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When to Sell your iPhone – (Spoiler: It’s now)

If your head has been turned by the latest leaks and information around the Apple camp about the iPhone 8, then you will probably be asking “when is the best time to sell my iPhone?”.

We have compiled the offer prices from over 30 recyclers to provide you with an accurate guideline of when is the best time to trade in your iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and even earlier models to get the most money for your old device.

The Compare and Recycle comparison engine allows all merchants to change their price in real time, so price fluctuations occur depending on demand and supply, but the similarities season to season are always consistent and the cross reference of over 30 recyclers provides reliable data.

This data will help you decide when is the best time to sell your mobile to get the best price.

The iPhone 6S Depreciation

The best way to anticipate how much your iPhone 7 will have depreciated by, is to look at previous trends.

The following graph is the monthly average price for the iPhone 6S in the months leading to and after the launch of the iPhone 7.


The month before iPhone 7 came out, the demand from the recyclers is high enough to drive recycling prices up. Many people like to hold onto their device in August to trade in for the new model in September so Merchants offer a higher price in August to keep their stock levels high.

Many people aren’t happy to sell their iPhone in August, so we look at when is the best time in September to request a pack to send your phone off.

The announcement was made on the 7th of September 2016 resulted in a sharp decrease in offer price. This coincides with the volume of people selling through the website, indicated by the green bars.

Immediately after the announcement the price enters its most volatile period with the most sudden drop off, affecting the smallest capacity iPhone 6S the most.

This volatility lasted all the way until the release of the iPhone 7, the prices were then met with a steady resale price for several days before it hits a more consistently slow fall in price for the months following.

The ten days between announcement and release can mean the difference of up £50 if you have the latest iPhone, so deciding quickly is the best course of action to ensure the biggest payout.

Older models

Previous models also follow this pattern, with an increase in the month before the announcement. August breaks the moving average with a sharp peak as more people hold onto their mobiles and are less inclined to sell before the new iPhone is released.


iPhone 7 Depreciation

The iPhone 8 is just around the corner and people are waiting with baited breath to hear what new features it will or won’t have. The price they can get for their mobile phone towards the new version will heavily depend on how quick they are to act.


We can see that, following the trend of previous models, the price offered in August is higher than that of the three months prior, and this average price will maintain until the announcement which is yet to be released by Apple.


Our advice is if you are getting the new iPhone 8, or even if you are looking to trade in your phone, then right now in August, demand is at its highest and recyclers are paying up to £50 extra for a working mobile in good condition.

The problem with this is that you will need to have a spare mobile phone in order to tide you over until you buy the new iPhone 8.

If you are waiting to see what the announcement brings but are on edging towards getting the iPhone 8 regardless, or you don’t have a spare phone to trade in August, then you should take advantage of the 14 day price lock-in and request a pack on the day before the announcement to maximise the price you can get in September.

Check our Sell your iPhone page to see the current offer prices of older iPhones.

**All data has been taken from order and listing price of the specified mobile phone from the website.

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Android Oreo: When Will You Get The Sweet Treat?

Yesterdays Solar Eclipse brought something sweet, as Android Oreo (OS version 8.0) was released. Google partnered with another snack company and continued to name its OS line up after a dessert. A while ago, prior to Android O launch, we polled our Twitter followers to see what chances other O-named desserts have. Well, Oreo was obvious winner! The only real contender was for Oatmeal, but there’s not as much commercial intrigue in that name.


When to expect the update?

Now, the most important things to be curious about are when your Android devices will get treated with Oreo sweets. Good news is that Google handsets will have Android 8.0 update rolling out first. For the rest non-Google devices, the update will depend on manufacturer and network so be ready to wait between 2 and 12 months.

System images for the Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player and Pixel C are available for download on the Android Developer site and useful guides to manually flash a device.

