Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. Below are some of the questions most commonly asked by our users, if you can't find what you're looking for then find out how to contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

Selling Questions

  • How Do I Get a Price?

    There are two ways to find a price. You can use the search box found at the top of the page, simply enter the make and/or model of your phone or electronic device and you should see it appear below the box, click on your model to go straight to the comparison page for that model. If your product doesn't appear then try hitting the enter key or search button, if your product is in our database then it should appear on this page.

    The other method of finding a price is to browse through our list of makes and models. To do this simply click browse by make under the search box. Here you can view all the brands featured on the site and find your model.

  • What Do I Need To Send When Selling To A Recycler?

    The 'Accessories Required' column in the price comparison table will show you what each recycler will require you to send with the handset. We only include the most common accessories such as batteries and chargers so you should double check the recyclers terms and conditions when selling.

  • Do I need to send my SIM card?

    No you don't need to. None of our featured recyclers will need your SIM card and we recommend removing this before sending your mobile phone/device to any of our recyclers.

  • Can I still sell my phone if I don't have the charger?

    Yes, a selection of our recyclers will still buy your mobile phone at the full quoted price without the charger. If a charger is required with the sale then a charger icon will be shown in the 'accessories required' column.

  • Can I still sell my mobile without a battery?

    Most recyclers do require a battery to be included in the sale of your phone. Occasionally a recycler may buy mobile phones without a battery. To find out if any recyclers are currently buying phones without batteries just enter your phones make and model into the search an check the 'accessories required' column. If there is no battery symbol, then this means you do not need to send the battery.

  • Can I sell more than one phone at a time?

    Yes, you can. If you have multiple phones of the same make and model to sell then it's very simple. All you need to do is enter the quantity when you click through to a recycler. Selling a variety of different phones isn't quite as quick as you will need to do an individual search for all of them as they will likely be worth different amounts but is just as easy.

    Compare And Recycle will open any recyclers websites in a new tab. Simply complete your transaction for your first phone and then open the tab for Compare and Recycle and enter your next phone into the search bar.

  • What is the IMEI Number?

    The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is the 15 digit number that is exclusive to your mobile phone. This is normally found inside the phone, underneath the battery. If your phone does not have a removable battery then the IMEI number may be found on the SIM gate or on the paperwork inside the original box.

    If you are still having trouble finding the IMEI number you can just enter *#06# and your phone will make the 15 digit IMEI number magically appear on the screen!

  • What if my phone is damaged?

    All of our featured recyclers will have a different opinion on what is damaged and what is general wear and tear. To get the full price quoted, some recyclers are perfectly happy to accept phones with superficial starches and cracks whereas others may expect phones to be in immaculate condition.

  • Can I Still Get a Price For a Broken or Non-working Phone?

    Yes you can get a price for a non-working or broken phone. Simply find your phone as usual and look in the 'non-working' column of the price comparison table to find a guide price for a non-working handset.

    The exact price will depend on how damaged the phone is, minor cracks and other cosmetic blemishes may only slightly reduce the value while a completely non-functioning phone may receive a significantly reduced offer.

  • What is the definition of a broken, damaged or non-working phone?

    As with damaged phones, all of our featured recyclers will offer a price based on the condition but valuations may differ from recycler to recycler. If your phone has any flaws or is for what ever reason is not working then you should expect a reduce price. Generally, most recyclers will expect phones to have a few superficial scratches and knocks and this won't affect the quoted price. This list will help you have a clear understanding of what is consider broken, damaged or non-working if you are confused about the grade of your phone.

    It is classed as broken or non-working phones if any of the following apply:

    • Cracked screen
    • Bleeding screen
    • Water damaged
    • Missing or unresponsive buttons
    • Unable to start up
    • Broken speaker
    • Broken microphone
    • Broken aerial

    It is classed as damaged if any of the following apply

    • Deep scratches or chips
    • Engravings
    • Worn buttons
    • Small cracks
    • Missing parts e.g. missing battery cover

    Finding a price for a broken and non-working phone can be done in the same way you search for a working phone. Once on the quotation page you'll notice a column named 'Non-working' this price will be based on a non working phone. If your phone is damaged and you want a quote unfortunately the majority of recyclers are unable to give a price without inspecting the handset. The non-working price is a good indication of how much you can expect to receive or roughly how much a recycler will reduce a quote by.

  • My screens cracked, does that count as non-working?

    If your screen is broken is doesn't necessarily mean non-working. The non-working price may be a good indication of the price you may be able to expect but you still maybe able to get close to the fully working price. Some of our featured recyclers will have in depth selection processes for you to fill in when you decide to recycle through them which may be able to show you a price you can expect to get. Others may simply ask if your phone is working and non-working. A cracked screen would be classed as working but expect to receive a revised valuation in this case.

