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Mirror Go Green

Mirror Go Green

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Recycling and selling your mobile phone, laptop, iPod or other old gadgets for cash is a great way to help our environment but also thicken your wallet!

With the growing demand for the latest gadgets, we all have spare mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players and all sorts of other gadgets laying around the home and office that can be worth money!

MirrorGoGreen aims to help its readers unlock the value in their old gadgets and turn them into cash!

Itís also a great and safe way to get rid of old products you no longer use or want.

Every device received is data wiped to ensure full data erasure and we pay some of the best rates currently available in the market for mobile phones, MP3 players and other gadgets on our site.

By selling your gadgets for cash with MirrorGoGreen you can help reduce the UKís electronic waste. Sometimes, people throw away their old devices in the bin where they can potentially end up at UK landfill sites polluting our environment and eco-systems! We aim to reduce this and pay you cash for your green work!

Here are a few environmental facts!

  1. Every year in the UK we dispose of 1.2 million tonnes of electrical waste - enough to fill the new Wembley stadium over six times. This is increasing at a rate of five per cent every year.
  2. By 2012 itís estimated that all landfill sites in the UK will be completely full.
  3. In one personís lifetime they will go through an average of 3.3 tonnes of electrical waste.
  4. Over six million electrical items are disposed of every year. Half are either working or could be repaired and reused or recycled.
  5. 16% of every product you buy pays for the packaging.

Waste no time, sell your old mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops and sat navs for cash today with MirrorGoGreen!


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Common Misspellings

Mirror Go green is sometimes misspelt. Common misspellings include: Mirorgogreen, mirrorgogreen, mirrorgogren, mirrergogreen, mirror go green

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7 days
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Contact Details

MirrorGoGreen Recycling
ShP Limited
0845 301 3992

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