How Can I Make My Phone More Festive? Five of the Best Yuletide Themes Available

Christmas has arrived… John Lewis ads have been broadcast, every shop is playing the Pogues and hideous outdoor Christmas decorations have been put up in homes across the country. For those who aren’t digital Scrooges, Christmas is a great time to spruce up your digital life. You may have added a Christmas twibbon on Facebook or Twitter, but what about making your smart phone more festive? We can help… Here are the five best themes available for Christmas fans.

For those wanting a festive overload, the nice boys and girls at SwiftKey, the awesome alternative keyboard for Android and iPhone, have provided over a hundred festive themes for free. If you want to download these themes why not head to www.swiftkey.com today? Here are the top five!


Happy Holidays Theme

This fetching gold and red snowfall theme is the most popular Swiftkey theme according to the company. This free theme is available from the SwiftKey app.

Frozen Theme

You can't get away from good old fashioned mass-marketed deal making and Christmas is no different. Disney and Swiftkey have joined forces to create a series of Christmas themes based on family favourites, like Frozen. The free theme is available for download from the SwiftKey app store.

Frosted Winter Theme

The Blue Ice Theme is a conservative design that could pass as a regular theme. However, the sparkly swipe animation is beautifully designed with blue ice in mind. The app is free and is available for download today from the Swiftkey theme app store.

Gift Wrap Green

The Elf Green festive theme is a nuanced design that incorporates Christmas imagery with a cool swipe animation with green sparkles. The theme is only available for iOS users. The theme is available right now from the Swiftkey app store.

Snowfall Theme

This is the fifth most popular Swiftkey theme download in 2016. This snowfall theme has a great USP. Each swipe puts a snowflake on the specific key chosen. This app is available for free from the Swiftkey theme store.

So, there you go… five of the best themes available and all free. All you need to do is download Swiftkey today and get that festive feeling while using one of the best keyboard apps available. Get online today and download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and get festive now!



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