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    Thumbs up Resolved - Still Scamming Customers

    I sent two phones, an HD2 valued at 66 and an old samsung at 20, after several days they were finally acknowledged as received, the Samsung was fine but the HD2 was deemed not working, because of "EXcessive Scratching" on the touchscreen, and devalued to 37. The "Excessive Scratching" is one small scratch on the top left of the glass, outside of the display or touchscreen working area. This is acceptable according to their literature.
    On top of this I now have to wait for payment for five days! despite claiming same day payment. the Samsung was paid immediately.
    There has been no explanation for this delay, nor any further explanation on the "My account" or order pages I have sent an email, but, not surprisingly had no reply. I presume their tactic is to withhold the money in the hope that customers are desperate enough to accept any amount after a few days.
    How a company can perform like this and get a 5 star rating is beyond Me, and I am with previous posters in beleiving something very fishy is going on here.
    All I can do is refer to my local Trading Standards Office to try and get the quoted amount, and some recompense for the unjustifiable delay in payment, and try and warn others not to use them.
    Last time I recycled a phone I used another company, everything was easy and I had My money three days after the initial enquiry, How I wish I had used them this time, instead of what is appears to be a bunch of con artists.

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    I now have received the full amount offered, after emailing one of the Directors of the company

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    Thank you for letting us know Paul

    Best regards
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