  • What if my phone is damaged?

    All of our featured recyclers will have a different opinion on what is damaged and what is general wear and tear. To get the full price quoted, some recyclers are perfectly happy to accept phones with superficial scratches and cracks whereas others may expect phones to be in immaculate condition.

  • How do I know if my mobile has water damage?

    It will vary from phone to phone. Some, you maybe able to easy tell if it is suffering from water damage and others maybe a little harder. All phones will have a LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) which is normally white but will turn red if affected by water. If your phone has a removable battery cover then it is likely to be underneath there.

  • How can I check my phone for water damage?

    If you would like to find out if your phone has water damage before you send it to a recycler then you will need to check the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator). Most phones will have more than one and they can usually be located under or around the battery. Depending on the brand and the model there may be differences with location, size and appearance. Most LDI's will be white if they are undamaged by water, or, red if they are damaged by water. If any of the LDI's are red then this will mean your phone has water damage. Some may also have crosses. Crosses do not always mean water damaged as the may just be stickers covering the LDI, but in some cases they may indicate water damage.

  • How can I check an iPhone for water damage?

    It will be difficult to ultimately know if your iPhone suffering from water damage as the internal LDI's (Liquid Damage Indicator) are hard to access being enclosed within the phone itself. But iPhones usually also have two external LDI's. These are located in the headphone jack and dock area. To see them, you will need a torch. You should be able to see either a red or white dot. Red indicates water damage, whereas white will indicate no water damage.

    If both dot's are white then your iPhone is perfect fine.

    If your iPhone has two red positive dots then it's likely your phone has been affected by water damage. Although, there are two more LDI's on the inside which are hard to access as you will need to take your iPhone apart.

    If your iPhone has one red dot and one white dot then it will also need to be diagnosed for water damage by the inside sensor too.

  • My phone has got water damage can I still recycle it?

    Yes you can, phones with water damage can still be recycled in exactly the same way. All of our featured recyclers will have a different way of grading a water damaged phone but they will all offer a reduce price from the value given if the phone was not declared as water damaged.

  • I was unaware my phone had water damage!

    If you have received confirmation from your chosen recycler about your phone being water damaged and you were unaware of this then you still have a few options. You can accept the revised value and continue with the recycling process. You can decline the revised offer and request your mobile phone is sent back to you (please note, some of our recyclers will charge you the return shipping fees). Each recycler will have a time frame in which they will expect a response either agreeing or decline the new offer, if you do not getting back to them then they will assume you are happy with the process and pay you the reduce price and the handset will continue on the recycling process.

  • Can I sell any network phone to recyclers such as O2, Orange, T-mobile or Vodafone?

    Yes, all these recyclers accept any mobile phones that are locked to different networks other than their own. For example you can sell your Virgin mobile to Orange

  • Can I still sell my phone if it has been blocked?

    Unfortunately we do not buy blocked phones. If your phone is blocked, it is likely it has been reported lost or stolen. If you are the registered owner of a blocked handset, then all you need to do is contact your service provider to have the phone unblocked.

  • Do you recycle fake or counterfeit phones?

    No, none of our featured recyclers offer a value on fake or counterfeit phones. There is a growing number of counterfeit phones in the UK market and these handsets look very similar to genuine products. They may have been illegally produced and may also prove to be dangerous to use.

  • Do you accept stolen phones?

    No, none of our featured recyclers accept stolen phones. We also do not condone the sales of stolen mobile phones. We will not advise or support any customers on the sale of a stolen handset.

    Our recyclers all check received phones via CheckMEND, a crime protection database, to ensure that phones are not barred or registered stolen.

  • How do I know if my phone is stolen?

    If you are unsure of the origin of your mobile phone then it may be wise to ask the previous owner where they purchased it from and if they still have the original receipt. If you bought you mobile phone from any reputable retailer then you will not be in possession of a stolen handset.

    As a comparison we do not have CheckMEND and we are unable to notify you prior to sending your phone to a recycler with details of it testing positive on CheckMEND.

  • What happens if I send a recycler a stolen phone?

    If you knowingly or unknowingly send a stolen phone to any of our featured recycler that flags up on Check MEND they are obliged to send the stolen phone in question to the police. You will receive confirmation that you have tried to sell a stolen handset and will not receive payment and will not be able to claim the handset back.

  • If someone finds my lost phone, are they able to sell it?

