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Happy 10th Birthday to the iPhone

It’s the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone bursting onto the market, the seminal moment when we all turned into smartphone junkies. It’s amazing to think how have things changed since 2007 when the financial markets was about to crash and the iPhone 1 suddenly gave us the chance to walk around with a whole heap of computer power in our pockets.

29th June, 2007 was the date that will live long in the memory of all iPhone fans. It was the sleek design and the touch screen that got people all misty eyed, not to mention the high-tech power. Since then we’ve become so attached to our smartphones that separation can cause severe psychological damage.

From taking pictures, to texting friends, watching videos and doing a little online shopping, it can make you wonder how we survived before the iPhone came along.

We Spend More Time Looking at Our Screens than Talking to People

Axiom Telecom carried out a bit of interesting research on what happens when you take away the smartphones of a group of strangers and put them in a room together.

We’re Shopping More and More Online

One of the important things that smartphones in general have bought us is the opportunity to shop online, while on the move. According to the Telegraph, smart devices boosted online sales last year to a massive £133 billion in the UK alone.

This change over the last ten years has not only benefited consumers, it’s led to a whole range of e-commerce entrepreneurs taking the plunge and opening their own stores. With new mobile ready websites and greater access through Wi-Fi connectivity, we can shop almost anytime we like.

We Can Pay How We Like

Innovative ways to pay that make our lives easier have come onto the market in recent times. Apple Pay has taken online banking that step further and made it easier to shop at the click of a button, or the tap of the phone. It’s given rise, perhaps indirectly, to the gig economy and changed the way we look at finance and security. It’s even made banks change their tune.

Revolutionised the Market

Apple have continually made waves in the market, often bringing to the forefront technology that was only used on the fringes, for example, Skype was around for many years before FaceTime, but the ease of use and intuitive nature of the iPhone made it into the public mindset. And that is not all, they have also brought to the fore, sleek designs, fingerprint sensors, the already mentioned apple pay, an App store that far out performed any other software store in the early days.

We Can Learn, Communicate and Engage with the World

Above all, the smartphone has revolutionised the way we communicate and who we engage with. It’s now possible to chat online with someone halfway across the world and get to know those from different cultures. We’re far less parochial in our approach to the world, especially younger people. Learning has also become decentralised and cheap – you can pick up a language with an easy to download app for just a few pounds and watch tutorials online while you’re travelling to work on platforms like YouTube, and Khan academy.

Of course, the iPhone also caused a revolution in development and there are now hundreds of different smartphone models out there to suit practically every pocket. It’s thought there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users by the end of the decade. Considering the revolution only started 10 years ago, that’s an astonishing statistic in itself.

Even Android Should Say Thanks

Even if you have no interest in Apple, and are sticking to Android, you should still be grateful to Apple, for pushing other companies to take strides in camera, screen and design of the mobile devices, Android owes a lot to Apple. The biggest card might be coming from their closest competitor. But from all of us here at Compare and Recycle, we are thankful that Apple are still around and still creating some of the best and most innovative mobiles in the market.

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Pixel 2 Rumour Roundup

On a week where we have seen the latest offering from OnePlus announced, we move onto what some of the bigger companies have in the Pipeline. The next Pixel is looking to be bigger and better than the first if any of the rumours to go by.


Google’s supreme handset – the beloved flagship device – the Pixel is set for a 2017 makeover. Rumours are abound, that the 2017 variant will include the Google Pixel 2 but not the Pixel 2 XL. The death of the Nexus line of devices hit many tech fans hard – the rugged LG devices had won many over and had illustrated the power of vanilla Google to improve the overall experience of Android handsets. That said, premium or prestige were never linked to the Nexus brands – it didn’t matter if Samsung or LG took over the annual mantle. They were stock Android in a purposefully designed Google phone but they always managed to feel less premium than Apple or Samsung. This changed in 2016 when Google launched Pixel. A new range of premium, some would argue mainstream, devices that are manufactured to illustrate the sheer power of Android.

What’s happening in 2017?

We are expecting an October 2017 release date. The first-generation Pixel was released in October. So, we can safely agree that Pixel 2 will be announced in October 2017. Google has confirmed a handset event in Q4 2017. Forbes have leaked images that also suggest a design change. According to the magazine, in-keeping with sectoral changes that sees Samsung S8, HTC Ultra and possibly the Apple iPhone 8 discontinue the ‘home’ button, the design has always eschewed the physical ‘home screen’ button. However, the Pixel 2, according to Forbes, will have an increased screen size with a reduced bezel that will house a more powerful screen.

