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We’ve amusic-magpie-logoll spent years accumulating hundreds, sometimes thousands of CDs, DVDs and games. For a long time there was no real alternative to buying physical discs if you wanted to hear the latest albums or watch the latest movies. These days buying digital media is becoming more and more popular and with services such as Netflix and Spotify we’re even starting to not own the content at all buy just watch or listen to whatever we like whenever we feel like it.

To think how much you paid for all those films, albums and games can be quite scary when you notice just how many you have laying around. While most of them will never be touched again it seems a huge waste to just throw them out and it is because you could be getting cash by selling to Music Magpie. As Europe’s most popular online recycling website Music Magpie are a fantastic option when it comes to selling your CDs, DVDs and games.

cds_top It’s a really easy process, just enter the barcodes of the CDs, DVDs, games and Blu-Rays your looking to sell and get a price instantly. Once you’re happy all you need to do is post it all to Music Magpie and wait for your cash. As with selling anything the older the items are the less they’ll generally be worth but since most of your old movies, albums and games will never get used again any cash on top of getting rid of them is a bonus.

Take a look at our CDs, DVDs and Games section or head straight to Music Magpie’s website.

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Get mobile phone insurance today to make sure you’re protected

iPhone 5 Plus Damaged Screen Every year when the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other flagship phone is announced we’re told how the screen is less likely to break, that it can handle being dropped and that the phone is less likely to break than every before. While manufacturers are certainly doing their best to make their phones indestructible, the number of phones with shattered screens being used on a daily basis shows that you’re only an unlucky drop away from smashing your screen or even worse.

Most networks will offer to insure your handset when you first buy it but there are often much cheaper deals available from companies such as Protect Your Bubble. There are other options too such as getting a bank account which included mobile phone insurance although some of these don’t always include particularly comprehensive cover.

A shattered screen can sometimes be a let off since although it isn’t cheap to replace most local phone repair shops can do the repair for you. Water damage however is a different story, even just spilling a drink over your phone can do major damage while being completely submerged is almost certain to seriously wreck your phone, often requiring replacement. Top phones these days can cost in excess of £500 without a contract so breaking your iPhone 6 or similar phone could be a very costly accident.

Breaking your phone is bad enough and sometimes you’ll only have yourself to blame if you’ve been careless but having your phone stolen is something that could happen to anyone and could leave you without a phone through no fault of your own. Over 2,000 phones are stolen every day in the UK and insuring your phone can help you recover quickly from a theft. Phones aren’t always taken from you either, it’s not difficult for a modern super thin phone to fall out of a pocket without you noticing until it’s too late. Loss can be protected against with phone insurance.

Take a look at our phone insurance deals to find cheap, comprehensive protection for your phone:

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Buying a used mobile phone? Check it out first! you’re buying anything second hand you often only know what the seller tells you. Consumers are getting smarter however, for example many people will use an HPI check service when purchasing a second hand car to check it’s not stolen and has no outstanding finance. With top mobiles regularly changing hands for hundreds of pounds it makes sense to check you’re not buying stolen goods before handing over your cash.

Global Consensus offer a free service to consumers allowing you to check up to three mobile phones every month. This gives access to worldwide data showing the block status of a mobile phone. By carrying out a check first you can make sure you’re not spending money on a phone that you won’t be able to use as reported stolen mobiles are blocked.

A quarter of a million mobile phones are reported stolen in the UK every year and many of these will be stolen by thieves so it’s not uncommon to purchase a used mobile phone only to find it is stolen. Using the Global Consensus service will provide you with a Global Consensus Consumer Certificate guaranteeing the status of the device at the time of the check.

If you’re selling a mobile phone then providing a Global Consensus Consumer Certificate can help to demonstrate to the buyer that the phone is not stolen.

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2048 Compare and Recycle Edition!

If you haven’t played 2048 yet then you may have had a lucky escape! Forget Flappy Bird because this is the latest game everyone is getting addicted to! The beauty of this game is it’s so simple, just move the tiles using the arrow keys (or by swiping on a touchscreen device!) and match to identical tiles to combine them.

