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Samsung Galaxy S6 gets Material theme

Few people who’ve got their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S6 would tell you that it isn’t one of if not the best phone available today, and most of those who say otherwise probably own an iPhone. While the S6 is great looking, super fast and has an incredible camera the thing many owners would change if they could is the TouchWiz software that comes with Samsung Android phones. The new Material theme for the Galaxy S6 can’t remove TouchWiz but it certainly makes it a lot nicer.


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EE offering free EE Power Bars Once Again


Not being able to easily swap the battery in an iPhone used to be one of the things Android users would make fun of iPhone users over but these days the Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC M9 and many others don’t have removable batteries either. The quest for thinner, lighter phones means cramming everything in as tightly as possible and that just doesn’t make allowing for a removable battery easy. To be honest few people ever carried around a second battery but for some users it’s absolutely essential and for the rest of us running out of battery is a common annoyance.

In the last couple of years carrying around a portable charger has become a lot more popular and depending on what size you’re willing to lug around you could more than quadruple your battery life by opting for such an accessory. EE are now offering EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers the opportunity to get their hands on EE’s own Power Bar free of charge meaning you don’t have to go and buy your own, it’s even got a little torch on it too!

The Power Bar isn’t the most amazing portable portable charger for your phone, at 2,600mAh it’s at the lower end of the scale compared to the 10,000+ mAh beasts you can buy from many retailers but for free it’s not bad at all and could offer up to a full charge for some phones. One of the problems with a portable charger is you’ll need to leave it to charge just like you would with a phone but the great thing about the Power Bar is you can pop into an EE store and swap it for a fully charged one giving you an instant power source if you’re out and about.

EE Power Bar launches (1)

It’s not a perfect solution, if you’ve got an iPhone you’ll need to use your own cable as the Power Bar only comes with micro USB, pay as you go customers need to have been with EE for at least three months and if you damage or lose the Power Bar you’ll have to pay £20 as EE still own it and will want to check it every 18 months. EE say they need to retain ownership for the swapping system to work from a legal perspective.

Getting your hands on a Power Bar is simple, just text POWER to 365 from your EE phone to get a code and then you can pick your Power Bar up from an EE store.


Via: EE

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iOS9 – Release date, features and compatibility


What is iOS 9?

There was a time when you bought a phone and it stayed just the way it came forever, nothing new was added, no bugs or security issues were fixed and everything would look just how it did the day you first switched it on. As phones became more powerful manufacturers began to release updates to either fix things or add new features and we’re now at a point where a phone which is a few years old can receive a major overhaul making it feel brand new again.

iOS updates have been a mixed bag in the past, sometimes changes can break things or push an aging phone to the point where it struggles and becomes unbearably slow. The opposite can happen too with updates improving the experience massively although any changes will always get their supporters and detractors. iOS 9 is Apple’s upcoming update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and will look to add features, improve existing ones, and fix bugs and other issues too.

Who will get iOS 9?

Even if you don’t have the latest iPhone or iPad you can still get your hands on iOS 9. Existing devices to receive the update are: iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen, iPad 4th gen, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPod touch 5th gen. When they’re released the iPhone 6s, 6 Plus, iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 4 will come with iOS 9 installed. The iPad 2 and iPhone 4s were released in 2011 but are still going to be updated, you could argue Apple doesn’t need to keep supporting such old devices but it’s great to see they have.

What’s new?

Siri has been improved and has location-based knowledge so plug in for headphones at the gym for example and the Now Playing interface will appear on the lock screen

ready. Siri will be 40% faster and 40% more accurate after the new update so Apple expect to add to the one billion requests Siri already handles a week.

Apple Pay is expanding with the UK joining the party, Canada and China are rumored to be up next and rewards and store-issued cards are to be supported. The Password (the Apple Pay app) will be renamed Wallet accordingly. Newsstand is becoming simply News and is a Flipboard-style news aggregator which Apple claims will help keep your data anonymous.