Other developments include an ‘octa core CPU’ with possible speeds of 2.4Ghz utilising the full power of the Qualcomm Adreno 540 chipset. This will make it one of the most powerful handsets in 2017 and one of the most prestigious devices using the Adreno 540 chipset technology.

The end of the XL line?

According to Google leaks, the Pixel XL will be the last of the Google phablet-sized devices. The second-generation Pixel will have no XL big brother edition. This means that the one version will be a hybrid between the original two screen sizes in order to match the needs of the big vs little screen demands of smartphone consumption needs. However, Android Police argue that the Pixel XL 2 could be another device entirely? They argue that the codenamed team for the original Pixel XL 2 ‘Muskie’ has been shelved but a big phablet-like handset team under the moniker ‘Taimen’ is working on a premium device for the flagship brand. All this is just rumour. So, we will have to wait until October to find out more.

Design Concept by DBS Designing

The following is just a concept video by a company that likes to predict the design of new phones, whilst it’s not likely to be completely accurate, it is something to whet the appetite for the latest Google Pixel.

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The OnePlus 5 – Bang for your Buck or Get What You Pay for?

Those expecting a Jobs-esque, well-polished presentation would have been greatly disappointed by the at times cringey, One Plus launch presentation. Which you can watch in full here (the time stamp starts when the presentation does).

There are interesting previews in the rest of the article but you can see the full specifications in the image below:

The display is slightly underwhelming, being released with the same screen as the previous offering. But there need to be some areas where prices are kept down to ensure they maintain the status of value. There are many hidden details to why they couldn’t put the higher resolution OLED screens.

The Design

The phone itself is “functionally slim and visually stunning” coming in at only 7.25mm. The designers have been obsessive over the details and the phone itself has gone through 100 design iterations.

The two colours that the phone will come in are Midnight Black on the premium model and Slate Grey on the basic model. Despite looking very similar to an iPhone 7 Plus, we can’t deny that it’s not exactly the worst design to be inspired by.

The Camera

One Plus are shouting the loudest about their cameras! A 16MP selfie camera on the front, and a dual lens on the back, inspired by the details caught by DSLR cameras. One Plus have increased the aperture size to f1.7 which allows capturing more light and improving the quality and clarity of the photo.

It’s the highest resolution dual camera on the market. The sensor has been built by Sony, so you know the technology behind the camera is built at the highest quality. When you include a portrait mode, a great aperture and a 20MP camera, some really pro tools like ISO settings, aperture settings and after effect adjustments, the camera is worth shouting about!


The price is £449 for the basic and £499 for the premium edition and you can buy it right now from the OnePlus store. However, O2 providing contract deals on this device which is a big deal for the OnePlus brand being taken on in store. The following prices are for a 24-month contract with O2 and they are offering special introductory offers for pre-orders.

From 22 June, special introductory offers:
OnePlus 5 64GB £9.99 upfront and £49/month for 30GB data
OnePlus 5 128GB £9.99 upfront and £51/month for 30GB data

From 29 June, standard pricing will apply:
OnePlus 5 64GB £9.99 upfront and £34/month for 500MB data
OnePlus 5 64GB £9.99 upfront and £38/month for 1GB data
OnePlus 5 128GB £9.99 upfront and £36/month for 500MB data
OnePlus 5 128GB £9.99 upfront and £40/month for 1GB data

The Usual Suspects

You can expect to find everything that OnePlus has become renowned for. The Dash Charge, more RAM than necessary, Oxygen OS, Dual SIM, a 3.5mm jack, dedicated profile slider button, and a couple extra improvements to the Bluetooth and fingerprint sensor.


So whether you were put off by the dog, or the awkwardness of what was obviously a pre-recorded presentation, the phone shouldn’t be overlooked. The price is still competitive in the UK, with the weaker pound to consider, they’ve kept the price much lower than anticipated.

What you are getting is a decent camera, a decent operating system and all the processing power and memory that you could possibly need.

It gets the Compare and Recycle seal of approval!

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OnePlus 5 – The Leaks and What We Know

The self-proclaimed “Flagship-Killer” brand has another entry into the market due in 2017. And whilst Chinese traditions are being kept up with, the phone itself could be a little different to what we are expecting. Here is what we know:

The OnePlus 5 follows the 3T release last year, and the Chinese company have confirmed the name of its next smartphone and that it will be available for order in ‘Summer 2017’.