What’s new: Android Oreo major powers

  • Faster: As measured on Google Pixel, the boot speed is 2x faster when powering up, so getting started process will be quicker.
  • Behind the scenes: Less used apps background activity will be minimised.
  • Autofill: Granting your permission, logins will be remembered.
  • Picture-in-Picture: two apps can be seen at once.
  • Notification dots: Just tapping the dots on app icon you can quickly see the notifications and swipe them away without accessing the app.
  • Instant apps: New apps can be accessed directly from a browser you use without requiring installations.
  • Google Play Protect: App scanning is processed daily to keep device and data protected.
  • Battery life improved: Streaming, talking, playing or working won’t drain your battery as quick as before.
  • Emoji, emoji, emoji: Complete redesign and over 60 new emoticons including T-Rex.
  • Deeper colours and ambient screen: Incoming notifications have larger fonts, app name highlighted and access to actions.
  • Accessibility services for users with disabilities such as Select to Speak and audio optimisation.
  • Adaptive icons and TextView auto-sizing to optimise text size across different screens and content dynamics.


The latest Android version’s name is settled and we know we’ll have tidier notifications, better battery life with automatic background activity limits, picture-in-picture feature, over 60 new emoji, and more. Now we can hold our breaths on for the roll out and we think there are under-the-hood improvements worth waiting a couple of months, maybe a bit more. Tell us in the comments below what’s the new features you’re most excited about and your guess about Huawei Android Oreo update.

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Apple iPhone 8 – What we Know

The 10th Anniversary iPhone is shaping up to be simply amazing! Here’s what we know already.

The leaks surround the iPhone 8 are looking amazing. Apple look to be catching up to the latest Android phones with faster charging and tap to wake features that have been a staple in the top Android phones for 2 or 3 years, but combining this with the latest cutting edge technology that this iPhone looks to include, Apple may have an even bigger hit than we were ever expecting.

Three New iPhone Models

Along with the iPhone 8, there will be a 7S and a 7S Plus model released all at the same time. The difference between the models are going to be around price, function and size, the main details around software improvements are being closely guarded.

Aesthetically, the iPhone has needed more imaginative design for users to visually determine the difference between the models, especially with the Samsung S8 having received great reviews across the board for its infinity display.

The leaks have slowly but surely been confirming the new design, sometimes through some strange channels.


OLED Screen

It has been no secret that the OLED screen is making its way over to the Apple since the news broke out that Apple ordered 70 million OLED displays from their main tech rival Samsung. The new screen will deliver a dramatically better picture, but also be much more power efficient than the LCD screens.

Wireless charging

It has been a will they/won’t they, the likes we haven’t seen since Ross and Rachel, when it comes to wireless charging, with the stance met by Apple saying they won’t release wireless charging until it’s perfect. The latest pictures and leaks provide further evidence of wireless charging. The hidden sound file in iOS 11 beta that points to wireless charging.

The image below is of wireless charging components and they are supposedly heading for the iPhone, and the CEO of one of Apple’s suppliers accidentally slipped up revealing that “new features like waterproofing and wireless charging now require some different testing”.

The Price

We won’t beat around the bush, with the latest leaks and developments and increase in production costs, this device is likely to cost above £800. Possibly more, and the heavily promoted Apple payment plans will look to soften the blow.

How much it costs, make sure you get the most for your old mobile to go toward it by finding the best iPhone recycling company through Compare and Recycle.

The Release Date

All we know is that the announcement and release will be in September, we haven’t yet been informed of the exact dates but as soon as we do we will update the page.

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Get ready for the Solar Eclipse: how, when and why to watch?

Today our excitement is built around Total Solar Eclipse – a rare divine event which happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and the moon slowly covers the sun until peak moment leaving only the ring of light burning on the edges. Doesn’t this sound fascinating?


This year the “path of totality” crosses 11 US states from west to east coast in the middle of the country on Monday the 21st of August. However, you’ll be able to see a partial solar eclipse from the UK when the Moon covers 4% of the Sun. For the best views and photos get familiar with UK Eclipse time schedule below.

We know what you’re thinking and that’s why prepared a quick rundown of tips to witness and capture the best of the partial solar eclipse.

How to watch the Solar Eclipse?

Witnessing such a rare, worth-watching event, even though it’s only partial eclipse for Britons, you will be probably eager to snap this awesomeness on your smartphone camera. However, as safety is always first, let us tell you what you need to know before staring at the Sun.