When Apple dropped Google Maps for their own Apple Maps the reaction was far from positive when many simply installing the Google Maps App and using that instead. Apple continue to improve their own Maps app and the iOS 9 update brings public transport directions including buses, trains, subways and even ferries.


One of the most significant additions is multitasking for iPad devices. While the iPad experience does differ from using an iPhone a tablet should offer a lot more productivity and at last the iPad will be able to multitask. The first method is Slide Over which works with newer iPads and allows you to slide out a second app to do tasks such as answer a text or take a note. Picture-in-Picture is similar but will place a persistent video or FaceTime call in the corner of the screen so you can continue watching or chatting while using another app. Split View is much more useful but will only work with the iPad Air 2 and lets you run apps side and is what most people would imagine when they hear the word ‘multitasking’.

The iOS 9 keyboard has seen a few changes with a built-in shortcut bar and cursor control is improved with two finger input which basically turns the keyboard into a trackpad for moving around the cursor. There are many under the hood changes too with a new low power mode to get extra battery life and better CPU and GPU efficiency. Security is improved too and you’ll only need 1.3GB of space to install compared to 4.5GB with iOS 8.

When is it coming?

So far the only thing Apple have said is that iOS 9 will be coming this Autumn but like previous updates it’ll be released alongside the new iPhone so September is likely. The update will be free for existing iPhone users and come pre-installed on new iPhones once released. In the past older iPhones have struggled a bit with the latest software so if you’re looking forward to iOS 9 it may be time to upgrade. Take a look at our Sell My iPhone page to see how much you can sell your old one for.


Via: Tech Radar

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Is the Vodafone Smart 6 Ultra this year’s best budget Android phone?

vf_ultra_6_gr_o4_200x340Although there are only a few Android phones are as desirable as the iPhone the range of handsets available allows people who can’t or won’t spend big money to own an iPhone to get their hands on a very capable smartphone at a lower price. In the early days budget Android phones were difficult to recommend on any grounds other than cost, tiny amounts of storage, low quality screens, and poor build quality were all to be expected from these low-end devices. In the last couple of years things have massively improved as far as cheap Android phones are concerned with EE and Vodafone doing especially well at producing the best bang for your buck.

In May EE’s £200 Harrier became one of the best budget options but Vodafone’s new Smart 6 Ultra may blow it out of the water. At just £125 on Pay As You Go the Smart Ultra 6 is a very affordable device and it’s surprising to see just how high-spec this phone is despite costing so little. At the heart of the Smart Ultra 6 is a 64-bit octa-core 1.5Ghz processor and with 2GB of RAM it has enough memory to cope with just about anything the Play Store can throw at it. the rear camera is 13 megapixel and around the front you’ve got a 5 megapixel sensor for taking high resolution selfies.

Storage is only 16GB but is expandable so you won’t be stuck without space to to store all your apps, games, and media even if the on-board storage isn’t enough. One thing that beats even many flagship devices is the battery with a very reasonable 3,000mAh capacity. You also get Android 5.0 Lollipop in a much purer state than you would on most devices from Samsung, HTC and other top manufacturers.

For a budget device the Smart 6 Ultra is quite a looker with a clean and attractive appearance plus it has some nice little touches like the glowing softkeys and iPhone 6 style camera placement. The large 5.5 screen is a good quality 1080p IPS display and thanks to its slim profile the Smart 6 Ultra isn’t too unwieldy for a device with such a large screen. Performance isn’t an issue with some of the most strenuous games such as Real Racing 3 running just fine on the Smart 6 Ultra.

In short you’d have to pay almost twice the price to find another phone as good as the Smart 6 Ultra and as long as you understand that it’s never going to compete with the Galaxy S6 or similar phones you won’t be disappointed. On paper the Smart 6 Ultra even looks more than a match for the iPhone 6 in most respects and for £125 you can’t really go too wrong. If you’ve had your phone for a couple of years then you may well be better off selling your old Android and cheaply moving to the Smart 6 Ultra.


