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The Best iOS 10 Features

Apple is set for its biggest iOS release ever, which is anticipated to be the biggest revamp the operating system has seen since Apple completely overhauled their mobile design in 2013 with the release of iOS 7.


Here are some of the best features for the phones new operating system;

Voicemail transcriptions

Apple have released a feature that automatically transcribes an answering phone message. This was one of the expected features that was going to be introduced to the operating system but still comes as a welcome addition.

This is more of an addition to the visual voicemail feature that allowed users to listen to their messages within an application rather than having to dial a number.

Apps in iMessage

This has potential to be a great addition, allowing users to download applications for use within the iMessage app, allowing users to book tables, pay for food, send and receive money all from the application.

iMessage has been fairly neglected in the last few years, and as one of the most popular applications, the new updates despite being overdue, have the potential to improve the way we use the messaging.

Delete stock apps

Not just the “stocks” app, but all apps that come with the iPhone can now be removed. This comes as a great relief to the many number of people who constantly have to drag the unwanted apps to the bottom of the list. Nobody want’s bloatware and they can take up a sizeable proportion of the internal memory.

Tilt to wake

Getting the phone out of sleep mode has never been easier, checking the phone for notifications is no longer reliant on haptic pressure on the central button, you can now just tilt the phone, or pick it up and the screen will show your latest notifications.

TouchID now works so fast that you can’t check your notifications without unlocking the phone. This is going to be a very welcome addition to the phone, especially with the next addition;


Applications are going to become a lot more useful to iPhone users without having to open them as widgets will now be able to place pretty much everywhere with the new operating system. Displays will make it to the lock screen, as the “slide to unlock” has been totally removed and you can only open an iPhone using TouchID.

These are just some of the new improvements made to the phones operating system, and should provide some much needed revolution to an operating system that wasn’t moving as fast as its competitors. They have also opened up Siri to developers so expect more integration and better functionality along with the already improved personal assistant app.

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iPhone 7 – Reasons to be Cheerful

Go back to 1998, the Apple conference where Steve Jobs first introduced the iMac, the first consumer focused personal computer was made for a pure web experience and Apple were quite ready to push ageing and old technologies under the bus, it signalled the end of the famous and industry standard floppy disk and signalled the beginning of the USB. This was the first indication of what was to come, a company that was not going to stand by and let old technology dictate how consumer electronics were designed and innovation followed.

Move forward another 15 years, 2013 and Apple come under fire once again, opting for a slimmer, sleeker design in place of removing the optical drive completely. There was a backlash, some would say greater than the one felt in 1998, saying that the CD drive was a necessity, with CD’s not looking to go away and even being pushed forward with Blu-ray, but disks are slowly going the way of the floppy, too small to hold any meaningful amount of data (in todays high bandwidth, big data society) and too flimsy and breakable to be trusted with important data. Thus we move to the cloud and stick with the ever expanding USB technology.

Now, in 2016, we find ourselves at an even harder to swallow crossroads, once again Apple has dropped a staple technology, the 3.5mm audio jack was released in 1964 and became very popular when it was the connector used on the Sony Walkman in 1979.

Not the first to drop the headphone jack

The headphone jack is obviously ubiquitous but let’s not forget, the Sony Ericcson dropped the headphone jack for a number of years, a special audio jack adaptor to fit into their two prong, multi pin, plug at the bottom of their phone was provided with every phone.

This didn’t cause too much of an uproar at the time, because phones were primarily texting and calling devices and music was reserved for standalone mp3 players. But they were great phones at the time and whilst the technology for wireless wasn’t there yet, we still used non 3.5 jack connectors and adaptor before.


Staying wired in

It is clear that there will be no shortage of accessories and peripherals that will add the capability to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. Apple has only mentioned the two that will be included in with the phone as the lightening port headphones, and the lightening port to 3.5mm audio adaptor.

All in all, it is not likely to be as jarring as many commentators are predicting, the fact that we have been buying and using adaptors and peripherals for a long time and shifting our buying patterns accordingly.

The advantages of the lightening port

It is no secret that the lightening port is far more likely to produce a better sound than the mediocre circuitry behind Apples headphone jack. Not only this, the lightening port is a powered port, so this will allow headphone designers more freedom to user higher quality audio chips that might be larger and use more power, without having to sacrifice space to be battery powered.

The advancement of active noise cancelling headphones will be readily received if it means they are lighter, better looking and run off the power of the phone itself.

