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What are the Best Smartphones for Gaming 2017

Using mobiles to get our gaming fix is on the rise, and so it’s no wonder that more and more gaming sites are being mobile-optimised and dedicated apps seem to be released every day so that we can enjoy all of our favourites while on the move.

Samsung S8 Game Mode – image credit AndroidPit


Phone manufacturers have also recognised the importance of being able to use smartphones to play the latest games, and have invested in cutting edge technology with boosted RAM and state of the art processors to ensure a world-class gaming experience.

So, which are the best mobiles for gaming? Interestingly, they’re not always the phones which were most recently released – in fact, some older models actually beat the latest releases for gaming potential.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – A Powerful Performer

In the opinion of many experts on the subject, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is the top Android device for gaming available today, with impressive performance and gameplay. While its predecessor the S7 had some excellent gaming features, the more recent model has had an overhaul and comes complete with  “Game Mode” in its settings which changes the screen mode so that it can accommodate any game which is unable to support the 18:5:9 aspect ratio.

With a screen resolution of 1,440 x 2,960, you can expect outstanding visuals, and thanks to the ability to disable notifications, players can thoroughly immerse themselves in their gameplay. Featuring quality hardware, the S8 guarantees a smooth and engage playing experience and with a screen that is 400 pixels higher than regular QHD phones, players enjoy a unique visual appearance.

Powered by a 3000 mAh battery, you can be confident that you won’t run out of juice at a key moment in the game, and with an ergonomically designed body, it’s easy and light to take around with you anywhere and to hold in your hand for gaming wherever you happen to be. Thanks to the Exynos 8895 cutting edge processor with its 4GB of RAM and Adreno 540 GPU, you can also enjoy a maximised gaming performance.

Moto Z Play – The Never-ending Battery

Ok, so the Moto Z Play is a year old, and that could put off players who are looking for the very latest devices, but don’t be deterred – the Z Play has something that every gamer is looking for – a virtually never-ending battery life. This mid-range device from Motorola may not have all of the mod cons of this year’s smartphones, but it does come complete with a massive 3,510 mAh battery that is further optimised by a super-efficient processor.

Yes, it’s true that the screen resolution is a little lower than some of its rivals, but the colour calibration and viewing angles are still pretty impressive and the trade-off for the extra-long battery life is definitely worth it. Even better, when the battery eventually does run down, you can top up 9 hours-worth of charge in just 15 minutes with the included TurboPower charger! Even better, the Z Play works with any of the Moto Mods snap-on accessories including the Moto Mod GamePad, with its control sticks allowing for even more convenient gameplay. With a D Pad and 4 action buttons, this add-on even has a 1,035 mAh battery of its own that will boost your play time even further.

Of course, new phones are being released all the time, and with the Samsung Galaxy S9 set to be released in the first half of 2018, gamers can look forward to an even better playing experience.

Razer Phone – Taking Calculated Risks

In an extremely refreshing and pleasing addition to a convoluted market, the gaming hardware company Razer, have chirped in with a phone designed for those who like to game on their mobile devices.

The Razers internals are up to scratch with the top flagships, so a Snapdragon 835 is to be expected and 8GB RAM is sure going to help get the most out of the mobile games.

But Razer is truly innovating by introducing a mobile display to the market with an impressive 120HZ IGZO screen, the highest refresh rate of any screen available out there. This refresh rate is not only great for gamers but will improve the every day functionality of the device, this won’t be the last phone with 120HZ refresh rate and depending on how the Razer sells, will affect adoption into the big guns of Samsung and iPhone.

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Picture Perfect Bonfire Night

This Sunday people will gather to watch the sky light up and there will be many of you trying to capture cascade of falling sparks to post on social media. Without being aware of tips and tricks for fireworks specific shots, you might end up with gallery of blurred photos. Don’t miss our run down of how-to’s to finally master your smartphone photography.

Nope, you won’t need this one

We are talking about the flash. Turn it off!
Usually smartphones have automated flash settings and it turns on in low light environment. This is definitely not what you want. The flash will assist as illuminator for bonfires and they will be underexposed making them too dark.

And this one as well!