To start with, make sure you equip yourself and your loved ones with special protective glasses as looking with bare eyes can be risky and cause temporary or permanent eye sight damage. Normal sunglasses or DIY won’t be good enough because glasses need to have a special solar filter and be granted international safety standard ISO 12312-2. The list of trusted vendors can be accessed here.

Currently, 5 pairs of protective eclipse glasses with ISO standard by Education Harbour are available for £8.99.

How to capture this beauty?

Now let’s move on how to set up your phone camera to make the most of this spectacle. We won’t advise you to get a new phone with advanced camera solely for this purpose, but some of the models have decent cameras enough to make stunning pictures.

If you’re the owner of iPhone 7 Plus or Android phones such as the Google Pixel, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the One Plus 5, you have one of the best smartphone cameras available on the market. Here are few steps to get you ready:

  • Autofocus and flash: these need to be turned off because these features will spoil dark vision and ruin the shot you’ve been working hard on.
  • Lower Exposure: you need to control how much light reaches your camera lens, this can be done by minimising exposure settings. On iOS and Android, you will need to open the camera app where sun icon will appear next to focus area. Drag the sun icon down to reduce exposure. On some Android phones, Exposure Value (EV) can be found in Pro Mode settings.
  • Time-lapse feature: on iOS 8 and above you can record video at a very low frame enabling you to capture the movement of the moon. There are customised ones available to install on Android phone.
  • Attach a camera filter: to get a clear, crisp image of the Sun and protect your camera lens, NASA advises covering your camera with eclipse glasses.
  • Zoom In: you will need additional zoom capabilities as this feature is limited on smartphone cameras and using zoom lens attachment will provide 12x-18x zoom level.


  • Get a tripod: this little helper will free your hands holding your smartphone camera. You can place it on any surface or attach it to your backpack and enjoy the solar eclipse hands-free with your own eyes. Have a look at this Amazon offer .

Wrap up

We recommend you to practice with your camera settings on the moon sometime this weekend before snapping the solar eclipse. Keep fingers crossed not to have our usual cloudy skies and we are looking forward to see your advanced snaps on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Note 8 – What do we know so far?

Samsung’s Note 8 will be the phablet flagship of 2017. The handset will feature a range of innovative technologies and further highlight the potential of phablet or Frankenstein handsets. The Note 8 will incorporate the best of the S8 range whilst improving through a feature-rich Note 8 handset.

We know that Samsung release the Note handset every year in Berlin – during September’s IFA expo. This year Samsung will almost certainly wrap the Galaxy Note 8 off on August 23rd before the arrival of Apple’s iPhone 8. The world of leaks is somewhat in agreement that the earliest the handset could be available is September.

What is it?

The Note range was Samsung’s flagship phablet handset. However, a damaging 2015/16 saw the handset being globally recalled. The word on the street was the handset was going to be axed. However, in early 2017, it was announced, by Samsung, that the Note 8 would be released in 2018. Having learnt from the battery issues of 2015/16, the company have moved on and decided to pursue a more positive version of the handset for 2017/18.

What should we expect?

“The most anticipated phone of the year” (TM until September’s iPhone release) is being talked up by commentators. The debacle last year around the battery fire issue has empowered Samsung to continue the device and learn from its mistakes. The epic phablet handset is therefore being launched in 2017. What should be expected?

Details are very sketchy. Samsung AMOLED Infinity Display technology will be used. Furthermore, leakers are talking about 6GB minimum RAM and a special 8GB edition with 128GbB of storage. However, another leaker claims the storage will be 64GB.  The true reveal will be the Samsung Exynos processor and this flagship technology will play centre court during the public unveiling as one of the most powerful processing technologies ever.

What would be amazing?

However, the dream scenario would have us hope that Samsung uses this rebirth of the Note range to go mad. To use the S range to highlight the flagship extreme whilst the N range highlights the alt-flagship range. To be brave, use new technologies in ways we cannot even comprehend. This innovation was the whole raison d’être of the Note range when it was first unveiled. This innovative craziness should be continued. So, what could we have? What about using Samsung’s new battery technology, the software is used in the S range but the hardware is still experimental. They new battery tech could improve charging by 18 hours. Other notable developments include, using Samsung’s QLED technology in miniature to improve the HDR realities of the handset. Finally, what about dual octa-core processing technology – Samsung theoretically talked about this late last year and patents are talking about this as a conceptual reality.

