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Google 's 6-inch option gets an update with the Nexus 6P

Google 's 6-inch option gets an update with the Nexus 6P

Last year Motorola produced the Google Nexus 6 and while it wasn’t perfect the main complaint was from those who wanted a smaller option. This year Google have definitely listened and given customers

Google Nexus 5X publicly revealed

Google Nexus 5X publicly revealed

Google’s Nexus devices will never be competitors to the iPhone of Samsung Galaxy series but for some they’re the obvious choice when looking for a new phone. Usually reasonably priced, well built and

iPhone 6s is the fastest selling iPhone yet

The iPhone 6 did incredibly well in the first three days after it launched, selling 10 million units. That sounds impressive enough but the iPhone 6s has gone and blown that record away

BlackBerry's Android phone to be called the 'Priv'

There was a time when the QWERTY keyboard of BlackBerry devices drew in both business customers and text-addicts but times have been a lot tougher for BlackBerry in recent years. They’ve found it

The iPhone 6s has arrived! Here's how to sell your old phone

Today the iPhone 6s became available and just like previous models it’s guaranteed to sell in huge numbers. While the 6s doesn’t look any different to the original 6 it’s faster, has a

Google Nexus 5X and 6P reveal expected on September 29th

Next Tuesday Google host an event which looks likely to be the official launch of both the Nexus 5X and 6P. This will be the first time Google have launched more than one

iPhone 6s coming to UK September 25th

No doubt you’ve seen the iPhone 6s by now and there’s a good chance you can’t wait to get your hands on one! So if you’ve got caught up in the excitement but

Apple announce iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Yesterday evening Apple showed the latest iPhone to the world for the first time and while their slogan “The only thing that’s changed is everything” perhaps exaggerates how much of an upgrade the

The iPhone 6s is going to be announced on September 9th - Are you ready to upgrade?

Apple have sent out invites for an event on the 9th of September and although there may be a few announcements the one everyone is waiting for is the iPhone 6s. Every year

Will the iPhone 6s be announced on the 9th of September?

Considering that the latest iPhone is generally announced in early September and then goes on sale nearer the end of the month rumours that the iPhone 6sreveal will be happening on the 9th

Is this HTC's next flagship?

For the last few years HTC have launched their new flagship device around the end of the first quarter of the year but after very disappointing sales of the One M9 it appears

Galaxy Note 5 announced - but not for the UK!

When you think of phablets Samsung’s line of Galaxy Note devices are one of the first things that springs to mind. Not only do Galaxy Note devices offer a much larger screen than

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