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2048 Compare and Recycle Edition!

Friday, March 28th, 2014

If you haven’t played 2048 yet then you may have had a lucky escape! Forget Flappy Bird because this is the latest game everyone is getting addicted to! The beauty of this game is it’s so simple, just move the tiles using the arrow keys (or by swiping on a touchscreen device!) and match to identical tiles to combine them.

2048 Compare and Recycle Edition!

We’ve created a special Compare and Recycle Edition of 2048 for you to enjoy, just head over to to play but be warned you may just get hooked! Don’t forget to let us know your top score!

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What’s My Old Mobile Phone Worth?

Friday, September 13th, 2013

iphone_5_Getting the best deal when selling your old mobile phone can be a tricky business. Obviously, not all used goods are ideal condition and this should be considered when selecting a phone recycling merchant. There are a good many recyclers around the UK who will pay you for your old mobile phones, tablets and all sorts of electronic recyclables and some are more relaxed about the general condition of your goods than are others. What they can be willing to pay varies enormously based upon the condition of the goods with some merchants offering prices for new and unused or for damaged and broken goods. It’s worth remembering that it’s not always wise to just choose the company who is listing the best price without first checking if they have a stringent acceptance standard.

Many list their prices publicly and display their terms of service which often includes a grading policy, an alternative offer policy and a return policy. You should familiarise yourself with what each recycling merchant expects before sending in your phone because there may well be a cost associated with returning it to you if you are not satisfied with the grading or their alternative offer if the goods did not pass their test.

It should be remembered, that, when sending valuable goods through the post, you may wish to use a registered or recorded delivery service. It is also a good idea to take a clear picture of your phone show the condition with any defects before posting it.

If an item is returned, it will cost the merchant time and additional postage money so he will generally list a fee that you should be aware of. If you are not certain about the condition of your gadget, we recommend that you select a merchant who returns free of charge.

Merchants will use differential grading because they all have differing outlets for the goods they acquire from you. Some are simply packaged off to markets around the world for fast redistribution at small margins so the offer prices may be lower because they will allow for more minor damage due to normal usage, whereas, other merchants supply for secondary sale or for insurance replacements or even refurbish them to an as-new condition for resale. The end use affects the price a merchant is willing to pay and you would be wise to be realistic about the condition of the goods when selecting which merchant to use.

A merchant is sometimes dealing with thousands of customers each day so it can sometimes be difficult to communicate directly other than by messaging and you should be prompt when replying to their emails to you otherwise they may assume that you have agreed or accepted their terms which generally do give you a reasonable time limit to respond. Merchants do have to deal with very many unrealistic claims but if your complaint is genuine and you have satisfied your end of the agreement and and terms and conditions stipulated then you should be treated fairly and any questions you may have should be answered with reasons for decisions given.

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Are you posting your phone according to Royal Mail’s new restrictions?

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Royal_Mail_logoOn the 15th of July Royal Mail brought in some new rules on how certain items must be sent through the post. The rules on batteries apply to anyone sending a phone off to a recycling company and if you don’t follow them then you may be unable to claim compensation if your phone goes missing in the post.

Since mobiles either have a built-in battery or have a removable battery stored inside Royal Mail state that the phone must be packaged in strong, rigid packaging; must be secured against movement and packaged so that the device cannot be accidentally activated. You’ll also need to take them to a Post Office counter.

Royal Mail state that not sticking to these requirements may prevent you from claiming compensation if the phone is lost of damaged in the post and it is possible they will dispose of parcels which are found to not stick to the new rules! You can read all about the new rules at –

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Finding the best price for your old mobile phones and gadgets with Compare and Recycle

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

compare_and_recycleCompare and Recycle is the UK’s leading mobile phone recycling comparison and aims to find customers the best price for old, unwanted mobile phones. With an extensive database of handsets and hundreds prices, Compare and Recycle customers will undoubtedly be able to find the highest value all in just one click.

The simple search process will find quotes in seconds and all you need to know is the make and model of the gadget you wish to recycle (or you can always browse by make if you’re not too sure what you have). We don’t make customers fill in long forms or give personal details, there’s no confusing lingo and it’s all completely free.

