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Beware Fake Phones or Stolen Goods!

On a recent site visit to view the recycling facilities at Phone Recycle Bank, we were shocked to discover that a small but significant proportion of phones that our customers were sending in were fakes or even reported stolen.

We were shown some of the leading brand fakes (not Bran Flakes) and it really was difficult to spot in some cases.

It seems that fake mobiles are being sold into the UK on various internet trading sites and sometimes the end user is unaware that the goods are fake. Sometimes it is apparent that our customers are attempting to sell their old mobile phones but are totally unaware that they own a fake product which is passing off as a named brand.

All the recyclers are aware of the problems with fake and stolen phones and will confiscate them and make a report to the authorities, so, take care, unless you sourced your phone through a reputable dealership.

On the upside, we saw Phone Recycle Bank’s extensive facilities and watched how they take thousands of used phones and refurbish and re-box them ready for resale, mainly, into the insurance market where insurers are tending to replace phones on a like for like basis.

The team here at Compare and Recycle would like to extend hearty thanks to Phone Recycle Bank for a most informative tour.