2048 Compare and Recycle Edition!

We’ve created a special Compare and Recycle Edition of 2048 for you to enjoy, just head over to to play but be warned you may just get hooked! Don’t forget to let us know your top score!

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New HTC One (M8) revealed

HTC One (M8)Yesterday the successor to the fantastic HTC One was revealed and confusingly it’s also called the HTC One. To help tell them apart HTC are referring to the new One as the M8 and in their defence it didn’t cause too many issues when Apple simply called the 3rd generation iPad the New iPad. While the name is the same there are a some significant improvements over last year’s model to equip it for battle with the Galaxy S5 and latest iPhone. In the eyes of many the HTC One was the best phone of 2013 and while it didn’t sell any where the numbers of the iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 it looked fantastic and was a joy to use so can the M8 really be a huge success no matter how good it is?

The M8 is immediately recognisable as a close relative of the original One with lots of metal and a classy black bezel around the screen but while the chassis of the One was only 70% metal the M8 is 90% metal with those plastic sides a thing of the past. Visually the M8 is certainly attractive but the overly curved corners may leave it looking a tiny bit less beautiful than the One did, the more-metal shell gives it a significantly more premium feel however. The biggest difference is those capacitive buttons one the original One are gone, replaced by the onscreen buttons found on many newer Android devices.

On the inside the M8 has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.3Ghz quad-core processor as the Samsung Galaxy S5 with 2GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB onboard storage and microSD slot for up to 128GB or extra storage. The usual Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi are present and correct, plus the IR blaster of the One makes a return. The M8 has a 2600mAh battery touted to give you up to 20 hours of 3G talk time and with a 5-inch 1080p screen that capacity will come in very handy.

The UltraPixel camera of the original One produced some very nice images, especially in low-light conditions. The M8 features an improved version of the UltraPixel camera and HTC are not even talking about megapixels and instead focusing on the quality of the images it produces. The rear of the M8 actually features two sensors and a dual flash, this Duo Camera can do some very advanced effects including changing the focus of the image after you’ve taken the photograph. The software included allows you to mess around with the background and has plenty of neat little tricks. For video you can capture 1080p and some nice new features such as slow motion are available. The 5MP front-facing camera is capable of filming in 1080p and will produce more than satisfactory selfies.

HTC One (M8)The excellent BoomSound speakers of the original One return and are even better according to HTC, few phones can even come close to matching this kind of volume and sound quality even if it is no match for a decent Bluetooth speaker. The M8 features the latest version of HTC’s Sense UI although a Google Edition will be available for those who prefer a purer Android experience. Interestingly HTC have produced a special case for the M8 with a dot-matrix style display to show you the time and notifications without needing to look at the screen, something a bit different which looks pretty cool.

Much like the One last year it looks like HTC may have produced one of the best, if not the very best smartphone of 2014 but it remains to be seen if it will fail to catch consumers attention just like its older brother. The HTC One (M8) will be available in the UK in April in grey, silver, and gold. If you’re thinking of upgrading don’t forget to head over to Compare and Recycle and find out how much your old handset is worth!

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iPhone 5s and 5c sell a combined 9 million in three days

iphone_5c_yellowWhen Apple announced two new iPhones on September 10th there was a very mixed response, while the new fingerprint sensor found on the iPhone 5s was well received the general lack of improvement over previous models left many feeling underwhelmed with Apple’s latest offerings. Despite this the two new models combined sold 9 millions units over their first three days on release, the iPhone 5 sold just 5 million in the same period last year.

With two different models on offer it makes sense that combined they would outsell the single model on offer last year but it’s believed the iPhone 5s alone sold 5.5 million units, making it alone more successful than the iPhone 5 was at launch. Many had doubts over demand for the new devices, especially the iPhone 5c which isn’t that far away from just being an iPhone 5 in a plastic shell and is not as affordable as expected. It’s quite a surprise that the 5c sold almost as well as the iPhone 5 did at launch considering it’s almost the exact same phone albeit it with a slightly improved camera, larger battery and arguably inferior plastic case.