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and you might think this setting is the one that will help to picture fireworks perfectly. But there’s something more behind this function. HDR produces multiple photos using different exposure and at the and blends them together. Since fireworks are motion object, those multiple pictures won’t match and the final snap will be far away from perfect. Don’t let this happen and turn HDR off.


Check your camera modes

There are some Android phones that offer “Night” or “Fireworks” modes. Go to your camera settings and check if these are available. Alternatively, these can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android.

Set up a long exposure

The most crucial is shutter speed and this will need to be slowed down as more light gets exposed to the camera lens. Perfectly long exposure is 5 to 10 seconds. Camera app may provide such setting option under “Pro” mode. You will have to set shutter speed and ISO as low as possible.

Keep it stable

The trick here is to take a sharp picture at long exposure. In order to prevent blurs and all kinds of no-no-no you will need to stay still or better yet, use a tripod. Bonus: we’d recommend taking pictures in landscape mode for more wide angle and greater effect.

Have the best time this Bonfire Weekend everyone! Stay safe and wrap up warm!! 🎆🎇

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A shot you need

You don’t want to stress around measuring the perfect moment to snap the fireworks watching them through your camera lens. Keep your finger next to shutter button and hold it that very moment to instantly take a series of shots. Believe us, the shot you need will be one of them.

Have a wonderful bonfire night celebration, wrap yourself in nice long scarfs and we can’t wait to see your picturessss!

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Nokia 2 – Taking the Budget Phone to the Next Level

If the £999 iPhone X isn’t for you, or perhaps it is for you and you need a secondary phone but don’t want to forgo functionality? There are many reasons to want a budget mobile phone, and there is even the option of refurbished mobile phones to find a cheaper alternative.

But in our quest to get the most from our money, the Nokia 2 is the latest budget mobile phone to pique our interest.

This stripped back mobile was announced today and for a competitive RRP of £85, Nokia is expecting there to be a number key selling points that might convince customers to turn back to the brand that was so influential back in the naughties.

The battery is HUGE, at 4100 mAh that’s larger than some of the top flagships, and without the OLED screen to power and multi-tasking processor to keep turning, the battery is expected to last over 2 days on a single charge. We’ll wait for field testing to confirm this but these are numbers that we haven’t really seen in the smartphone market.

The small processor and low RAM will frustrate some power mobile users, the Nokia 3 hasn’t been a top performer and that has more power in each, there will need to be some keen optimisations made on the software for it to run as smooth as we are accustomed to.

The software said to run on the Nokia 2 will be stock Android Nougat, with OREO confirmed to be landing on the Nokia 2 at a later date.

The main selling point, without a doubt is the price. Expecting to be sold at less than £100, we can see this becoming extremely popular with those who want the familiarity of the brand over the variable value in one of the Chinese brands or the unknown with the Wileyfox.

The exact date is yet to be announced but it is doubtful it will hit stores before Christmas, expect an early 2018 release.

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Current Deals for iPhone X

The iPhone X is available for pre-order today. And as the most expensive handset (disregarding special editions) that Apple ave ever released, we have scoured the internet for the best deals around.

Price and pre-orders

The iPhone X handset comes in Silver and Space Grey, and at face value costs £999.


Virgin has the cheapest monthly deal with no up-front cost, but you are signing up for a 3 year contract. The cheapest Virgin deal lets you pre-order the iPhone X for £37 a month with no upfront, but that is for only 300 minutes and 1.2GB of data a month, so for £40 the next deal up is the best value.


The phone will also be available at various tariffs on different networks:


Some of the deals from Vodafone include subscriptions to Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile TV  or Now TV for the 24 months of the contract, which is worth up to £240 off the price of the contract if you would have subscribed to one of these services anyway. The best “deal” on Vodafone without the entertainment package is the 16GB Red Extra package with unlimited minutes and texts.


However the deal from Three is just about the cheapest option with a usable contract for those that don’t want to buy the mobile outright with a minimal upfront cost. The Three deal has 12GB Data and unlimited texts and minutes on the Three Advanced plan




There’s no avoiding it, it’s going to cost you a lot of money, the recommended option would be to buy outright through some 0% finance or stomach up the money for it as the cheapest long term option, but the deals above are our pick of the bunch for contract deals available right now.

