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    Thumbs up Resolved - Clearly a scam, not happy

    I sent in a Nokia 5800 and was told it was worth 60 but then got an e-mail saying that the screen was badly scratched and so it was only worth 10. I photographed the phone before I sent it and took down the IMEI. I know it was not scratched and I even sent it with a screen protector still attached. I complained and asked for photographic proof of the damage. They responded offering me 40 for it instead. They still have not shown me any evidence of the scratch so I cannot trust them. It is clear that they offer the best price then reduce it to almost nothing. When you complain, they make you a "better offer" which they expect people to then accept.

    This is a scam. Don't bother - use a site that offer free returns at least. These jokers wan't 10 for return of my phone which I'm sure they will make sure is damaged if I accept. Don't use them!

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    Hi, please can you email your reference number to andrew.douglass@mobilephonexchange.co.uk adn i will get this looked into ASAP for you.
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    I eventually managed to resolve the issue. They did send me images of the phone, and you could clearly see that the screen protector was still on!

    I asked them to remove it, and they sent me a second image, which also showed a scratch now where there wasn't one before. I also thought that I could still see a screen protector, which makes me wonder if a new one had been added with a scratch?

    When I told them that their own images proved that they had scratched it, they offered me the full value again.

    I will leave you to draw your own conclusions - but be aware that if you receive a reduced valuation and have sent in a phone with a screen protector, make sure they have taken it off (and make sure you get an image before they do)!

    Images sent are attached...

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    Excellent thread zzalsar4. thank you for your input and for responding when the merchant resolved your issue.

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