Customers are able to compare all the prices in one place in an easy to understand table which shows the price offered, payment methods, payment period and whether free postage and packing is offered. Also shown are mobile phone recyclers who offer a non-working price for any customers looking to recycle damaged mobile phones.

It’s not just phones we compare but gadgets too. With an ever growing electronics market, we understand how important it is to stay up to date, meaning a lot of unused gadgets which 9 times out of 10 end up shoved in the back of a drawer, boxed up and stored in the attic or worse still thrown away. We aim to help users find a better solution, which will not only benefit the wallet but the environment too. Use the Compare and Recycle comparison to find out how much your old gadgets are worth.

Comparing over 40 merchants with over 99,000 prices, we believe customers will more likely find a better price using our comparison opposed to going directly to a recycler.

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Try the new Compare and Recycle Android app!

Friday, March 1st, 2013

If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance you’ve already seen our website and perhaps even used it to find the best price for your old mobile phone so you’ll be pleased to here about our new Android app! Our website has been featured on The Gadget Show and even won a Web User Gold Award and now we’ve made it even easier to compare on the move by downloading our Android app.

Compare and Recycle Android App

Installing the app is quick and easy, either head to the Play Store on your phone and search for ‘Compare and Recycle’ or visit the Play Store website here – Compare and Recycle on Google Play Store. Once the app is installed you can find a price the phone you’re using by hitting the My Device icon or use the search to find a price for any phone or tablet.

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Recycle your old mobile – get some cash and help the environment!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Many people think they are just recycling there mobile phone to gain a personal profit but in fact it’s to benefit a much more important factor, our planet. Last year alone thousands mobile phones were thrown out with the trash. So not to mention all the money those people missed out on but the damage caused to our planet is astronomical. Mobile phones were created purely to make our lives easier. The chemicals and toxins used to make them were also man made and do nothing but damage the environment. So we know if we recycle mobile phones that we can prevent the effects of global warming so why are there still so many that ignore these facts? That’s a simple answer, world wide there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to recycling.

Our aim is to educate and encourage as many people as possible to recycle there unused mobile phones and gadgets such as cameras, games consoles and sat navs. Mobile phone recycling has never been easy with our unique and tailored comparison. It helps you find the very best deal and keeps the recycling companies busy receiving handsets to recycle.

All the recyclers we have featured on our website have been specially selected as great and trustworthy companies who will 100% ensure your handset’s and other electrics are all recycled or disposed of in a responsible and safe manor. All offering competitive fair prices, phone recycling is so easy and we’ve made it 10 times easier by lining up all the companies together and showing you all the offered prices, side by side.

We want as many people as possible to recycle mobiles and other gadgets, get cash and make green footsteps. Now you can find all the prices in one place it really is no hassle and only genuine legit companies are included in our comparison. If you want to help the planet and cut down on the increasing speed of global warming then remember every time you upgrade your phone don’t just chuck your old phone down an alley way or in the river. Be smart, sell your phone through us to a responsible recycler who will pay you handsomely and recycle amicably.

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Selling your mobile – who to trust

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Sell my mobile websites are in high demand at the moment. The new big thing is selling your old mobile phone to a sell my mobile now website. The problem is there are so many recycling companies out there how are you supposed to know who to sell your old phone to?

It feels safe to go with the big well known companies as you see adverts on T.V for, but they can sometimes not offer lower prices. Some sell my mobile now websites can seem dangerous as they are not very well known and the prices they offer can seem to good to be true. So how do you know who to choose? That’s where Compare and Recycle come in.

Compare and Recycle was set up to help people find the best mobile phone recycling deals and only comparing trustworthy recycling companies. All Compare and Recycle’s featured recycling companies are approved and safe to use. We give you all the price’s and lay them out from top deal to bottom deal so you can see who comes in the best. Finding the best sell my mobile company has never been easier thanks to our customer friendly comparison. We really are just looking out for you.