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Guide to pre-order the iPhone X: All How Tos In One Place

Image source: Apple

A report from Monday states that Foxconn – Apple’s contract electronics manufacturer – started distributing the iPhone X. Great news bearing in mind that pre-orders will go live on the 27th of October! But…the first bulk shipment includes only 46,500 devices. For comparison, this figure for last year’s iPhone 7 family first retail shipment was 371,000 units.

Keeping in mind that iPhone 8 duo sales are not going that well in comparison to iPhone 7 figures, Apple fans are gearing up for the iPhone X launch and they won’t miss the chance to own at least one. We’ve brainstormed and come up with pro tips for you not to stay empty-handed.

Tip 1: Do Your Homework

If you are the iPhone Upgrade Program subscriber, check your upgrade eligibility through Apple website if you tend to go through Apple’s upgrade program or browse your carrier’s website for this information.

Tip 2: Install Apple Store App

Get equipped with official Apple Store iOS application. Installing the app you will be able to click directly to any of company’s products made available. Meaning that you won’t waste time searching for the iPhone X in the online store and save those precious seconds. We’d advise you to mark iPhone X product so it will be listed under your favourites and do all order configurations such as finish and storage choices in advance ready for clicking on that “Pre Order” button.

Tip 3: Double check your account

Up-to-date payment details are crucial in walking away with nothing-you-have-ever-seen-before iPhone X. Bank details change, new cards are issued and there is high likelihood some of these have been modified. We doubt you will be happy to discover old card or address details at the checkout and there won’t be anything else left rather than to fill them in manually under pressure of waving goodbye to your almost acquired iPhone X. Take your time before pre-orders are official to update your app account settings and payment method. You will be grateful afterwards.

Tip 4: Plan B

Separate Apple device with same steps performed won’t hurt. If you own an iPad for example, this can be your back up plan in case your current iPhone starts lagging when you need it most. It won’t harm if you keep Apple’s webpage open in Safari browser.

Tip 5: Practice, practice, practice

You have to know what you’re doing when pre-ordering the iPhone X. Learning all steps by heart would have been too much, but trying to place an order using the app couple times beforehand will be beneficial.

Tip 6: Make sure there are no apps running in the background

The more apps you have running at the same time, the less chance is of having a smooth and quick loading of content.  Free up your system for Apple Store app to perform your pre-order successfully and in a minimum amount of time.

Tip 7: Alarm clock? No, a reminder should be fine!

You might think it’s obvious for a dedicated Apple fan to remember iPhone X preorder start day, but a busy schedule and other things to do might occupy your head. Perform this easy task of tapping couple times to set up a reminder and sit back chilling. Preorders kick off at 12:01 am PDT ( 8:01 am in UK). Ohh yea, you will have to wake up early. Maybe an alarm clock will work better if you’re narcoleptic 😀

Tip 8: Look for cash towards your iPhone X upgrade

Actually don’t look any further than our comparison. Apple told us that the iPhone X 64GB will start at £999 so extra cash for trading in your old phones will save your bank account from crying for mercy. According to our data research, resell prices drop when new iPhone gets released.

Tip 9: Trying your luck at a retail store

Online pre-orders might sound complicated and some of us prefer experiencing the excitement queuing at a local retail store. The 3rd of November will be that day when you can try and get your hands on the iPhone X from a physical store. Apple prepares its own and retail partners stock for the release day and you can give it a go, especially bearing in mind that online pre-orders usually sell out in a blink.

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Huawei Mate 10 series announced: The leader or the follower?

Huawei Keynote took place in Munich today where Chinese tech giant joined almost-bezel-less trend announcing the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro lineup. Before the announcement, Huawei teased us with Mate’s 10 neural engine and what difference it will bring to smartphone performance. So let’s see if the new industry leader was unveiled just a few hours ago or is the Mate 10 Samsung’s and Apple’s follower.

Big display, small bezels

The design elements got key improvements. Shape-wise you will find the Mate 10 a bit wider, but 19:9 aspect ratio and slim bezels will contribute to nice feel in hand. The 5.9-inch LCD display occupies the front of all-glass Mate 10. The bottom bezel wraps the fingerprint scanner around, whereas on the Mate 10 Pro it got relocated and now takes centre-rear alignment. Huawei decided to treat its Pro version with 6-inch OLED display with aesthetically thin bezels. The front with new HD+ display really stands out. The handset is not an exception to this year’s standard 18:9 screen-to-body ratio with a 2160 x 1080 resolution.