OnePlus have positioned their brand as a smartphone with high-end hardware at a cost much lower than the top phones by Apple, Samsung and even Sony in previous years, an achievement they have consistently won plaudits and positive reviews for.

The 3T was an impressive phone at an equally impressive price, around £400 on release, making it one of the best value phones on the market.

The phones aren’t perfect and the company is still in its infancy, but here’s hoping they have learned from some of the criticisms.

What’s been said…

OnePlus has announced that the OnePlus 5 will be revealed on June 20th, 2017. Stuff Magazine got the world exclusive first leaked photos. The pictures don’t reveal too much detail – but press images are meant to entice, not inform. So, courtesy of leaks and hearsay, this is what we know so far.

The design has a hint of iPhone about it. The brand has long had a design ‘issue’ whereby it ‘copies’ others – the OnePlus 3 looked similar to the LG Nexus handset. Of course, by accident, no one is saying OnePlus is stealing a design. However, this doesn’t help in terms of building brand loyalty.

In terms of technology, what do we know? The device will have a 23MP main camera sensor – built by Sony. The device will have two rear-facing sensors, no word yet on the megapixels of the secondary camera. However, no word on the front facing handset camera.

The device will have a 5.8” display which is larger than the 3T with its 5.5” 1080p AMOLED display technology, created by Samsung. However, Samsung have been procured to help manufacture the screen technology for this device. No word on technology or pixel rates yet.

To jack or not to jack? Ever since Apple removed the earphone jack, it has been a case of who’ll be the next to ditch the jack? It looks like OnePlus 5 will be ditching the jack – another nod to the iPhone surely?

Under the bonnet, the device will have two variants: One with 6Gb of RAM and another with 8Gb of RAM. There will also be variance in storage with one having 64Gb and the other 128Gb. In terms of processing power, the OnePlus flagship will use the next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon technology – perhaps the 821 chipsets?

Alas, all we have is rumour and we will have to wait until June 20th to find out more.


The live event can be streamed from 5pm UK time at

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Where is the New Fingerprint Scanner on the iPhone 8?

Will it be behind the screen as teased by Samsung or would it be somewhere different? The latest patent, the home of the latest Apple Inc. patents, have released the latest batch of approved Apple patents. Once jumps out at the avid Apple fan. One that has big ramifications for the home button. It might be leaving an iPhone near you. New patents released by Apple have the biometric sensor on the on/off push button.

This doesn’t mean it could happen, but the Apple rumour mill is in full swing. According to Tech Radar, the move could see the relocation built into the device’s screen – turning the Cornings Gorilla glass screen into the unlock button. This new patent puts those rumours to rest. The new power button fingerprint scanner is a bit of a game changer.

What does this mean?

The removal of the home button increased the screen size capabilities as the decreased bezel helps to improve screen display space. This means a bigger screen could become the norm as the ‘home button’ is retired. However, as biometrics have become common place the positioning is anything but common place with different manufacturers placing sensors in different places. Google tried the rear handset area, Apple and Samsung the home button, HTC have tried the rear and home button whilst LG are evaluating the side slider approach. These different places mean that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach hasn’t grabbed the public’s imagination yet.

Wait a minute, didn’t Sony try this? They did indeed. The Sony Xperia Z5 had a power button fingerprint scanner. However, there were technical issues and negative reviews did see the feature dropped. But Sony has continued with the placement on subsequent models. The reasoning behind this was simple; the connection between the device’s power on button was meant to signify the importance of the fingerprint scanner and its nexus with the device’s security. This theoretical explanation aside, the phone didn’t sell well. However, that might be down to other reasons.

What are Apple’s plans?

There is broad consensus that the ‘home’ button has had its day. Samsung in the next S9 model is looking at rear-facing fingerprint sensors. HTC is also looking at this. Therefore, to improve screen size and positioning, the retirement of the ‘home’ button was always going to happen. The removal of the button means biometric security will need to be replaced as the scanner needs to be placed somewhere else on the device handset. Therefore, Apple’s power button concept isn’t ground-breaking. It is the next evolutionary step in handset design principles.

This will mean a change in the design symmetry of the Apple iPhone. The ‘home’ button is a central design placement within the historic line-up of Apple devices. Its removal will be a big design change. The movement of the fingerprint scanner is a by-product of this design sea-change. However, we still don’t know what Apple is doing. Fans will have to wait until September when the next Apple iPhone launch event occurs.

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Compare and Recycle at London Tech Week

Here at Compare and Recycle, we like to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the tech industry. So this week we will be reporting from the London Tech Week Expo where we will be getting the low down on the latest innovations that are relevant to the mobile phone industry.