Apple’s refusal to opt for a larger screen disappointed many who want an iPhone with a screen big enough to rival competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 but this doesn’t appear to have hurt sales at all. While Touch ID certainly appealed to many customers it’s hard to put a finger on the reason behind the demand for the iPhone 5s when it’s not too different from the original iPhone 5.

The launch of iOS7 has also been considered a success with downloads of the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system reaching 200 million. Much like the new hardware this software update has received some varied feedback with many upset about the major differences in both visual style and layout of both the operating system and updated apps. It’s likely many users will grow to love the new style however once the initial shock has worn off, as is the case whenever a new version of Facebook is launched.

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BlackBerry Z30 officially revealed

blackberry-z30At the beginning of the year BlackBerry made a huge effort to produce a phone which could break away from the QWERTY keyboard equipped devices which brought them so much success in the first place and find a new audience. While there are still new BlackBerry phones with full QWERTY keyboards being produced, the Z10 became the new flagship BlackBerry device and the platform to present the BB10 operating system to the world. The successor to the Z10 is the Z30 (we can only wonder what happened to the Z20, perhaps it’ll come later) a similar but larger and more powerful device.

Visually the Z30 isn’t totally dissimilar to the Z10, but looks a lot less like an HTC One missing the speaker grills than the Z10 did (well the silver version at least), it’s an attractive phone but there’s not much that stands out about it. The Z30 has a fantastic 5-inch Super AMOLED screen which unfortunately is only 720p but that still puts it ahead of many popular devices including the brand new iPhone 5S. Inside the Z30 is a 1.7Ghz quad-core processor paired with an Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM giving it enough power to run 3D games with ease along with video, web browsing and anything else you throw at it. There’s a 2,880mAh battery powering the Z30 which should provide a decent amount of battery life. In terms of size the X30 is only 0.1mm thicker than the Z10 but to accommodate the larger screen the phone is both taller and wider although this puts it on par with other high-end devices.

There is 16GB of on-board storage but unlike many new phones you can add a microSD card to increase capacity if you need it. The Z30 supports 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth, and NFC as you would expect from a high-end device and has an 8-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front facing camera. BlackBerry say the Z30 has a superior antenna to its predecessor resulting in better reception while there are also audio enhancements for BBM voice and video chats. The Z30 comes with with latest version of the BB10 OS which has various improvements although the Z10 and Q10 will also receive a 10.2 update so it isn’t the only place to get your hands on BB10.2.

An exact release date has not been confirmed but the BlackBerry Z30 is believed to be coming to the UK in the next few weeks. The Z30 is a very solid device but with so many users now loyal to either Android or iOS it’s going to take something special to tempt customers away from Apple and Google.

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Nokia tested Android on Lumia phones prior to Microsoft deal

nokia-lumiaIt came as quite a surprise to hear Microsoft were purchasing the devices arm of Nokia, although as the biggest supporter of Windows Phone the Finnish manufacturer was the obvious choice for Microsoft once they decided to bring mobile hardware development in-house. It has now been revealed that Nokia had already began to test Android on their Lumia devices before the Microsoft deal happened, something that could have lead to a very different outcome for both Microsoft and Nokia.

Microsoft weren’t looking like giving up on Windows Phone any time soon but the Nokia deal has demonstrated just how serious they are about their mobile operating system. Nokia on the other hand were not getting any where near the sales they hoped for despite the positive reviews for their Lumia devices. A switch to Android may have lead to much greater interest in Nokia’s Lumia devices although with Samsung established as the top Android brand it may still have been a struggle to increase marketshare.

This news makes the deal even more vital for Microsoft as losing Nokia could have signalled the end for Windows Phone with the number of handsets being released by other manufacturers dwindling. Microsoft insist they still want support from other manufacturers to produce Windows Phone devices but by bringing Nokia’s handset development in-house it looks like an Apple style approach of developing hardware and software to work together could be on the cards.