At its core

Earlier in September Huawei announced its ultimate Kirin 970 Neural Processing Unit. In other words it’s AI infused processor and it is packed in both Mate 10 flagships. Reportedly, the new chip will offer 25 times better performance and 50 times greater energy efficiency. In real life, Huawei Mate 10 users will get AI tasks completed quicker. The device will recognise your behaviour and will adjust settings and suggest user experience friendly solutions.

The greatest advancement NPU brings to photo taking process. The Smart Camera feature will recognise the objects you’re about to snap and will take a picture in an appropriate mode without you configuring settings. So no matter what level are your photography skills, you can nail it with picture-perfect results.

Both phones stand out thanks to a 4,000 mAh beast battery and dual sensor Leica cameras. The camera set up includes a 20 MP colour and a 12 MP monochrome sensors for better detail and light capturing. Mates 10 come with Android 8.0 and latest EMUI – Huawei’s software skin- out of the box.


Although Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are from one family, they come with couple differences. The Mate 10 still (thanks God) come with a 3.5 headphone jack and microSD slot, but it cost the IP67 water and dust resistance of which Mate 10 Pro is a proud owner. Pro version has more internal storage options: 64GB and 4GB of RAM as well as 128GB and 6GB of RAM. The Mate 10 will be only available with 64GB storage capacity.


Alike, Galaxy Note 8 and S8 duo, Mates 10 offer desktop mode. There is no docking station required though, you can experience desktop environment just by plugging in your phone via a USB-C cable. Privacy Settings can be filtered allowing to mute notifications and eliminate them popping up during your presentation in front of the public, for example.

Huawei will launch three Mate 10 dedicated accessories:

  • EnVizion 360 camera capable of shooting photos in 5K, 360 degree videos in 2K and with multiple social media platform cross sharing options.
  • Supercharge power bank that supports low voltage fast charging at 4.5V.
  • Smart Scale campanion app is much like FitBit and will help you analyse body mass index and other fitness related criteria.

That’s not it, yet

As you might think, Mate 10  and Pro variants are the only ones in the Mate 10 family this year. But Huawei announced slightly more sleek and fancier Mate 10 Pro in cooperation with Porsche. The Mate 10 Pro Porsche Design comes with the same under-the-hood specs and brings 6GB of RAM and internal storage up to 256GB.



When it will be out?

Not much details were announced from the stage, but the UK is in the first-wave launch markets, so we should see the Mates 10 available in stores from November so no Black Friday deals, unfortunately. Assumingly, UK price will be around £710.

Wrap up

Nevertheless, iPhones 8 were released first with Apple’s A11 all bionic chipset, Huawei’s AI-first focus in its Mates 10 is definitely setting the highest heights for its competitors. Hopefully, NPU will allow Huawei to lead the market in AI direction for better user experiences across devices.

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Leaked Huawei Mate 10 Features

Huawei will hold a special press conference on Monday next week unveiling their newest handset. Some leaks have surfaced around the details of the latest model but the hype is still strong for what they are coining as the “Real AI Phone” as a not-so-subtle jab at Apple before the official launch on 16th of October.

Rumours and leaks have been hard to come by for the Mate 10, and despite the launch being so soon, details have only been slowly released and teased out over the Huawei social media channels and at previous conferences.

The latest leaks come straight from Chinese stores before the release with a list of specifications for new model.

Credit @Daimoi on Weibo for snapping this picture from a Chinese store


For those that can’t read blurry Mandarin (cheers Daimoi from Weibo), the bullet points read the following;

  • 6.2-inch screen
  • 2160 x 1080 display
  • Dual-lens rear camera with a 23 megapixel sensor and 20 megapixel one
  • 4000mAh battery
  • Kirin 970 chipset

These specifications do differ slightly from the previous leaks, the screen size in particular has been previously reported as 6 inches, so it will be interesting to see if this display is accurate.

The camera specifications is a massive improvement on the Mate 9 which had 20MP and 12MP dual camera sensors on the rear.

The battery is the same size as the Mate 9 which was already larger than the average smartphone and significantly bigger than the leading flagships. How this translates into talk time remains to be seen.