This festival of live events celebrates the best tech and innovation with guests and presenters such as Nokia, Huawei and Intel, we have more interest than ever to understand what they envision the future of the mobile market to be, what advancement they are pushing in battery power, what they are doing to ensure that some of the 2 million phones a year don’t end up in landfill. We are all stakeholders in the environmental issues surrounding the country, so as you can imagine, we’ll be sure to grill some of the exhibitors on what they’re internal ethos is towards recycling and environmental sustainability.

You can count on us to provide you with up to date news as we learn it. We can be your ears at this great expo keep up with it in real time on our Twitter and Facebook!


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Best Small Mobiles Available in 2017

We review and compare the best mini mobiles and compact smartphones that you can buy in 2017, which feature screens of 5-inches or under. From the Sony Xperia XA1 and Xperia X Compact to Apple’s iPhone 7 and the Moto G5, these easy-to-handle handsets cover a full range of budgets.

Big phones and big screens are so 2014, phablet brands are running out of steam in the market place and new technology is downsizing and the more power can be got out of a smaller machine.

Because of this, the smaller varieties of phones have been becoming more popular with the big brands as they set out to make 2017 the year of the compact smart phone.

If you are after a phone that you can comfortably use with one hand and that will definitely fit in your pocket, then we have the list for you!

Sony Xperia XA1

New for 2017 and technically the biggest of our phones, but still within comfortable range. This phone includes all the high grade specifications using the Mediatek Helio P20 instead of the more popular Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset, you can see our full write-up comparing the two on the blog soon.

The XA1 includes an impressive 3GB RAM and all the modern conveniences such as quick charging, a 23 mega pixel camera and all at a price of around £300, it’s hard to find any flagships competing with this pound-for-pound.

At 5.71 inches by 2.64 inches it’s not the smallest, but has much larger bite than its bark. An impressive offering by Sony.

Sony Xperia X Compact

Hard to imagine a world where compact means over 5 inches, but none-the-less, the Xperia X Compact makes our list of the best small phones coming in at 5.08 inches.

It’s impossible not to think that the phone could have been that much smaller if they reduced the unsightly bezel and home buttons on the bottom of the device. It’s much easier to notice now the Galaxy S8 has blown us all away.

The glass back is susceptible to cracking and the is a fingerprint magnet, but if you are willing to sacrifice a slightly better camera with the XA1, the compact still outperforms it in many ways.

Apple iPhone SE

For what is essentially an iPhone 5 chassis with new and improved internals, the iPhone SE got great reviews on its release in early 2016 with its upgraded chipset, improved camera and a bigger battery and the lower cost makes it much more appealing to the bargain hunting individual.

The 4.87 inch by 2.31 inch size of the case makes it one of the smaller of our selections and considering the majority of models still out in the world have of 4 inch displays, the market was right for an upgraded iPhone model that kept its more petite form.

Apple iPhone 7

The heavy hitter of the bunch, the flagship of Apple is a little large for our smaller phones, but gone are the days of the smaller mobile phones with dot matrix displays. This 5.4 inch by 2.64 inch display is the largest phone of our selection, but the small bezel and narrow top, so if you want a small phone but don’t want to settle for less power, then the iPhone 7 is probably the way to go!

Samsung Galaxy A3

Samsung love pushing the boundaries of screen size, the first to introduce the phablet to the market and the first to completely remove the bezel. However they also introduced the Galaxy ACE range to offer the high end phone in the smaller chassis. The 5.33 inch by 2.61 inch body isn’t as small as previous models but the release in January comes with all the modern conveniences that rival any of the flagship devices.

Waterproofing, Samsung pay with fingerprint reader, USB-C and an impressive selfie camera, this phone knows it’s target and despite the slightly under powered CPU and lack of 4k recording we can see this phone being extremely popular with the festival-going populous!


The phones here aren’t as small as the phones we used to aspire to own. Remember the Nokia 8210? We lost that phone in our pockets. There’s always going to be a toss up between size and functionality especially when it comes to the touch screens. As anyone with a smart watch can attest to.

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Business Mobile Phone Recycling Made Easy

We introduce our new business mobile phone recycling area on the website and describe why it should be the first place to businesses to visit when they come to decommissioning your old mobile phone handsets.

Mobile phone recycling is a shady area of the WEEE recycling initiative, although it has the logo for WEEE recycling many businesses regard the mobile phone as a sunken cost and high risk for data exploitation. Couple this with the fact that it can take quite some time to flash a whole fleet of mobile phones and what are you left with? A box of mobile phones taking up space in some store cupboard.