    If you registered you mobile phone as lost then NO, anyone who finds your phone and tries to sell it as there own will not be able to. Just as a stolen phone, your mobile will be blocked. None of our featured recyclers accept handsets that have been blocked, they will not give you any payment and they will not return the handset either. If you have not registered the phone as lost then it is possible that if found it could potential be sold.

    It's very important that to notify your network if you suspect your mobile has been lost or stolen as soon as possible to prevent anyone getting away with selling it.

  • I lost my phone some time ago then I recently found it, can I still sell it?

    Yes, you can. Providing the phone was never registered as lost or stolen.

  • I wasn't paid the correct amount?

    If your chosen recycler has paid the wrong amount into your account and you were unaware of any changes made regarding the sale of your phone then you must contact your recycler immediately.

    If your have received a different amount to the amount you were expecting and then noticed you had an e-mail regarding the change in price then unfortunately there is not much that can be done. Recyclers will offer a time frame in which the new value can be declined and your phone can be returned to you. If you fail to respond to your recycler within the time frame given then they will assume you are happy with the revised offer and will proceed with the recycling processes. After this point, you will no longer have the option to have your phone returned. All of our recyclers values are dependent upon inspection. They reserve the right to make a revised offer if they feel your phone does not meet their grading criteria.

Sending Questions

  • I've sent my phone and I want to know if it has been received?

    As a comparison site, we do not actually buy or handle the phones ourselves. We compare all the prices from top recyclers and when you choose a recycler from the comparison this is the company that you have sent your phone to.

    If you have yet to receive a confirmation of arrival e-mail then your phone may not have arrived. It may take up to 6pm for confirmation of arrival to be sent out to you as all of our recyclers receive such a high volume in any one day.

    If you still have concerns, or have yet to be contacted be your chosen recycler then simply contact the customer service department at the recycling company you placed your order with and they will be able to help you.

  • Iíve sent the wrong mobile phone, how do I correct it?

    If you've accidentally sent the wrong phone, you must notify the customer support team of your chosen recycler as soon as possible. This can be done by either calling or e-mailing. As we are a comparison we never handle the mobile phones recycled via our website. We are unable to help track or find missing mobile phones.

  • I sent a different phone to the phone I thought I was sending.

    We're all human and sometimes we make mistakes. If you have done a comparison for a phone that wasn't the phone you were intending on sending, don't worry. It's more common than you would think. When your phone arrives with the recycler they carry out inspections before sending out payment. At this point they will notice the phone sent does not match the phone description and will contact you with a revised price and confirm whether or not you would still like to continue with the recycling process.

  • What happens to my phone after I send it in?

    A wide majority of recycled handsets are refurbished and sold for reuse in markets such as China, Africa, and India. Very popular or new handsets are often sold back into the UK market. Even phones that have broken screens, faulty micro phones or missing buttons can be refurbished and sold back into the phone market. If your phone cannot be resold and reused by someone else because it is broken, badly damaged or very old then it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way so it doesn't end up in a landfill site.

  • I Sent My Mobile And Haven't Received My Money Yet.

    Unfortunately once you have left our site we no longer have any involvement in the transaction and so we are unable tell you the current status of your sale.

    If you are unable to receive a response from the recycler directly we encourage you to post on our forum. Many recycling companies are members of the forum and will publicly respond to your problem.

    Posting a review on the forum also helps to warn other users of past experiences, both good and bad, and helps them to chose which recycling company to use.

Payment Questions

  • How Will I Be Paid?

    Payment methods differ between recycling companies. Most recyclers will at least offer payment by Cheque and Bank Transfer while many also offer vouchers and other additional payment methods.

    The 'Payment Method' column in the price comparison table will show you some or all of the payment methods offered by a recycler. The 'Vouchers' column will show you the types of voucher payment the recycler offers.

  • My phone is not worth anything, what can I do?

    If your mobile phone has been valued at £0 and you are still happy to recycle then the process is exactly the same. Just continue through to the recycler who will confirm your sale and send you the postage and packaging.

    If you are are not happy with £0 then unfortunately we can not offer or find a better price. If a cash value was what you were looking for then we would suggest you use a more traditional method of selling such as online auctions.

General Questions

  • What Is Compare and Recycle?

    Compare and Recycle is the fastest growing recycling price comparison site in the UK.

    Our aim to to compare the top mobile phone recycling and electronic gadget recycling companies in order to get our customers the best price to sell their old mobile phones and electronic gadgets.

    You can read more about us and our aims on our About Us page.

  • What if my phone is Network locked?

    All of our featured recyclers accept Network locked handsets and pay the full value.

  • I Can't Find My Phone On Your Site?

    If you are unable to find you particular make and model on our website then the most likely reason will be because none of our featured recyclers are currently offering a price.

