Pssst! Some guy got the Google Pixel early!

Pssst! Some guy got the Google Pixel early!

Coming straight out of Australia, a lucky Reddit user appears to have been accidentally sent out Google Pixel a week early and has gone ahead and written about his experiences on the Android Reddit subreddit.

But apart from the official statistics, he provides some very interesting insight on camera focus time and actual usability on the phone. The user even provides pictures of what comes in the box;


Ambient display: This currently only lights the lockscreen up when a new notification is received. There is no facility to sneak peek the lock screen with 2 or 3 taps.

Assistant: It starts with the OK Google command from screen off but you have to be fairly loud and clear compared to activating when the screen is on.

Battery: Very basic and early stats. Taken following running both Geekbench4 and Antutu. Battery GSam/Settings

Boot animation: The coloured balls jump over each other.

Buttons: Satisfying clicks. The volume key has a bit rattly movement.

Carrier Bloatware: Nil. There is no indication on the box/phone or software that the device was sold through an exclusive carrier (in this case Telstra)

Camera: Using FV5 and shutter priority the longest exposure is 0.6″ (seconds)


Earphones: The included phones are noise-isolating with silicone tips. 2 spare tips in the box. I’m not audiophile so take assessments with grain of salt. They are clear, even at maximum volume, you could share music between 2 or 3 people just holding them between ears – but you have a phone speaker for that sooo… While they are clear, they do sound hollow, with better highs than bass. I can’t detect any hissing when music or audio is paused.

Encryption: on by default.

Magnetic back: No, and I recommend not trying it in case your phone throws a mild tantrum like mine may have.

Maps/Compass: The direction cue on Maps is MUCH more accurate than my N5 ever was. I’m sitting inside and the delay between a spin of the phone and the cue catching up with accuracy is 0.5s

Photos backup: It automatically recognises photos that were taken while owning a Pixel and uploads in full resolution. There’s a little note in the “backup + Sync” setting in the Photos app

Pre-installed apps: So all of those types of apps – Allo, Duo and many of the other “extra” Google apps aren’t pre-installed. When setting up the phone it gives you a list of apps you might want with a check-box, these being among them

Power options: Shutdown and Restart

Ringtones: all new. Lost my favourite message and call tone.

Storage: 32GB model. 29.7GB available according to settings>storage

Pixel vs Pixel XL

Should you be interested in the Pixel XL the official statistics are as follows;

FeaturePixelPixel XL
ColoursQuite Black and Very SilverQuite Black and Very Silver
Operating systemAndroid 7.1 (Nougat)Android 7.1 (Nougat)
Storage32GB or 128GB with unlimited cloud photo storage32GB or 128GB with unlimited cloud photo storage
Battery lifeUp to 7 hours with a 15-minute chargeUp to 7 hours with a 15-minute charge
Cost£599 and £699£719 and £819


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