Removing the wire

Whilst you are still going to be able to listen to your music through wired headphones, the future of music, as stated by Apple, is wireless, and with it came the introduction of the AirPods. The brand new, completely wireless headphones, that have caused a bit of a rawkus. You will no doubt have heard plenty opinions on the wireless headphones, maybe even a little ridicule toward the “courage” statement.


Technically brilliant

There is no disputing the fact that the technology behind the headphones is fantastic and the W1 chip that runs the headphones, with its simple connectivity to the nearby phone and the low power consumption Bluetooth will revolutionise the way we listen to music from our mobile device and there are some real advantages in ditching the headphone jack that might take a bit of time to get realised.

So whilst we are in the limbo of only having the details from the conference to work off, we have to wait for the iPhone 7 to be released to actually find out how it functions in our day to day lives.

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Apple Expected to Reveal New iPhone

Apple is holding a press conference today which is due to start at 6pm. Where they are likely to unveil the new iPhone, iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, and maybe a few more details about the new Macbook Pro.


You can watch the conference live on the Apple events section on their website. Be wary though as the feed will only work in Safari and Microsoft Edge.

If you are looking to trade in your old iPhone, make sure that you register before the event as we traditionally see recycling values drop by 30% after the new phone is announced. Head over to our iPhone section now to book your price in before it drops.

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Responsible Recycling of your Electronic Waste

Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing areas of waste removal. The life cycle of electronics is reduced even further as newer, faster and better looking alternatives make your version obsolete on an almost yearly cycle.

The cost of keeping up to date definitely is felt on the household budget, it is also felt by the hefty environmental cost that we are only now becoming aware of. We want to reduce the amount of electronic waste that ends up in landfill and always abide by the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle.

It is estimated that the UK disposes around 1.6 million tons of waste a year, with the heavy items such as TV’s and monitors exported to developing economies to be broken down, and lighter items such as mobile phones getting recycled domestically or sent to South America or the Caribbean. That still leaves a high percentage of product that ends up in landfill.


Here at Compare and Recycle, we are committed to finding the most trusted recyclers and organisations committed to providing the customer with a good experience as well as having a responsible recycling procedure.

But we generally only focus on recycling phones and old gadgets, there are many larger appliances that need to be responsibly recycled and we encourage companies and individuals alike to look at their own local recycling facilities or speak to an independent contractor for more municipal based waste needs. There are companies that compare different waste services much like our very own site, one website that we can personally recommend is Waste Disposal Hub, a comparison site for local waste services.

We aren’t saying to forgo the latest upgrades to the gadgets, our phones and gadgets are an extension of self and as they become more powerful and more connected, the desire to have the latest Snapdragon chips and bigger more durable screens and phones can be hard to resist.

We only need to make the consideration of what to do with items once we are finished with them and recycling responsibly should be high on the agenda, and you can even make a bit of side money for doing so.

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Apple iPhone 7: How does the iPhone Rumour Mill affect user satisfaction?

In this opinion piece we analyse how the rumour mill affects brand perception in the run up, launch and post launch of the new iPhone coming some time in September.

Apple is a sentiment-driven brand. The average Apple product owner is incredibly brand loyal and the brands retention of it’s cutomers is unrivalled. This loyalty has created a new process of marketing which is called ‘movement’ marketing. This is a cultural creation that focuses on the brand’s cultural construct over the brand’s physical attributes, desiring the product as a cultural “status symbol” rather than for its technical merits.


Now, you might be asking why is this important and how is it related to the Apple rumour mill machine? It is about the issue of sustainability. Each year, a new horde of web blogger and journos will fall over themselves professing to know what will and will not be included in the next generation iPhone. This annual pilgrimage of rumour, fallacy and downright lies has created a sub-culture of its own. All of this leads to an interesting proposition: can the rumour mill create dissatisfaction among consumers? This blog is about making Apple lovers fall in love with Apple once again by looking at the big picture!

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple could be experiencing a shift from sentiment-driven to rumour-driven sales decline. This is based on a perceived sense of consumer dissatisfaction based on rumour and product outcomes. The brand loyalty is incredibly strong. Forbes argues that Apple has never marketed its products it has always marketed its visions. Apple’s brand loyalty is defined from the outside in. The staff, the production values and the presentation of its wares to the world all cultivate strong brand loyalties – as does the spirit of Steve – which creates a vast amount of capital in terms of positive marketing outcomes. However, post-release sentiment has taken a hit in recent years. Could this be about rumour and dissatisfaction?