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What’s My Old Mobile Phone Worth?

iphone_5_Getting the best deal when selling your old mobile phone can be a tricky business. Obviously, not all used goods are ideal condition and this should be considered when selecting a phone recycling merchant. There are a good many recyclers around the UK who will pay you for your old mobile phones, tablets and all sorts of electronic recyclables and some are more relaxed about the general condition of your goods than are others. What they can be willing to pay varies enormously based upon the condition of the goods with some merchants offering prices for new and unused or for damaged and broken goods. It’s worth remembering that it’s not always wise to just choose the company who is listing the best price without first checking if they have a stringent acceptance standard.

Many list their prices publicly and display their terms of service which often includes a grading policy, an alternative offer policy and a return policy. You should familiarise yourself with what each recycling merchant expects before sending in your phone because there may well be a cost associated with returning it to you if you are not satisfied with the grading or their alternative offer if the goods did not pass their test.

It should be remembered, that, when sending valuable goods through the post, you may wish to use a registered or recorded delivery service. It is also a good idea to take a clear picture of your phone show the condition with any defects before posting it.

If an item is returned, it will cost the merchant time and additional postage money so he will generally list a fee that you should be aware of. If you are not certain about the condition of your gadget, we recommend that you select a merchant who returns free of charge.

Merchants will use differential grading because they all have differing outlets for the goods they acquire from you. Some are simply packaged off to markets around the world for fast redistribution at small margins so the offer prices may be lower because they will allow for more minor damage due to normal usage, whereas, other merchants supply for secondary sale or for insurance replacements or even refurbish them to an as-new condition for resale. The end use affects the price a merchant is willing to pay and you would be wise to be realistic about the condition of the goods when selecting which merchant to use.

A merchant is sometimes dealing with thousands of customers each day so it can sometimes be difficult to communicate directly other than by messaging and you should be prompt when replying to their emails to you otherwise they may assume that you have agreed or accepted their terms which generally do give you a reasonable time limit to respond. Merchants do have to deal with very many unrealistic claims but if your complaint is genuine and you have satisfied your end of the agreement and and terms and conditions stipulated then you should be treated fairly and any questions you may have should be answered with reasons for decisions given.

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Apple announce iPhone 5 successor – the iPhone 5S

iphone_5s_goldApple announced two new iPhones yesterday and while the iPhone 5C is basically just an iPhone 5 in a coloured plastic case the iPhone 5S is the true successor to the iPhone 5.  At a glance it’s difficult to spot any major changes but the new look home button plays host to a new feature which is likely to catch the most attention and will surely be something competitors will be quickly trying to get on their devices. This new feature is being referred to as Touch ID and what that basically means is the home button is also a finger print scanner, this allows you to biometrically secure your phone instead of having to type in a code or use an unlock pattern.

The iPhone 5C may be practically the same as the iPhone 5 but the 5S does feature some worthy upgrades, the new A7 processor is significantly more powerful than the A6 found in the iPhone 5 and 5C and uses a 64-bit architecture. Apple claim that despite the increase in power the 5S will still manage a full 10 hours of talktime, 40 hours of music playback, and 250 hours of standby time. The camera sensor is 15% larger than the iPhone 5 camera and with image stabilisation, 28-megapixel panoramic photographs, and burst mode the 5S has certainly improved on the photography front.

The new fingerprint sensor could have some very interesting uses and Apple have already announced that Touch ID will be used in situations such as making a purchase on iTunes to make things more secure. Like the last few iPhones there will be both black and white versions but they’ve changed slightly as the white is now silver and white and the black is now grey and black, more  this time there’s a gold option which in our opinion isn’t particularly. The front and parts of the back are white, while the side and middle section of the rear are a dull gold colour. It’s sure to have some fans but the new colour hasn’t been particularly well received by many.

The iPhone 5S and 5C will both be released on September 20th and it will be very interesting to see if the iPhone 5S sells as well or previous models or whether the lack of significant improvements will leave many feeling disappointed with the new offering from Apple.

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