There are many reasons why a business should consider recycling their old mobile phones, from our discussions with businesses we have uncovered the following as primary examples;

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Recycling makes a big part of the corporate social responsibility and some of the SME’s we speak to use mobile phone recycling as a method to meet internal targets.
  • Compliance with the WEEE directive – Realistically the responsibility falls to the retailer of the mobile phone, but out companies are regulated and compliant with the regulations so solutions can be provided for small mobile retailers that are faced with mobile phones that need to be recycled.
  • Reducing depreciation – Mobile phones are traditionally considered an expense, but for companies with a large amount of mobile phones, a certain amount of expense can be recovered from recycling and selling the mobile phones back to merchants.
  • Getting the best price for old technology – the merchants that provide a quote will be more inclined to provide a more favourable quote if they do not need to spend an extra amount on customer acquisition. Companies often offer more than the standard price listed on our main mobile phone comparison
  • Data clearing service as standard – The ISO 27001 Certification in Information Security Management is only available to companies that provide a service that complies with the protocol to securely clear the data from the old mobile phones. The data clearing goes further than a factory reset and replaces the data on a mobile phone so that it is unrecoverable and insured against it.

These are all great reasons to use a company specialising in mobile phone recycling, the barrier is often finding a service that is easy to use, that’s why we have created a system that makes the process fast and easy by using our simple search box to add phones or an upload function if you keep your inventory in a spreadsheet. Then we do the rest.

We will send the details out to our top recyclers to get a provisional quote back and a courier will then be arranged if you are happy.

We speak to businesses on a day to day basis, IT managers, resource managers and business owners themselves and this tool is becoming an invaluable way for them to recoup some capex spend..


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Xiaomi Mi6 – The 2017 Return of the Chinese Underdog?

We give a review of the latest phone from Beijing – How much phone do you get for half the price of the Samsung S8 and latest iPhone.



Chinese smartphone manufacturers are fighting a war of attrition against their global rivals. Sony, Apple and Samsung have commendable consumer trust. Yet, Chinese phone brands, due to their patchy beginnings selling multi-sim knock-off Android devices on eBay, have had to battle their way into the hearts and minds of the global smartphone market elite. OnePlus, ZTE and Huawei are miles ahead. Yet, another premium provider, Xiaomi, has stumbled in recent years. The company which stole Apple’s head of mobile design and Google’s head of research, has deep pockets and an even deeper pool of talent.

Last year saw Xiaomi release the Mi5 – the flagship – superphone. Yet, those talents acquired from rivals have left. Hugo Barra, from Google, has left to go and head VR at Facebook. Furthermore, Chinese state inspections have resulted in fines for Xiaomi for misrepresenting their products and low quality feedback from Chinese consumers.

This has hurt the brand and the company. However, the big issue is the lack of hardware. The company failed to get Mi6 ready by the January deadline for Mobile World Congress. They stayed away because they had nothing to show. However, the failure to dominate in China will hurt its chances worldwide. The lack of flagship dominance is a major problem and one that could cause a long-term decline in the company’s future plans. So is the Mi6 going to reinvigorate the demand for the brand or will it be another failure to chalk up to poor decisions.

The Xiaomi Mi6

Our heads were turned at Compare and Recycle by the P9, but Xiaomi may have found the formula to attract more buy in from Western markets. They are an already popular brand for deal hunters in the UK and with it’s specifications and price, we can see why. Let’s find out more!


Xiaomi phones run on Android, but like many of the manufacturers they put their own flavour on the system with the MIUI system which deserves thorough scrutiny but the system itself looks like it has some advantages over stock Android.

  • High performance Snapdragon 835 processer found in the Samsung S8 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium, 6 GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB storage.
  • 5.15 screen size at 1080 x 1920 pixel
  • 3550maH battery with Quick charge compatible USB-C connection
  • Dual 12 MP cameras on the back
  • 8 MP camera on the front

Impressive headline specifications. Let’s jump into detail.



The camera and software is lauded as just as impressive as the Samsung S8, with the S8 performing only slightly better in low light, but the portrait mode is what sets it apart from the competition. First introduced with the P9, Xiaomi were keen to promote the Portrait Mode that is sure to be the delight of many a selfie-enthusiast.

The end result is a focus on the subject and blurring the rest of the image. The example pictures look great but we can’t help but feel it’s going to need some great conditions to pull off pictures that look as amazing as the ones supplied by Xiaomi.