Via: Vodafone

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Will the next iPhone have a front-camera flash?

We live in an age where many people spend more time taking selfies using front-facing cameras which are usually lower quality and lack the features of the rear-facing camera. A number of phones have had a bit of effort put into making sure the front-facing camera produces some good selfies by increasing resolution and low-light performance. While coping better in darker conditions means you can get a decent selfie even in a dimly lit room there are still plenty of situations where all you’ll get is a dark, blurry mess and that’s something even the best Instagram filter can do much with.


While digging through the code of the upcoming iOS 9 update programmer Hamza Sood discovered hints that a future iOS device will have a 1080p front-facing camera with 2540fps slow motion video recording, a panoramic mode and most importantly a flash. Putting a flash on the front of the phone will mean you can take a selfie just about anywhere, although you might be at risk of dazing yourself if you hold the phone too close to your face.

Apple wouldn’t be the first manufacturer to include a front-facing flash, for instance HTC combined a 13MP camera and a flash on the front of the Desire Eye although it didn’t become the huge selling, ultimate selfie phone they would have hoped for. As it stands the 720p front facing camera on the iPhone produces decent selfies but at a lower resolution and with worse low-light performance than some rival flagship devices.

As we’ve seen in the past when the iPhone introduces a new feature it can make other manufacturers stand up and take notice so if the iPhone 6s or whatever it ends up being called has a front-facing flash then we could see it become a much more common addition to phones from various manufacturers. The main stumbling block seems to be whether or not there is a way to do it without ruining the look of the phone. If you’ll be looking to sell your iPhone to upgrade later this year then keep an eye on our Sell My iPhone page to find out how much you can get for your old iPhone.


Via: Engadget

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You may think of Mazuma Mobile first but there are alternatives when selling your phone

Gettiniphone-6g a new phone is always exciting, it’s faster, newer and in plenty of cases you don’t have to walk around with a cracked screen anymore either! One thing is often forgotten when you buy a new phone and that’s what you’re going to do with your old one. Your phone is becoming less and less valuable from the moment you first get it and as soon as a newer model replaces it the value can take a huge hit. Making sure you sell your phone as soon after you replace it is one of the important factors in getting the most money to sell you phone.

So where should you sell your phone? There are a few obviously names that come to mind when you think about selling your mobile and two of the most well known are Mazuma Mobile and Envirofone. These are companies who offer a great service, have good reviews and usually leave their customers happy but what you may not realise is that they often don’t offer the best price for your phone. In fact there are a number of phone recyclers offering a similar high level of customer service but also paying more for phones.

Prices change constantly so the company offering the most money today may not be offering as much tomorrow, or maybe they will but another recycler is offering even more! Although prices change constantly right now you could get £15 more for an iPhone 5 16GB by comparing rather than going straight to Mazuma, sometimes that’ll be more and sometimes less but that’s why using a comparison is important to get the best price at the moment you’re actually selling.

So why get less cash when you can use a recycler that still has good reviews but is offering more cash than more well known alternatives such as Mazuma Mobile. Don’t believe us? Check out these Mobile Cash Mate reviews and see that they’re a top company then check out comparison and see they’re offering great prices too!

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Apple Music looks to take on Spotify

Streaming rather than owning is becoming more and more popular with services such as Spotify for music and Netflix for TV and movies replacing album and DVD purchases. It makes sense too, for not much more than the price of a single album you can access a massive library of music as much as you like using a service such as Spotify. With data allowances growing and 4G becoming available  streaming has got a lot more practical on the move and especially on mobile devices over the last couple of years.


Apple’s attempt to get involved is officially called Apple Music arrives at the end of the month and will cost $9.99 in the US or $14.99 for a family membership which allows up to six people access. In terms of streaming and saving for offline listening Apple Music is similar to Spotify but they claim their recommendations and radio services will change how to find new music. A feature called Connect will allow artists to post exclusive content, photos and more allowing them to get involved with their audience.