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Sell Your Mobile and Get Some Cash!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Did you know that you can sell mobile phones and get up to £350 for them? Well you can. Our mobile phone recycling comparison website compares all the top recycling companies to find you great deals when it comes to selling your mobile phone. If your contract has recently ran out, your looking to get funds towards a new mobile phone or you just want to be more up to date the selling your mobile phone through a mobile phone recycling comparison is great way to make some quick cash. It’s a very simple and easy process to sell mobile phones, all you need to do is type in the make and model and we give you all the results and you can decide which recycler to sell to. We have a star rating system that helps you make a choice by recommending you recyclers who we feel offer a great customer experience and service.

So if it’s the next version of the phone you already have or swapping from a Samsung to a HTC you have in mind by using our unique comparison you could get up to £350 to put towards your new handset it really is worth while recycling. Sell mobile phones safely and simply to any of our featured recyclers and know your in safe hands. Once the recycling company of your choice has received the handset you will receive confirmation and then your payment confirmation. So even if you don’t think your phone is of any value its worth checking out our comparison and finding out if your phone could be worth a small fortune. It really does pay to recycle mobile phones.

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Phone recycling – the process

Monday, May 21st, 2012

After you sell your mobile using our website the process of recycling your old mobile phone begins. When the recycling company you sold your phone to receives the handset, they can then decide what condition it’s in and whether the phone is suitable for refurbishment or recycling.

If your phone is going to be recycled they simply strip it down and take any parts they can sell or use for spares. After that, anything that can not be reused needs to be disposed of and the recycling companies have a duty to ensure your mobile phone is disposed of responsibly. This means anything that is a potential hazard to the environment needs to be correctly recycled and not sent to land fills, such parts of the mobile phone as the battery are extremely dangerous to the environment and could leak harmful toxins. If mobile phone recycling companies are unable to refurbish or reuse a battery then they are sent of to be broken down and recycled correctly.

Phone recycling isn’t just for scrap parts. As mentioned above phones suitable for refurbishment is another method used as the mobile phone recycling cycle. It’s a completely different way of recycling and is technically a way of selling second hand. When the mobile phone recycling companies receive your recycled phone, they will decide if it is suitable for refurbishment. If it is, then they need to begin the process of refurbishment. This will include such things as checking it’s all in good working order, wiping the memory and factory resting the whole phone and cleaning it up. Sometimes phones that have been badly damaged may require some extra attention. This can include such things as new screens, microphones, speakers, buttons and cases. These parts tend to come from non-working mobile phones or can be order to size or directly from the manufacturer. Once the phone has been refurbished up to a high standard it is ready to be sold on second hand. Depending on the demand some recycled phones maybe sold around the UK but a large majority of mobile phones are sold to countries where technology has not come as far such as Brazil.

So remember phone recycling is so simple and does so much good why would you not do it, everyone gains from it.


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Sell my phone – Using a comparison

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Using a mobile phone recycling comparison website to sell mobile phones really is the best way to find out just how much you can actually get. Although your mobile phone maybe old, broken, at the end of its contract or even new trusted recycling companies will pay a high price to you for selling your mobile phone to them. I can be hard to decide which sell my phone site to use or which sell my phone company is safe but by using our comparison we’ve done the hard work for you.

We check loads of the top recycling companies to find you the highest and fairest prices out there but only with the safest and most secure recyclers. It can be hard to decide which sell my phone website are actually reputable when they all tell you money guaranteed but the sad reality is that some of those companies out there are trying to scam and will take your mobile phone and not send you the payment that rightfully belongs to you.

We’re here to help you all the way, we give clear, honest information and details of what exactly what you need to included with the selling of your mobile phone. As every company is different it’s hard to know what you need to included when your sending your phone but we let you know prior to clicking what that company requires and if they include pre-paid packaging. We also have recommend companies who we rate as five star recyclers to help you make your decision if you are still unsure of what company to pick.

Remember we find the best deals quickly and save you time and effort. Having so many sell my phone websites out there can make it hard for you to decided who is the best to use but we do all the hard work for you.


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