The Kirin 970 Chipset has been confirmed and makes up a lot of their claims that the Huawei is going to be a leading AI smartphone. The details around the AI have been kept closely under wraps, but Huawei are expecting to compete directly with Samsung, Google and Apple with their own AI personal assistant that they are hyping up.

Either way, we are excited for the latest handset out of Huawei, and if the price point is competitive this could be a legitimate contender as the first Chinese phone to break into the mainstream in the UK.

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Designed To Work and Made By Google: Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Google presented its new high-end smartphone duo to challenge Samsung and Apple dominance. Two words that come straight to mind about just unveiled Pixels: pragmatic and AI infused. Let’s break it down.

The basics

Looking at hardware both models are barely different from original Pixel, especially Pixel 2. There’s the same 5-inch screen with attention-grabbing huge bezels, AMOLED display and resolution. Improvement in this year’s Pixel comes in Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Fingerprint scanning became faster and the sensor is located on the rear of the phone where finger lands naturally. IP67 certified Pixels 2 are made to perform in wet conditions but are not fully water-proof.

The screen size and type, the battery capacity and design are the most noticeable variations of both Pixels 2. XL version has a 6-inch pOLED display, smaller top and bottom bezels. Pixel 2 houses 2700 mAh power pack enough for all day with single charge as Google says battery life got 10% longer. XL’s battery is significantly bigger at 3520 mAh.

Shared specifications

The Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL share a lot in common. In more details, both phones have Snapdragon 835 under the hood, 4GB of RAM and internal storage of either 64GB or 128GB.

You won’t find dual camera set up as was rumoured on any of Google phones because the software does everything two cameras perform on other flagships. Pixel 2 camera sets a record-breaking 98 rating and tops overall smartphone camera quality listing. 12.2MP sensor lands on the back with laser autofocus, optical and electronic image stabilisation. Aperture wise we go from f/2.0 to f/1.8 for better low-light snaps. Google decided to retain 8MP selfie camera unchanged.

No surprises, Google?

Something HTC-like is packed in both phones and it’s Active Edge. Squeezing both sides of the phone allows to launch virtual assistant instead of saying out loud in public: “Ok, Google..”

USB-C is required for charging and listening to music. Yes, Pixels 2 come without headphone jacks and wireless charging capabilities.

It cost Google bezel-less design to ship front-facing speakers on both phones. For some users, dual speakers and stereo experience is a big deal and Google acknowledges this supporting lots of Bluetooth 5 new audio codecs.

To finish

Both phones are now available for pre-order directly from Google or Carphone Warehouse as well as through EE. The Pixel 2 price starts at £629 (64 GB) or £729 for 128GB storage. The bigger brother’s price will vary from £799 for 64GB of storage to £899 for 128GB.

We should say thumbs up to Google for ignoring mainstream 2017 flagship design. Pixel 2 phones are a remarkable combination of software, hardware and AI in bold Pixel-style bodies. Aesthetically, Pixels 2 do not look or feel groundbreaking and there are no advanced add-ons that people are willing to pay over £800 for. However, you can be sure they are designed to work and adapt to its user creating seaming less experience.

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Can the Pixel 2 Compete as a Flagship? Where to Watch the Announcement

The Pixel 2 announcement is going to be live today (4th of October) at 5PM BST. You can watch the live event on Youtube or right here on the Compare and Recycle blog. What can Google deliver to build on the impressive but underappreciated first iteration?

First off the hardware event is going to showcase advancements to Google Home, a high-end Chrombook device line and rumours are that there will also be the Virtual Reality headset followup to the Daydream VR headset. But more about these later.

What does the Pixel 2 Need to compete with Samsung S8 and the iPhone X?

We know what we want to see from the announcement, we think we know what we need to see for the Pixel 2 to be seriously considered as a contender for the top flagships.

Source: Evan Blass

Who has bezels in 2017?

The first Pixel was, a little bit on the ugly side. There’s no getting away from the fact that it had huge bezels and the over-sized chin was an eyesore to the sleek and curved Samsung and the familiar and comfortable design of the iPhone. The Pixel looked cumbersome and out of place even compared to the Sony Xperia.