One of the most interesting things about Apple Music is that it will be available for Android and Windows devices too. Like with iTunes before it Apple realise that limiting themselves to only Apple devices massively reduces the amount of people they can sell music to and so they’ll be releasing an Android app for Apple Music. The new service will almost certainly appeal to Apple users who don’t already use a subscription based service to listen to their music but it remains to be seen is Apple can tempt Spotify users to make the switch.

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Apple Pay coming to the UK in July

While contactless payments using your bank card are becoming commonplace using your mobile phone to pay in a shop has been frustrating slow to get off the ground. Android phones with NFC technology have been around a good few years but the lack of a well supported payment system meant paying with your mobile never really got anywhere. Like many of their other innovations Apple took this existing idea and brought it to the masses with their Apple Pay system for iPhones last year.

Well they did in the US at least, in the UK we’ve just been hoping that Apple Pay would one day make it to these shores. Good news has arrived though asApple announced at WWDC 2015 that we’ll be getting Apple Pay in the UK next month and it sounds like support for the payment service will be quite strong from launch. Santander, Lloyds, Halifax, Natwest and HSBC are all supporting Apple Pay although Barclays is the big name missing from that list.


You’ll be able to use Apple Pay in 250,000 locations such as McDonald’s, KFC, Boots, Costa, Subway, Nando’s (if you fancy a cheeky one), the Post Office and many more. More retailers will be on board than there were for the US launch and Transport for London has confirmed Apple Pay will work on London buses and the Tube. This news follows the announcement of Android Pay, Google’s attempt at an Apple Pay alternative for Android although with no US date yet announced a UK launch could be some way off.

You’ll only be able to use Apple Pay in stores with an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or Apple Watch so maybe now is the time to sell your old iPhone and upgrade, have a look at our Sell My iPhone page to find a price.


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Sell your old Android phone and make some quick cash!

Samsung Galaxy S5There was a time when just about every phone manufacturer used their own software, so every phone worked a bit differently and supported different games and applications plus the quality of the software could vary. This meant some of the nicest hardware sometimes came with some of the worst software. These days there are only three different mobile phone operating systems worth worrying about, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

While the iPhone is the most popular device when you look at the number of phones running each OS you’ll see that Android is by far the most popular. Over the last few years manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony have been producing high-quality flagship devices capable of competing with the iPhone. For a time the most popular recycled phones were all iPhones but now there are a huge number of Android phones being sold.

Selling your Android to a phone recycler is a quick and easy way to make cash from an old phone your not using any more. Visit our Sell My Android page to see the most sold phones and to get a price for your Android. Using our comparison is really simple, just use the search box to find your phone and you’ll see all the prices on offer from the top recycling companies. Order a pack from the one with the best price and send off your phone. Many recyclers pay the same day they get your phone so you could have cash in your account within a few days of beginning the process.

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Got a new phone? Sell your old one!

Your old phone is worth cash! Sell it today using our comparison.

Your old phone is worth cash! Sell it today using our comparison.

Every year we’re all tempted by the latest and greatest phones from all the top brands like Apple, Samsung and HTC. Since most of us are stuck in 24 month contracts these days it’s only every other year we usually get the joy or getting our hands on a brand new phone. Despite having spent 2 years by your side that trusty old phone will quickly be forgotten, thrown in a drawer or left gathering dust.

Not only is that a sad way for your phone to spend the rest of its days but it’s also a huge waste because someone else could be using your old mobile and you could make some cash from it! One of the simplest ways to turn that old mobile into cash is by using a mobile recycling comparison to find the best price then selling to a phone recycler. Our comparison allows you to get a price instantly and thanks to the speedy payment offered by many recyclers the cash could be in your account within days.

All the time you hold onto an old phone you aren’t using any more it’s becoming less and less valuable so it makes sense to sell as quickly as possible. Use visit our sell my phone page to get a price and sell your phone right now!

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