May is here, which means two bank holiday weekends! Maybe you're planning to go on a family trip, spend time with your significant other or you just want to vegetate on the sofa. Whatever your plans, and whether you've been organised or left everything to the last minute, it's always nice to have a bit of extra cash to spend on your long weekend. Here's how you can get some money from your old tech to put towards your well deserved rest and relaxation time:

Selling your mobile phone

Selling your mobile phone is one of the easiest ways to get some extra cash. Almost 48% of people have at least one unused mobile phone in their home, and UK households have accumulated around £6.86 billion of unused mobile phones. Using Compare and Recycle, you can look at all the mobile phone recyclers who will pay you to recycle your phone. Below we have listed the most commonly recycled devices on our site, and the current highest price.

Mobile phone Price
Apple iPhone 6S 16GB £87.00
Apple iPhone 6S 64GB £107.00
Apple iPhone 7 32GB £146.00
Samsung Galaxy S8 £173.00
Apple iPhone 7 128GB £183.00
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB £222.00

Selling other electronic devices

If you haven't used an electronic device for over a year and don't plan on using it any time soon, then it's time to get some money for it. Below are some examples of other tech that you may have lying around and the price range for each item. The price varies depending on the model and the GB of the device. To put things into perspective, we've used the example of a bank holiday trip to Paris to illustrate how you could be spending your money earned from selling your old unused devices.

Tech Price Bank holiday weekend equivalent
XBOX 360 £16.70-£17.50 Ticket for the Louvre
PSP £14.40-£31.00 New outfit from a high street brand
GoPro £20.00-£59.00 Meal for 2 at an inexpensive restaurant
Kindle £25.00-£34.00 1 hour river cruise along the Seine
iPad £65.00-£180.00 Return flights

Don't waste any more time, sell your devices and make the most out of the bank holiday weekend.

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash