Plan B

Separate Apple device with same steps performed won’t hurt. If you own an iPad for example, this can be your back up plan in case your current iPhone starts lagging when you need it most. It won’t harm if you keep Apple’s webpage open in Safari browser.

Tip 5: Practice, practice, practice

You have to know what you’re doing when pre-ordering the iPhone X. Learning all steps by heart would have been too much, but trying to place an order using the app couple times beforehand will be beneficial.

Tip 6: Make sure there are no apps running in the background

The more apps you have running at the same time, the less chance is of having a smooth and quick loading of content.  Free up your system for Apple Store app to perform your pre-order successfully and in a minimum amount of time.

Tip 7: Alarm clock? No, a reminder should be fine!

You might think it’s obvious for a dedicated Apple fan to remember iPhone X preorder start day, but a busy schedule and other things to do might occupy your head. Perform this easy task of tapping couple times to set up a reminder and sit back chilling. Preorders kick off at 12:01 am PDT ( 8:01 am in UK). Ohh yea, you will have to wake up early. Maybe an alarm clock will work better if you’re narcoleptic ?

Tip 8: Look for cash towards your iPhone X upgrade

Actually don’t look any further than our comparison. Apple told us that the iPhone X 64GB will start at £999 so extra cash for trading in your old phones will save your bank account from crying for mercy. According to our data research, resell prices drop when new iPhone gets released.

Tip 9: Trying your luck at a retail store

Online pre-orders might sound complicated and some of us prefer experiencing the excitement queuing at a local retail store. The 3rd of November will be that day when you can try and get your hands on the iPhone X from a physical store. Apple prepares its own and retail partners stock for the release day and you can give it a go, especially bearing in mind that online pre-orders usually sell out in a blink.



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