According to researchers, Apple experienced a negative sentiment rating after the release of the iPhone 6 and 6s. Analysis of Twitter and Reddit found that negative sentiment towards Apple was based on rumour of new features and specifications not becoming reality. This dysfunctional connection between brand loyalty, following rumours and being underwhelmed at the launch of a product was at the centre of this change in Apple brand sentiment. Negative sentiment over a long-period of time can lead to a reduction in sales and negative brand awareness. Apple will need to face up to this reality. However, the company cannot counter every rumour but on the flip side is the company too secretive? Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet have long reported on the development process of a product. Apple has always processed its promotional activity in relation to its legion of fans.

The iPhone 7 will be announced very soon. All we can do is wait. There have been a few leaks – regarding the loss of the audio jack, the home button and increased waterproofing. However, we are in pinch of salt territory. We should remember why Apple is a great technology company. Apple’s brand sentiment should be focused on how it innovated and keeps innovating. The iPhone 7 will continue in this proud tradition and will help to foster new fans whilst appeasing the old. September can’t come soon enough.

UPDATE: Sure enough, as anticipated the rumour mill is flying again with news that the “Pro” version of the iPhone 7 may be cancelled, thus proving developments and rumours do not stop until the iPhone has been announced!

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SIRI: The Rise of the Intelligent Personal Assistant

How will Apple’s newest version of the iPhone endeavour to present SIRI?

A Short Introduction

SIRI has become a ubiquitous dynamic within the ever-changing personal assistant field of technological development. Those unaware, Siri has a long history. For the uninitiated, Siri is a smart personal assistant and “knowledge navigator” which is embedded into Apple’s mobile iOS platform. Siri’s genesis goes back to 2003 when DARPA, the US military research agency, invested in a project called Siri International. The government funding ended in early 2008 and it was at this point SI went forth and raised capital in the private sector. By early 2010, Apple Inc. had acquired SI for nearly $200 million. Apple then launched SIRI in late 2010 as a digital app and by 2011 it was embedded into iOS. The military-informed birth, the rapid growth and expansion along with the early acquisition all heavily influenced Apple’s focus on why the personal assistant software market was important and would become a critical tool in Apple’s future product armoury.


But why is SIRI popular?

“Siri works well today because Apple got Siri to do a smallish number of very meaningful tasks really competently” – Phantnani, Patra and Sharma

There is a simple answer to this question as Siri has gone from sector joke to industry leader in terms of virtual assistant technology in less than five years. According to the Wall Street Journal, Siri is so crucial to the Apple iPhone business model that it was a central focus during the Apple Developers Conference in July 2016. Why? The answer is pretty simple; the digital assistant technology, “heralded a future of people finding information or completing tasks on their device by speaking rather than typing or tapping. That vision of Siri hasn’t fully materialised, leaving the door open for other technology companies to push into Apple’s turf”. Apple doesn’t do failure well. This is why they are re-focusing attention and efforts on Siri for the upcoming release of iPhone 7 and iOS 10.

What can we expect?

It is safe to suggest that with such efforts being focussed on Siri we can expect an epochal shift in terms of Siri’s approach, functionality and usability in the context of digital assistant developments. How will this change present itself? According to Salvatore Parise, Patricia Guinan and Ron Kafka, virtual digital assistants can help users by “solving the crisis of immediacy”. What do we mean by immediacy? We have become transfixed by digital immediacy – the act of Googling, Shazzaming or IMDBing when we need information fast. Siri needs to take this immediacy dynamic forward in relation to digital task completion. Another direction of change, as seen in a recently purchased company patent, is a more behind-the-scenes technology that runs pre-arranged plans in the background without disturbing the user experience. To put another way, reminders to friends could be texted whilst the user is on the phone booking a table for an event. Simplicity through appreciation of calendar, inbox and search engine history collaboration.

Leaks, Gossip and Rumours

In order to achieve the above specificity, Apple is rumoured to be planning a roll-out of Siri across the Apple collection. The long-term strategy, according to Gizmodo, is to have Siri run across platform from iPhone to iMac via Apple Watch, TV and MacBook. One digital personal assistant, centred upon the iPhone but cross-tabulated across the digital landscape in order to better manage the user’s life experiences and outcomes. Gizmodo believe such cross-tabulated Siri exchanges could see films being downloaded, websites bookmarked, ticked purchased based on reminders or invitations. Further integration includes a new ‘Siri’ remote for Apple TV, according to Mac World, and will also come with iMac systems too. Yet, like all Siri platforms, it needs to connect with your iPhone. The iPhone is still considered the Siri touchstone in hardware and platform terms.