All we can do is wait. We will have to wait until September and the IFA Expo in Berlin to see Samsung unveil the epic Note 8 so that we can see what has been included and what hasn’t been included in the features list. All we can be sure of is that the handset will be a mighty powerful handset. Keep your eyes peeled for developments.

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Doro 8030 – Finally A Suitable Smartphone for Seniors

A little background

Not everyone finds the hyper sensitivity of a beautifully crafted Corning’s Gorilla glass device with full capacitive output a delight to use. For a mature audience, many smartphones are difficult devices to engage with. Age brings an array on infirmities – that can affect a range of faculties. However, Doro, a smartphone maker with a difference, wanted to craft devices suited to this target audience with a subtle transformation on the old smartphone format. They developed a range of handsets that fuse accessibility with functionality. Suffering from an age-related infirmity shouldn’t necessarily reduce an individual’s experience of smartphone technology. In this spirit, Doro has released the Doro 8030 Smartphone.

This handset is designed for smartphone newcomers, or those that have struggled with the excessive interfaces found on a smartphone. If a handset owner has never owned a smartphone before, the Doro 8030 can introduce this experience with an alternative twist – by “bringing you all the enjoyment that most smartphones can, but in a more natural and understandable way.” It thinks like you do – not in some AI way, but with the functional power of intuitive design.

Introducing – The Doro 8030

The handset is powered by a variant of Google’s Android OS. Doro have created a tutorially-informed UI that makes processes easier and highlights assistance functionality throughout. The device has a range of support functions – from HAC (hearing aid compatibility) support, Assistance and Emergency buttons, along with trackable GPS support. The “My Doro” app can help carers and families connect by programming ‘approved numbers’. The smart block technology also makes the telephony experience safer.

The handset has a digital audio system that can utilise the assistance and support apps and functions in helping to make notifications and alerts more clear and loud to help notify the individual of a range of outcomes. That being the case, the phone isn’t a boring device. The accessible-edition of Google Play means your Granny can enjoy the delights of Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds for herself – you can judge for yourself whether that’s a positive or negative!

Furthermore, the Chrome browser, with built-in assistance and support functionality, can help make the internet more accessible for senior users living with age-related conditions. The handset supports LTE (4G) along with 2G and 2G systems. The device has a very useful email client, utilising the Doro assistance software, but Gmail and Yahoo can be downloaded. In addition, there is a very useful and accessible camera with anti-shake sensors powered by a 5mp camera – you might think that’s a bit 2009/10, but the anti-shake sensors mean it can take a solid and blur-free picture!

In relation to the ergonomics, the case has a soft-touch coating that is incredibly durable. It grips well in any palm and as such reduces drops. Furthermore, the Doro ‘Memories’ function can help by using visual imagery to help power communications – with photo phonebooks and messaging. This means people can engage through visual, over numeric or otherwise touch processes. Finally, the handset has a range of support one-touch dialling lists that families, carers or care homes can pre-program. This can help make connectivity easier between owners and their wider families and networks.

Why you should buy it?

This handset isn’t cool. It doesn’t have the functionality of an Apple iPhone 7s or Samsung Galaxy S8+. That being the case, the handset is durable, accessible and engaging. It can help nurture a new audience in the smartphone community and help overcome the digital divide – bringing Grandpa or Grandma into the twenty first century and on Facebook. So why not look at the Doro 8030 as a gift for your beloved parents or grandparents? For only £189 from John Lewis you could grab a useful bargain.

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LG V30 – What do we know so far?

Set to be announced on the 31st of August 2017, the latest LG is a bizarre alt-flagship device. The V-Range has long been an alternative affair. The LG 4 range has, in recent years, been a strong case study in excellence hidden by modesty. The V range doesn’t suffer the same issues – the sensibilities of the G range are lost in translation when it comes the V range. Let us highlight why the V range has this reputation.

The basics

The feature-laden handset will include everything, and we mean everything, from the LG repertoire. The handset will be incredible – the V20 had dual screen technology, removable battery, quad DAC technology along with microSD functionality management. The handset was also the first, outside of the Google universe, to come with Nougat. It was deemed by reviewers to be excellent – although ridiculously expensive. The only relative downside was that the handset wasn’t released in Europe.