    This is most common in older phone or brand new phones. If it is a brand new mobile phone you are trying to sell it is most likely that prices will be added over the coming weeks. For older handsets, recyclers may offer a price at a later date but we can not guarantee they will ever added a value for you mobile phone.

    Unfortunately, as a comparison website we are also unable to offer you a value as we do not personally buy the phones. If you are still interested in recycling your phone then recyclers such as Mopay or Mobile Phone Xchange will gladly take phones of your hands free of charge. All you will need to do is get in contact with their customer support team and request a free selling pack. If a cash value was what you were looking for then we would suggest you use a more traditional method of selling such as online auctions.

  • When my contract has finished, do I get to keep my phone?

    Yes you do. When your contract finishes you get to keep your phone and you are not required to return the phone. You can do as you please with your phone whether that be to continue using it, hand it on to a friend or relative or recycling it for cash. It's completely up to you.

  • Can I use my SIM card in a different phone?

    If the mobile phone you are buying is unlocked or locked to the same network as your provider then YES. Your SIM card cannot be used in another phone if it is locked to a different network to the one you are with.

    A tell-tale sign of a locked phone if you are not sure will be a branding stamp on the handsets case.

    There are many places that offer unlocking services and if you choose to have your handset unlocked then this should not affect any warranties. In certain situations you may also call up your network provide and request an unlocking code yourself. To find out if you qualify for applying to get your unlocking code and how to go about actually unlock it all you'll need to do it call up your provider.

  • How do I know what internal storage (GB) my phone is?

    If your do not know how much internal storage your has phone but require it for your comparison then the easiest way to find out is by checking in the settings section on your phone. It will vary from phone to phone but there should be a section within the settings about storage. This will tell you how much your phone has.

  • Do I Have To Pay For Postage and Packaging?

    In most cases NO. The price comparison table features two columns that indicate if a recycler offers free postage and free packaging. Ticks indicate yes and crosses indicate no. If yes then the recycler will send out a free pre-paid pack, if no the the recycler will give details on how to send your phone to then on the completion of the sale page.

  • How long will the price quoted be valid for?

    Prices in the comparison are subject to change at any time and as we require no personal information we are unable to retrieve quotes.

    If you have confirmed to a sale and have yet to send your phone off, then recyclers tend to keep quoted values for around 14days, even if the price on the website has changed.

    Quotes are based on mobile phones in a good condition with general wear and tear and are subject to change if your phone does not meet the standard conditions.

  • Do you sell used phones?

    No we don't. Unfortunately as we only compare prices we never actually handle or receive any mobile phones.

  • Can I Sell other electronic gadgets?

    Yes, you can! Here at Compare and Recycle you are able to search through all types of electricals from cameras and games console to computers and laptops.

  • How do I sell a gadget?

    It's just as simple as recycling a mobile phone. All you need to do is type the make and model of your electrical into the search bar just like you would with the mobile phone. Alternatively you can browse by make to look through the listings to find your product.

  • I couldn't find my gadget?

    Whilst we encouraging all of our recyclers to list branded gadget not all of our recyclers do which is why your gadget may not be listed on our website. Unfortunately we can not personally offer a price on any unlisted gadgets.

  • My gadget has no prices offered?

    If your search resulted in no prices currently offered, unfortunately no recyclers will currently pay for your gadget. They may offer a value later on in the future but if it's a cash value you are looking for than you may want to use a more traditional method of selling. If you would simple just like to recycle your gadget for free then any of our featured recyclers would be able to take it off your hands. Simple contact their customer support team for advice on postage and packaging.

  • How do I post a large gadget?

    Most recyclers will provide free postage and packaging but it may be different for larger items. Some recyclers provide free courier service too as it can be difficult sending such items via the post. For full details on a recyclers posting system check out their terms and conditions or if you have any queries then simple contact their customer support team. These details can be found be visiting your chosen recyclers website.

  • I'm having problems with my recycler, can you help?

    Yes we can. If you are experiencing problems with your recycler then feel free to write a post in our community forum. 9 times out of 10 a customer service representative will respond to your queries and will hopefully be able to resolve your issues.

  • How can I trust

    As a comparison website, we compare over 30+ companies to find you the highest values. We want all of our customers to have a safe and happy experience from all of our featured and recommend recyclers, and we can guarantee all of the recyclers are 100% legitimate, registered companies. We are always here to help and you can rely on our community forum for advice, help and contact with the recyclers.

    We know that trust is important, so we've tried to answer all of your questions, and tell you who we are, so that you can trust us with confidence. But don't be shy if there's anything further you'd like to know about us, or our service, then we'd love to hear from you.

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