Christmas 2016 - Britain's Most Wished For Phones

According to ZD Net, the iPhone 7 Plus jet black edition is this year’s most popular phone. In November 2016 it was the most popular choice according to Euromonitor, the retail intelligence platform. However, popularity is very subjective in a world of benchmarks and analytical models. Therefore, this article will look at user sentiment on Twitter as a model for popularity.


Using Rankur, an online social mentions toolkit, the top ten brands, according to ZD Net and Euromonitor were imputed into a list of targeted mentions. The date chosen was the 10th of November to the 10th of December. The mentions of mobile phones reached the millions. In the UK, between this period, 8.8 million mentions of phones occurred. Therefore, to get the details we wanted to looked at positive sentiment.

According to Rankur, these are the most popular, and will be under the tree of very good boys and girls across the UK this Christmas:

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • HTC 10
  • Google Pixel
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • OnePlus 3
  • BlackBerry Classic

The list is surprising in many ways. The top four are predictable but the inclusion of OnePlus 3 and a very retro keyboard-infused BlackBerry Classic are eye openers! Let’s explore why these phones are so popular?

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The 2016 edition of the iPhone has been deemed a success by tech reviewers and the public at large. Apple stumbled with the lack of headphone jacks and other issues, but the phone has been somewhat positively received. The larger version of the iPhone 7 is popular because of two virtues it holds over its rivals. Excellent battery life and epic performance. The downsides, as stated above the jack, along with the price tag. But the phone is still popular!

HTC 10

HTC in 2016 created a new flagship that ended the run of its ‘M’ themes phone range. The M9 was replaced by the brushed Aluminium joy that is the HTC 10. The phone divided critics with some arguing it wasn’t radical enough whilst others liked its semi-retro touches. However, consumer popularity centred on two aspects; the camera performance and the slick processing speed.

Google Pixel

We’ve covered the Pixel extensively on the Compare and Recycle blog, and how it makes the very best of the Android system in every way possible with it’s high specifications being able to handle the heaviest programmes and run Google assistant with ease. The Pixel and the Pixel XL are both available and sure to be high on the Android fans Christmas wish list.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The 2016 ‘Edge’ has been anointed TechRadar to Wired’s phone of the year! It is popular with the critics. However, consumer sales have dipped in Samsung mobile products after the recall of the Samsung Note. This issue has resulted in a decrease of positive sentiment among users. However, those braving this negativity are enjoying key features, like the epic OLED screen technology and the intelligent camera settings.

OnePlus 3

The first OnePlus was a huge surprise that punched well above its weight, the 2 was a little underwhelming and struggled to match the impact of the first. Their third has been surprisingly well received, with performance matching the current flagships and a price half the cost of the most popular ones, many people could find a OnePlus 3 under their tree, and in our opinion, they won’t be disappointed.

BlackBerry Classic

This back to basics has been a return to form for BlackBerry, welcomed for a lot of the featured that made the BlackBerry a popular phone choice to begin with, the executives and professionals will be grateful to have one of these waiting under the tree for them, who has time for a puppy anyway?

The one thing we can be certain of this year, is Santa will be busy delivering smartphones galore across the world. The above-mentioned phones will be popular stocking fillers and will help make Christmas a jolly for millions of smartphone users globally!



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