Google Letting Slip VR Compatibility

Google outed the so-far biggest product reveal when they said that the LG V30 will support Google Daydream VR straight out of the box. This is a nod to the Google-LG relationship on VR and the future possibilities therein. However, Daydream VR aside, the handset will of course come with an LG OLED screen and this plays into the Daydream VR compatibility requirements. Therefore, Daydream VR will play a big part in this handset’s functionality.

As TechRadar articulates, the LG V30 form-factor will follow its “predecessors screen-under-screen display” technology. It is rumoured that this screen-under-screen technology will allow users to use a part of the screen to read emails or the news whilst having access to notifications and app buttons at the bottom – increasing productivity. Favorite leaker Evan Blass has shown the potential applications that the dual screen can be used in;

What needs to happen?

It needs to be released world-wide. It is a solid hardcore handset and it demands a global audience to utilise the diverse array of functions. The removable battery, dual-lens camera and almost military-grade durability – the V20 could practically be run over by a car and it would still work! It should also incorporate LG’s hardcore and wicked flexible display technology – there are so many uses for this technology and using the V30 as a Guinea pig could give developers a handset for future possible applications. The slow death of the 3.5mm headphone jack, courtesy of Apple, means LG need to revolt against this and allow the V30, as the alt-flagship to showcase why the quad DAC amp technology, and a 3.5mm jack, are a good duo for music lovers!

Obviously, the design needs to be fluid – this means that bumps and camera lens rises need to be kept to a minimum. The minimalist design of the 2008-10 period should make a comeback! Furthermore, as an alt-flagship device HDR as standard and also need to be Dolby Vision ready. Having these functionalities, along with Daydream VR, would make it an entertainment-centric handset that would be the go-to device for any devotee of high-quality multimedia devices.

What will it have?

We will have to wait until the 31st of August 2017 to find out. Whatever will be included, it will continue in the alt-flagship standard it has set with the V10 and V20. However, please LG make it available in the UK and Europe. It is a masterful handset and having a global audience to enjoy the technology would be a wondrous end to a great handset.

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WILEYFOX – A new breed of quality budget handsets

In today’s digital world, the cunning consumer has started to find the prospect of a £650+ pound handset rather unattractive. The top brands with their flagships – from Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG and Sony – have created the drive towards expensive devices. Consumers ‘must’ have the latest expensive phone. That being the case, a new nimbler, consumer attitude has started to develop and it’s within this cohort we find phones like the Wileyfox and why its fans are attracted to high-quality specs, sturdy build and design along with an eye-opening price tag.

Introducing: The Wileyfox Swift 2X

This device isn’t a Chinese brand wanting to make it big in the West. Wileyfox is very different. It’s a UK company who wanted to create something very unique and very different. So much so, that for £219 you can get a flagship-level device with the following specifications:

  • 2” FHD Display – Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • USB 3 C – Quick Charge 3.0 technology
  • 3010mAh battery
  • 16MP primary camera with 8MP front camera – Powered by Samsung ISOCELL technology
  • 32Gb storage (expandable to 64Gb)
  • 3Gb RAM
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Octa-core processor (1.4Ghz clock speed)
  • NFC and Android Pay
  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Dual-SIM functionality
  • 4G LTE technology
  • Sensational Aluminium metal finish design with narrow bezel

This specification, for the low-price tag, hints at the uniqueness of the proposition. This is a handset with killer specifications priced at the entry-level/budget range. For example, the iPhone 7, released in September 2016, has a 4.7” display, 12mp camera, 2G RAM along with 32Gb of storage and a battery with 1960mAh. Yet this device would set you back £579. Let that sink in for a moment. That is over three hundred pounds MORE for LESS!

How can I get one and should I get one?

TechRadar called the handset, “a budget phone that defies expectations”. They went further and articulated the brilliant design, the excellent value for money and a sharp bright screen. Another nod to how good the device is, TechRadar really had to scrape the barrel for negatives – noting the “overly bright notification LED” as a reason for not acquiring the handset. This device is therefore a budget flagship with not much in the way of negatives.

