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  1. Advice for Recycling Merchants

    In the interests transparency and improved service quality, recycling merchants are invited to utilise the Compare and Recycle Forum to communicate freely with our users.

    We invite users to post public reviews and complaints if necessary so long as they are fair and reasonable and the wording accurately reflect their experiences. Please see “Forum Rules” for more details. The user must be contactable and must respond if required to justify any posting made. Compare and Recycle will moderate any posts that are found to be inaccurate.

    We also have a written a complaints procedure for our users.

    When signing up to our forum, please contact us to let us know your user name and we will be pleased to award you Verified Merchant status and attach your logo as an avatar to display on your official postings.

    It is important to remember to subscribe to any forum which is of particular interest to you.

    Subscribing is simple:

    1. Hover over “community” then select “recycler reviews” from the drop down.
    2. Scan down the list and apply the green tick to subscribe to the forum of choice (normally the recycling merchant main forum and the merchant review sub-forum too)
    3. Select the notification type required (normally by email daily to get notified each morning if a thread is posted)
    4. Click the “Add Subscription” button displayed
    5. Check that your subscriptions are accepted by going to “settings” on the menu at the top of the page and looking to see if the subscriptions are properly recorded under the heading “Subscribed Forums”.

    You should note that any threads you start, or, add to, automatically subscribe you so long as you have not adjusted your default general settings which you can find under personal settings.
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  2. Example Recycling Merchant Reviews

    The following example reviews in our opinion cover all the criteria of a full and helpful review, you do not necessarily need to provide as much detail as this but try not to make unsupported statements. For example rather than saying 'payment took a long time to arrive' state how long it actually took, for example 'payment took over three days to arrive even after the recycler had confirmed that the phone had accepted'.

    Positive Review
    On February 1st I decided to sell my Nokia N95 using [RECYCLER NAME] as they offered the best price for my phone through Compare and Recycle's comparison. I found [RECYCLER NAME]'s website very attractive and easy to use and I was guided through the process well without any confusion.

    I received a padded envelope through the post by on only 2 days after requesting it on and included were instructions on how to post my phone. I sent my phone by Royal Mail Special Delivery the day after receiving the envelope and waited to hear back from [RECYCLER NAME].

    I received an email the next day stating my phone had been received and was currently being checked and tested, I was glad to receive this feedback as it assured me that the phone had been received safely. The next day I received confirmation that my phone had been accepted and the money was paid into my bank account the same day.

    Overall I'm very impressed with the service provided by [RECYCLER NAME], I received payment quickly and with no fuss. I highly recommend [RECYCLER NAME] to other Compare and Recycle users.
    Negative Review
    I decided to sell my phone to [RECYCLER NAME] on February 1st as they offered the best price through the Compare and Recycle website. I was slightly put off by [RECYCLER NAME]'s website, which was a little confusing to use.

    It took 4 days to receive the padded envelope after requesting it which did not impress me, the envelope itself was of reasonable quality and included a set of instructions to make sure I posted the phone correctly. I posted the phone by Royal Mail Special Delivery later that day and waited to hear back from [RECYCLER NAME].

    Although my phone was guaranteed to arrive by 1PM the following day it took [RECYCLER NAME] 3 days to provide me with confirmation that they had received my phone, their email said that it would take a couple of days for my phone to be tested.

    I was not happy when 2 days later the company emailed me to say that they were reducing their offer because of minor marks to the back of the case, even though their website stated that minor cosmetic damage should not affect the price. I accepted the offer since I would have had to wait several days to receive my phone back but would not recommend [RECYCLER NAME] very highly to other users.

    Disclaimer: Neither of these example reviews are based on an actual selling experience and serve only as a guideline on what content to include and how to format a review. Both positive and negative reviews should only be based on factual events rather than opinions, we do however encourage feedback on the usability of the recycler's website as this will help them to pinpoint weaknesses in their service.

    Things to try and make sure you include in a review:

    • Dates related to the selling process - for example the date you gave your information to the company, the date the envelope was received (if provided) and the date payment was received. By giving dates for each step other users can see how quickly the entire process is completed. If things have taken a little too long then it gives recyclers a chance to see where they can improve in the future.
    • The model of phone sold - giving this information helps to add authenticity to the review and helps to gauge whether the model affects the process (for example it may help to show if some recyclers give priority in their service to more valuable handsets or if they treat each customer fairly).
    • The final outcome of the selling process - was the price you got the price that was quoted? How much money taken off if there was damage to the handset? How quickly was payment made? You should also include your overall satisfaction, for example while the company may have longer than expected to complete payment you may have been very happy with the rest of the service, resulting in a positive review overall.

    It would be very helpful to include:

    • Customer service received from the recycler - this may be positive, for instance responding to any problems you had quickly. On the other hand it may be negative, for instance the recycler may have ignored any contact you made for several days before responding.

    • How usable was the recycler's website? - Pinpointing problems with the recycler's website or praising features which helped to make the process easier will help a recycler to see where they are going right or wrong and will help to improve their service.

    Compare and Recycle Site Staff - Here to help!

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  3. Rules for Posting Reviews and Comments about Recycling Merchants

    The reviews area of the forum has been established by Compare and Recycle to enable customers and merchants to interact in a public and transparent way including the discussion of the recycling experience for the purpose of improvement. We welcome members who use it in the spirit for which it is provided.

    In the interests of fairness, Compare and Recycle will only approve new threads in the review sections which contain substantiated statements and feature a factual account of a transaction. While users have the right to share their opinion they should not try and present their personal views as facts.

    When posting any new thread, you must refer to our rules governing General Forum Usage.

    Anyone posting a comment or review must be contactable in order to verify statements made and must respond to reasonable requests for substantive evidence supporting any claims they make. Failure to supply reasonable proof will result in comments being removed and may result in a member being banned in persistent cases. This applies to both positive and negative feedback. In order to keep reviews unbiased we require that a specific transaction (or multiple transactions) is referenced, try to account for all the steps of the process (for example using the merchants website, posting the phone and receiving payment).

    When commenting about a specific transaction, you are required to provide sufficient detail to enable it to be traced and permit other parties to respond accordingly. In most cases the date and model number should be enough to verify that the transaction took place.

    In the interests of protecting yourself please do not post sensitive personal information relating to a transaction publicly in the forum. If details such as an transaction number are required to resolve an issue then please contact a merchant directly or via Private Message.

    Please describe your experience in an unbiased and rounded manner. Please allow time for a response before escalating action and please be reasonable. Compare and Recycle will display a Verified Recycler user title under the the user name of accounts which we are aware belong to recyclers featured on Compare and Recycle. We will take action against those falsely claiming to represent a recycler but take care to only trust those with the Verified Recycler user title.
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