Luckily, Ben Sin at Forbes has done a brilliant analysis of the picture quality between the two phones, and as some of the pictures below show, the Mi6 holds up against what is considered the best phone on the market.

There’s no denying the quality of the cameras on the Mi6, so we shall see when we finally get our hands on one whether the camera really stacks up compared to the S8 and iPhone as suggested.


The phone itself is a very familiar size with a 5.15″ screen with curved edges around all the corners, the glass screen covering the home button.

The ceramic version with gold detailing looks as beautiful as it sounds, but be prepared to pay the premium for the design.


In addition to the great specifications and great aesthetics, it comes splash resistant, which should keep it alive in the rain, but not fully water resistant like the competitors. The phone has done away with the 3.5mm headphone jack which will immediately put off some customers. But the inclusion of USB-C to 3.5mm jack converters should keep people happy before the crossover is made to fully bluetooth headphones.

The earpiece itself can be used as a speaker to give the front plate two speakers in stereo, a feature not effectively used since the HTC M series.

The screen goes down to 1nit and has 4096 brightness levels, and a night mode that goes down to 1nit will be less strain on the eyes.

How much is the Xiaomi Mi 6?

There is no official UK release date for the Mi 6 because it will not officially be sold here, but instead sold through Chinese importers such as Gearbest or Geekbuying, just at a slightly inflated price. The current prices on Gearbest are as follows (correct as of 25/04/2017).

A steep price, but if the performance holds up as well as the Samsung S8, this could turn out to be a steal.

What are the problems with buying Xiaomi?

Before you buy the Xiaomi Mi6 be aware it does not support the 800MHz (Band 20) 4G band in the UK (though it does support 2100MHz and 2600MHz). This means if you are on O2, GiffGaff, Sky Mobile or another network that uses only 800MHz for 4G, you will not be able to receive 4G connectivity.

So if you are on EE, Three or Vodafone, or any of the mobile networks associated with these companies, you will be able to get the fast 4G mobile internet.

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Where to Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S8 Online Now

You may have seen the Unboxing Event, you may have heard the rumours, you may have been lucky enough to see one in person at some selected stores pre release. Now you want to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8, but you also want to keep the price down as much as possible.

Luckily we have compiled a list of the top places to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8, along with all the details of what you can expect in their contracts, we’ve given you the price you pay upfront, the monthly cost (what you use will be added to this on a monthly basis), and the (minimum) total cost over the course of the contract. We’ve picked out the best deals based on value. Take a look and click through the images to visit the websites.


Our Pick – EE Samsung Deal from Carphone Warehouse £35 a month

This is the best deal that we could find, despite the high upfront cost, you will get to benefit from all the advantages of being on the EE network with BT Sport free for 3 months, superfast 4G, and agreement with the London Underground, so if you’re a city dweller, then this is a clear favorite. Carphone Warehouse are also giving away a Samsung Speaker worth £99 to those that pre-order the Samsung S8.

  • You pay £219 up front
  • 24 month contract
  • 7GB Data
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts

The total cost over the course of the contract is one of the lowest we could find, so if you don’t mind spending a little more to buy the handset, this is a really, really great deal.

Most Data – Vodafone Samsung Deal from Carphone Warehouse £42 a month – OFFER ENDS TUESDAY 11/04/2017

Some of us need data, whether it’s because of lack of WiFi at home, or the need to tether whilst out and about, we understand that high data packages are a valuable asset for some people. This deal from Vodafone comes with a whopping 24gb data for the most rigorous of data usage, downloading high definition movies and using it for tethering will be no problem for anyone with this deal.

  • You pay £100 up front
  • 24 month contract
  • 24GB Data
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts

Coming from Carphone Warehouse this pre-order also comes with the £99 Samsung Bluetooth speaker.


Cheapest Deal – 3 Samsung Deal from BuyMobiles £40 a month

If you are desperate to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S8, but are finding it hard to justify, we have just the deal for you, it has £0 upfront payment for the device, and the lowest total cost. The downside is that the allowances are extremely low. But if you spend the majority of your time with great WiFi around you, then the low allowances shouldn’t be that much of a bother with the advent of messaging apps.

  • You pay nothing up front
  • 24 month contract
  • 500MB Data
  • 300 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts


If it doesn’t look like you are going to pre-order a Samsung S8 (or even if you are) we are GIVING AWAY a brand new Samsung S8 on release! Come join us over on Facebook to be in with a shot!


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