If you want to grab one for the princely sum of £219 you can of course head to Wileyfox’s website and grab a bundle deal – or an even cheaper handset like the Wileyfox Spark for £89. The device has reinvented the term budget and the expectations linked to the handset. This device is a gamechanger from a tech start up in the UK with solid foundations and a bright future.

People should take note, sell your Apple iPhones, and grab one of the most fundamentally important devices of the new smartphone era – that’s not our hyperbole, but TechRadar and others. This handset will change the way you connect with smartphones and the relevancy of price and the consumer issues therein.

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Do you feel the summer party vibes? The biggest party for you and your phone is about to happen!

We are GIVING AWAY 2 WEEKEND CAMPING TICKETS to one of the UK’s top festivals, V Festival in Chelmsford on 19-20th of August! Read on for more details on how to join PINK!, Rudimental, Craig David, Jay-Z and many more. Make the most of your time at the V Festival with our advice on how to ensure your phone survives festival season.

We love good parties and summer, but when there is an opportunity to combine both – we want you to enjoy the fun too! We are giving you a chance to win 2 WEEKEND CAMPING TICKETS for you and a friend to experience one of the loudest, vibrant and rhythmic festivals in the UK – V Festival!

All you must do to enter is sign up for our newsletter and like us on Facebook. Make sure you don’t have any plans for the 19-20th of August (or be prepared to cancel them – it’ll be worth it!) and make sure you can get to Hylands Park in Chelmsford.

How to enter

In order to be in for the chance to win 2 tickets to V Festival, we ask you to:

Subscribe to our mailing list
You see this lovely widget below? Yea, that one! To enter the giveaway type your full name and email address. Email signup is a mandatory action to qualify your entry, so don’t be shy and hit submit.

Connect with us on Facebook
Visit our Facebook page and like us for updates (and because we’re cool). Make sure you tag a friend you’ll take with you to V Festival in the comments below the giveaway post.

You can find the Terms and Conditions of this competition if you click on them under the widget or here.

Compare and Recycle V Festival giveaway


And now the important stuff

Let’s face it – we can party all night long, but when the party is in full swing, we can forget to keep an eye on that little computer in our pockets that you rely on for taking festival pictures, updating statuses, Instagram-ing and making calls. We’ve all noticed that modern phones have become less hardy over the years (nothing close to the indestructible Nokia 3310). We do tend to see an increase of phones that are recycled as “broken”. Is it due to festival seasonality or that people enjoy summer outdoors, we can’t be sure, but the only thing we’re definitely sure about is that Compare and Recycle provides an instant comparison for phone recycling in any condition – broken or working.

To give you a greater picture, here is our quick rundown of advice to stay connected after and at your next festival!

Problem: Losing Charge

One of the 21st century nightmares! A smartphone with a dead battery is an emotional, physical and materialistic burden on your festival. You’ll have to carry it around, it will be useless and the fear of losing it may treble. But you really want take selfies, pictures and to record Jay-Z performing to post in Instagram stories and make your friends jealous.

Solution: A battery pack like Anker can charge your phone to 100% around 3 times, not too heavy, not too bulky, just turn your phone off and let it charge.

Pro tips: Carry a torch (you can get in Poundland) so you don’t have to use your phone’s battery to light the way back to your tent. Wear a watch so you can tell the time instantly without pulling your phone from your pocket every time. Turn on any power saving mode, turn Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth off so you’re not distracted by notifications and you won’t miss that band you were dying to hear live.

Problem: Breaking your phone

Ok, this is even worse, much worse than having 0% charge. We know you won’t do it on purpose but festivals can be a wet and muddy place, and unless you have an ultra-strong endurance class phone case, then the likelihood of it getting ruined by just falling on the ground, while you’re jumping and dancing, is high. If you have your phone out recording a band or snapping the best picture ever, the chance of it getting knocked out of your hand is increased dramatically!

Solution: Get a phone case that protects against water, dirt and impact, and your phone may survive the weekend!

Pro tips: Keep it in a secure pocket with zipper or a bumbag/fanny pack/waist bag so it stays securely there when not needed.