What else can we expect with the Apple iPhone 7 and SIRI collaboration? It’s cool but it is also very boring and technical. Apple has re-engineered the entire file system for iOS. This has been accomplished with Siri in mind. According to Forbes magazine, the purpose for this change is to empower Siri’s wider reach within the system in order to access more relevant user data and histories. Finally, there are more rumours that Siri will integrate with key programs from Calendar to Stocks via third party apps. This new integration is to show more ‘love’ for Siri in the third-party app environment. Getting more developers to utilise the technology will create more user ‘buy-in’.

When will we find out?

There is not long to go now and we cannot wait here at for the iPhone 7 launch. September is the usual unveiling month for iOS and iPhone products. Cupertino is keeping quiet on the unveiling. The usually secretive Apple Inc. never divulges anything before launch day unless it has been leaked or stolen. So we will have to keep tuned in and wait until September when the new Apple iPhone 7 and iOS are released. Siri will be a big part of the iPhone 7 and the rumoured integration and collaboration between digital web experiences, search histories and calendar/stocks and personal data will make Siri a virtual assistant virtuoso with the ability to multitask human outcomes and experiences all from a ground-breaking smart phone. September cannot come sooner!

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iPhone 7 Release Date News and Information

It is now a little over a month before the iPhone 7 is expected to be unveiled and hit our shelves, so here we will give you a rundown of the new features and specifications of the iPhone 7. Rumours have by now been confirmed or denied, or somewhere in between so let’s investigate what we already know about the iPhone 7.


With the iPhone 6, we were provided with multiple options and variations to buy, with the variations being “s”, “se”, and “plus” providing different power, size and screen sizes suited to different pocket and budget limitations and the success of this appears to have been carried forward once again to the iPhone 7 with the standard 4.7 inch model, a “plus” model, and a rumoured “pro” model.

Rumoured features

  1. The iPhone 7 is rumoured to be getting a bit of a redesign including removing the headphone jack to allow the phone to be slimmer. This will force music fans to use wireless headphones or ones that connect to the phone via the lightening port, (expect a range of iPhone 7 friendly Beats by Dre headphones in and around the launch date). The other option is going to be an adaptor, but with the likelihood of cheap and poor quality variations flooding the market, we would recommend treading carefully to avoid damage.
  2. Battery life is likely to be about the same and the popularity (and effectiveness) of the official iPhone smart battery pack gives users the option to increase the battery size if they wish. It appears Apple are continuing their mantra of fashion over function by favouring the sleek design over a more hardy version, and who could blame them, the phones they make are some of the best looking on the market.
  3. Unconfirmed but possible is a higher resolution on the 4.7 inch model screen, the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus benefited from a higher pixel density than the standard model and there is murmerings that whilst this undermines its own ‘retina’ display, they could bring this resolution to the 4.7 inch model of the iPhone 7.
  4. There has been a lot of criticism on whether or not the next generation will feature a 16gb option. 16gb is much too little amount for storing everything we need to in this day and age, but as it allows Apple to upsell storage options in iCloud, surely they will think about upgrading the very basic models to 32gb storage, with 64gb and 128gb options also released at the same time.
  5. The biggest rumour of them all, and one that was leaked to MacRumours is that a “Pro” version of the phone could be unveiled with even more additions including a dual camera system that has been developed by LinX (an Apple acquisition) and according to rumours the dual camera module has not been able to be produced in a quantity to satisfy demand for the standard model so the rumour being that this technology will be brought to market on a special Pro version of the phone.


The iPhone will likely arrive with the yet to be confirmed iOS 10 software along with an upgraded processor, the iPhone 7 should boast more power. This could go hand in hand with the rumours that the pro model is expected to launch with a 256GB of storage capacity, when we consider that the entry level current gen phones have just 16GB, this will be a huge and much welcomed improvement.

New biggger SanDisk internal storage photo:

New bigger SanDisk internal storage photo:

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date

Apple has a built itself a bit of a tradition of unveiling and launching new models of their phones in September, with the unveiling at the beginning of the month with the release date toward the end of the September. So it would be wise to expect much of the same.

With Compare and Recycle, you can find the best prices around for your old phones, get the best price when you sell your iPhone 5s with us.

