iPhone 4Over the past decade, just about every part of the population in the UK have gone through multiple mobile phones. In fact, there are so many old mobile phones not being used, that each person in the country could be given more than one! And chances are you have an old mobile phone lurking somewhere, since you cannot simply throw it out in the bin (due to the hazardous chemicals and materials used to make a mobile phone).

However, the phones have value if disposed of properly (even if they don’t work). Several organisations around the country help people recycle mobile phones and in some cases pay the person who sends in the phone, which gives incentive to the user and shows just how much value lies within the materials used to make a mobile phone. And the trends look to continue, as raw minerals becomes harder to come by on this planet.

It goes beyond financial issues though, for example a rare, precious metal used in mobile phones, known as “tantalum” which is found mainly in central Africa has caused a lot of conflicts in the area. And environmentally, these phones have been leaving a huge carbon footprint, as even the emissions from manufacturing the phone itself are bad for the environment. Still, companies are looking to make mobiles that are more eco-friendly, and users can help by doing their part and recycling old mobile phones, because every little bit counts.