Problem: Losing your phone

Where’s my phone? WHERE’S MY PHONE?? Well, losing your phone sucks. The fashion trends of skinny jeans and short skirts are upon us and as phone screens have been increasing in size even if the phones are getting slimmer, phones falling out of pockets is likely to happen. If you manage to notice right away that your phone has fallen – good for you, but what if not?  Not to be accused of fear-mongering but where there are large gatherings of people there will always be a percentage of people that are looking to take advantage of the anonymity that is afforded at festivals.

Solution: The solution that costs money would be to have good insurance but we recommend a good mobile phone insurance package so that you can insure your phone against any mishaps. You can check our comparison for mobile phone insurances by clicking here (link to mobile insurance page)

Pro tips: Seriously get phone insurance! It pays for itself in the long run. Other tips include taking an old phone, use a belt clip to ensure it stays attached to you.

And finally, may the luck be with you!

Are you ready, party animals? We bet you are! Remember the two steps for you to enter: sign up for email and like our Facebook page. In the mean-time start catching up on the hottest songs of this summer, buy yourself phone insurance and stay up to date with our Facebook page to miss the winner announcement. Good luck!


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Happy 10th Birthday to the iPhone

It’s the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone bursting onto the market, the seminal moment when we all turned into smartphone junkies. It’s amazing to think how have things changed since 2007 when the financial markets was about to crash and the iPhone 1 suddenly gave us the chance to walk around with a whole heap of computer power in our pockets.

29th June, 2007 was the date that will live long in the memory of all iPhone fans. It was the sleek design and the touch screen that got people all misty eyed, not to mention the high-tech power. Since then we’ve become so attached to our smartphones that separation can cause severe psychological damage.

From taking pictures, to texting friends, watching videos and doing a little online shopping, it can make you wonder how we survived before the iPhone came along.

We Spend More Time Looking at Our Screens than Talking to People

Axiom Telecom carried out a bit of interesting research on what happens when you take away the smartphones of a group of strangers and put them in a room together.

We’re Shopping More and More Online

One of the important things that smartphones in general have bought us is the opportunity to shop online, while on the move. According to the Telegraph, smart devices boosted online sales last year to a massive £133 billion in the UK alone.

This change over the last ten years has not only benefited consumers, it’s led to a whole range of e-commerce entrepreneurs taking the plunge and opening their own stores. With new mobile ready websites and greater access through Wi-Fi connectivity, we can shop almost anytime we like.

We Can Pay How We Like

Innovative ways to pay that make our lives easier have come onto the market in recent times. Apple Pay has taken online banking that step further and made it easier to shop at the click of a button, or the tap of the phone. It’s given rise, perhaps indirectly, to the gig economy and changed the way we look at finance and security. It’s even made banks change their tune.

Revolutionised the Market

Apple have continually made waves in the market, often bringing to the forefront technology that was only used on the fringes, for example, Skype was around for many years before FaceTime, but the ease of use and intuitive nature of the iPhone made it into the public mindset. And that is not all, they have also brought to the fore, sleek designs, fingerprint sensors, the already mentioned apple pay, an App store that far out performed any other software store in the early days.

We Can Learn, Communicate and Engage with the World

Above all, the smartphone has revolutionised the way we communicate and who we engage with. It’s now possible to chat online with someone halfway across the world and get to know those from different cultures. We’re far less parochial in our approach to the world, especially younger people. Learning has also become decentralised and cheap – you can pick up a language with an easy to download app for just a few pounds and watch tutorials online while you’re travelling to work on platforms like YouTube, and Khan academy.

Of course, the iPhone also caused a revolution in development and there are now hundreds of different smartphone models out there to suit practically every pocket. It’s thought there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users by the end of the decade. Considering the revolution only started 10 years ago, that’s an astonishing statistic in itself.

Even Android Should Say Thanks

Even if you have no interest in Apple, and are sticking to Android, you should still be grateful to Apple, for pushing other companies to take strides in camera, screen and design of the mobile devices, Android owes a lot to Apple. The biggest card might be coming from their closest competitor. But from all of us here at Compare and Recycle, we are thankful that Apple are still around and still creating some of the best and most innovative mobiles in the market.

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