And since the original Pixel, the new range of bezel-less phones have been flooding the market, with the Samsung S8 receiving accolades for its great design and the yet-to-be-released iPhone X following suit. There is also the Xiaomi Mi Mix, LG v30 and G6, and even the exciting Essential PH-1 project from the Android Co-founder Andy Rubin. All making a move to reduce the bezel.

If the Pixel 2 gets showcased with anything less than a 18:9 ration then the phone will be up for ridicule. The leaked render above shows both models front and back. The Pixel 2 (bottom) and the Pixel 2 XL (top). The smaller variant looks boring and seems to be stuck in the year 2015 design-wise. Whereas XL version introduces minimal bezels. But will it be enough to get the place along premium, edge-to-edge Androids?

Dual Camera

There’s no doubting that the Google camera software is possibly the best on the market. The new iOS 11 camera software is giving it a run for its money, so there will need to be further enhancements on the software to really ensure they stay ahead.

The camera hardware also needs a significant upgrade, the single 12.3 megapixel camera of the original Pixel was far from the quality of Apple’s double lens, so depending on what improvements they have lined up, we’d expect to see them take the dual lens route.

Release before the iPhone X

There are many impatient people around, so if it wants to compete with the iPhone X then a release date coming before or about the same time then the drive for people that don’t want to wait around for the latest tech will inevitably pick the quickest one to get delivered.

Sit back and watch the keynote

Enough of talking for now. We’ll see what both phones have to offer in couple hours. Watch this space for updates and get your popcorn ready!

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LG V30: reasons to buy and how to get your hands on one?

LG’s latest V series super phone was announced about a month ago and it blew our minds away. However, the price tag was still a mystery until now.

UK price and release dates

We’ve seen shocking price of to-be-released iPhone X (starting at £999, ohh wow!) LG V30 will save you from going busted at £799 SIM-free exclusive from Carphone Warehouse. UK-based retailer has monthly contract on offer from £44 with a £9 upfront fee.

If you choose to go on contract, the cheapest deal is with Vodafone and it will cost you in total £896 over 12 months. Paying £80 upfront and £34 per month you’ll get unlimited call and texts allowance and 1GB of data (4G).

Cloud Silver and Moroccan Blue colour variants are available to choose from and if you decide you buy one you will get it delivered free by 1st of November.

What are you getting?

We know, £800 is still a bit pricey, so when considering this investment, you need to know what are you paying for and V30 has all the high-end specifications to persuade you. Believe us, they sound delicious.

Design and display

The moment you hold the V30, you will feel the comfort and balance of Gorilla Glass and metal frame. The smartphone is 7.4mm thick and delicately curved on the rear. It is certified with IP68 rating against water deep to 1.5m and dust.


You will see just two top and bottom bezels slim enough not to be noticeable (not like the iPhone X notch ;D). The 6 inch OLED display with 18:9 standard for this year’s flagships screen to body ratio. Colours are tuned up and media is going to look accurate at Quad HD 2880 x 1440 pixel resolution.


Nowadays, we’re hunting for smartphones capable of taking DSLR quality pictures and videos and V30 has more than you wish.

The phone has two cameras on the back. One has 120 wide-angle sensor and 13MP, the second one is a 16MP snapper. At the front, there’s a 90-degree wide 5MP sensor. The dual rear camera features f/1.6 aperture allowing more light to come through the lenses for real-life colours even in low light conditions. Point Zoom feature lets you control zoom for Hollywood style smooth and sharp shots.

Point Zoom feature lets you control zoom for Hollywood style smooth and sharp shots. Hi-Fi sound is guaranteed when recording videos and playing them back as LG packed Quad DAC to capture best of sound in noisy environments.



V30 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and has 4GB of RAM under the hood to make your switches between apps smooth and speedy. Moreover, all this power enables you to experience VR. Internal memory is 64GB with micro SD slot to expand it up to 2TB.

The battery has 3300 mAh capacity with fast charging up to 50% in 36 minutes. If you want to try out wireless charging, just place V30 on an inductive pad and no USB cable sticking.


The LG V30 is challenging to get in Europe, but it’s worth the hunt. If you think the price is uncompetitive, trade in your old phone towards a new upgrade or wait couple months for the price to drop. But then there will be new advanced handsets on your wishlist.

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