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Ultimate Festival Mobile Phone Survival Guide

We are giving away 2 tickets to one of the UK’s top festivals, Bestival on the Isle of Wight on 8th of September with return ferry! We give you advice on how to ensure your phone survives festival season and an opportunity to win tickets, below.



We are giving away 2 tickets to one of the UK’s top festivals!

That’s right, we are giving you the opportunity for you and a friend to experience one of the brightest, happiest and friendliest festivals in the UK with two tickets to Bestival. All you have to do to enter is provide your name, email address and mobile number. Make sure you can get to Southampton on the 8th of September and you have the return ferry and shuttle tickets waiting for you.

You can find the terms and conditions of this competition here.

Subscribe to our mailing list to enter

Competition Closed

Summer is officially the season for festivals, and whether you’re into dance music, rock or indie, family oriented or party central, there is a festival for everyone and is an experience everyone should enjoy at least once in their lives.
To celebrate we are giving away two tickets to Bestival, a fun friendly and vibrant festival down on the Isle of Wight.

As the festivals have become more and more popular over recent times, and phones have, let’s face it, become less hardy over the years, and as a business we do tend to see a rise in percentage of phones that are recycled as “broken”. We can’t say if this is due festivals, but the fact more people are outdoors over the summer does give a bit of meaning behind the evidence.

But nevertheless, although CompareandRecycle can find the best prices for working or broken phones, we want you to get the best deal you can so here is our quick rundown of advice to stay connected at and after your next festival!

Problem: Losing Charge

A smartphone with a dead battery is an emotional, physical and materialistic burden on your festival, you’ll have to carry it around, it will be useless and the fear of losing it may cripple. Refrain the urge from playing Pokémon Go, we know there are likely to be some super rare shinys to catch but that can wait. And do you really want to record that band instead of living for the moment? Take pictures and the odd video of mild shenanigans, but leave the live recording for the stage crew!

£££ Solution: A battery pack like this Anker one can charge your phone to 100% around 3 times, not too heavy, not too bulky, just turn your phone off and let it charge.

Frugal tips: Carry a torch so you don’t have to use your phone to light the way back to your tent – Wear a watch so you can tell the time and ensure you don’t miss your favourite band – Turn Wifi, 3G, bluetooth off and turn on any powersaving mode you have.

Problem: Breaking your phone

Ok, we know you wont do it on purpose but festivals can be a wet and muddy place, and unless you have an ultra strong endurance class phone case, then the likelihood of it getting ruined by just falling on the ground is high. See previous point also around recording the bands, if yo have your phone out recording a band, the chance of it getting knocked out of your hand is increased dramatically!

£££ Solution: Get a phone case that protects against water, dirt and impact, and your phone may survive the weekend!

Frugal tips: Keep it in a secure pocket or a bumbag/fanny pack/waist bag – Don’t record the band, holding your phone out in a crowd to record you could drop the phone or it can be taken by

Problem: Losing your phone

Pockets aren’t what they used to be, the days of skinny jeans and short skirts are upon us and as phone screens have been increasing in size even if the phones are getting slimmer, so phones falling out of pockets is an increasing possibility. Also not to be accused of fear-mongering but where there are large gatherings of people there will always be a percentage of people that are looking to take advantage of the anonymity that is afforded at festivals.

£££ Solution: The solution that costs money would be to have good insurance but we recommend a good mobile phone insurance package so that you can insure your phone against any mishaps.

Frugal tips: Seriously get phone insurance! It pays for itself in the long run – Other tips include taking an old phone – Using a belt clip to ensure it stays attached to you

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Google ‘s 6-inch option gets an update with the Nexus 6P

Last year Motorola produced the Google Nexus 6 and while it wasn’t perfect the main complaint was from those who wanted a smaller option. This year Google have definitely listened and given customers the choice of either the Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P which means there can be no complaints about the size of this device. LG may have made both the Nexus 5 and 5P but Google have chosen Chinese manufacturer Huawei to produce the 6P and what they’ve come up with is sure to impress.


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Google Nexus 5X publicly revealed

Google’s Nexus devices will never be competitors to the iPhone of Samsung Galaxy series but for some they’re the obvious choice when looking for a new phone. Usually reasonably priced, well built and fairly powerful would be enough to please most. It’s the fact they run a purer version of Android than just about any other phone and that updates come to Nexus devices first that really set them apart from most phones and yesterday Google revealed the successor to the popular Nexus 5 known as the Nexus 5x and like its predecessor built by LG.


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