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Recycle CDs, DVDs and Games - Sell CDs, DVDs and Games for Cash

Get Cash for your old CDs, DVDs & Games!

Selling your old CDs, DVDs and Games is a great way to make some cash and get rid of some of your unwanted clutter. That's why we've teamed up with Music Magpie to help you recycle your CDs, DVDs and Games for cash. Music Magpie even let you use your web cam as a barcode scanner to make selling to Music Magpie quicker and easier.

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Recycle Music CDs for Cash

With MP3s and music downloads becoming ever more popular many of us have literally hundreds of unused CDs which we no longer use.

Selling these CDs to Music Magpie is great way to declutter you home and make some money too!

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Recycle DVD Movies for Cash

Even those of us who aren't huge film buffs still often have hundreds of DVDs and many of them will never be watched again.

Selling your unwanted DVDs is a great way to clear our some of your old clutter and make some money too!

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Recycle Games for Cash

With new games being released all the time most gamers quickly end up with huge collections and many games they will never play again.

Selling your old games to Music Magpie is a great way to raise some money to buy the latest releases!

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Compare CD, DVD and Game Recycling for Cash

Now that most people have a high-speed Internet connection legally downloading music, films and games is becoming easier and more common. This means that many of us have hundreds of old music CDs, DVD movies and video games laying around the house that we no longer need or use. Selling your old CDs, DVDs and Games to a website such as Music Magpie is a great way to clear out some of your old, unwanted clutter and get some money for doing it to!

Selling your old CDs, DVDs and Games to Music Magpie also has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. Throwing your old discs out with your household waste contributes to the amount of waste sitting in landfills while selling them to Music Magpie will make sure they don't end up in a landfill. Compare selling CDs, DVDs and Games to get the most cash for your old music and films.

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