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The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Apple Watch and Apple TV

Our feature article described the main event of the Apple announcement, the iPhone X, so here is the rest of what was shown at the announcement including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K.

The 2 hour, invite only event was on Tuesday the 12th of September, and whilst the highlight was the iPhone X, there was plenty else to get excited over.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple introduced 3 brand new iPhones on Tuesday, and the iPhone 8 is the first of the bunch. There are some improvements to get your teeth into and for the most basic of variations, the iPhone 8 is a much more welcome addition than the “C” variations that came out on previous announcements.

These are the reasons you might want to choose an iPhone 8;

  • Wireless charging – Making the whole chassis glass means they were able to be QI compatible. Just placing the phone down on a wireless charger the phone will start charging. We knew Apple were going to introduce it some day, and these latest iPhone ranges are going fully supporting (as well as the iPhone watch, which can also be charged wirelessly).
  • Better Processor – the A11 Bionic processor is the same as the iPhone X, so you are guaranteed the same performance as the premium model (probably even more so without the processing needed for faceID, but more that later). So it can handle all sorts of Augmented Reality, games and image processing.
  • The Camera – the main camera is exactly the same as the one in the plus and the X. 12 megapixel f/1.8 camera has a “larger and faster” sensor than the iPhone 7. With optical image stabilisation and video recording in 4K at 24, 30 and 60FPS the software is equal to those in the premium.
  • A familiar size – if you are the owner of a 7 or 7 Plus the sizes are exactly the same so the cases you have bought for your 7 are still going to fit.

It was more of the same formula from Apple, with nothing too unexpected with the 8 and 8 Plus, this was obviously reserved for the iPhone X, however what has been introduced improves the speed and efficiency of the phone dramatically, speed of charging, speed of changing between applications and multitasking, and the very much adored camera has seen an improvement in the actual hardware and the software. All improvements that will be welcomed by the fan base.

Some other technology from the iPhone 8 announcement as follows

Apple Watch

Ages ago already was the announcement for the latest technology to come out of the apple camp. The first hour was about the new Apple watch with its own cellular data, so you can run applications like Spotify and take calls without your phone being within reach with its own mobile plan on offer from EE.

  • Mobile plan (optional)
  • GPS
  • Swimproof
  • 70% faster dual-core processor
  • W2 Wireless Chip
  • WatchOS 4
  • Partnership with Nike

Perfect for runners, workers and make the perfect companion synced up to the various wireless headphones that Apple have mad or partnered with. Word is they harvested the Project Red iPhone parts…

Apple TV

Secondly was the Apple TV with a new and improved chip to allow for faster browsing and better streaming through their new and improved A10X Fusion Chip allowing it to produce stunning 4K streaming. Twice as fast as previous models and out the box ready to support Netflix 4K Ultra HD and partnering with Dolby Vision to ensure Apple TV produces 4K in the highest clarity on the market.

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iPhone X – Apple reveals the new direction for iPhone

10th anniversary iPhone

Apple took the wraps off its completely innovative device in comparison to the rest of iPhone line up. The high-end smartphone – iPhone X (reads as iPhone 10) – marks a tremendous change in iPhone design and takes its place in line with awesome, bezel-less phones released earlier this year.

iPhone X is moving in new direction. It took Apple 18 devices and 10 years of evolution to introduce such impressive smartphone.

Do you really want an iPhone X?

Over the past two days since the announcement, a lot of discussions are going on around new features and upgrades that come with iPhone X. Let’s get down to the specs that can make you want one, really want.


This year Apple choose to cover its anniversary phone in all-glass much like the iPhone 4 and 4s. In order to tackle the durability issues with back and front glass panels used in the past, iPhone X’s ultra-strong glass claims to make spider web screens a thing of the past.


We finally see Apple jumping on an OLED-screen trend that Samsung been producing for years. The brand-new handset features 5.8 inches Super Retina OLED screen ditching the LCD panel that we still see in recently announced iPhone 8 series and last year’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The cutting-edge OLED based screen allows iPhone X to upgrade to a resolution of 2436 x 1125. New screen technology provides blacker blacks and whiter whites making colours rich and leaving that touch of brilliance to anything displayed on the iPhone X.

You won’t see any bottom bezel, however, there’s a notch that cuts into the screen and hosts camera sensors and speaker. You might think it will get in the way when gaming or watching movies. You shouldn’t worry too much, it’s not going to ruin apps. It will let you get the most use of 18:9 screen ration (TBC) and additionally Apple had to come up with an alternative iPhone defining feature.

No more home button

Don’t look for it, it’s not there. Same as Apple removed the headphone jack last year, this September they crossed out the physical home button to welcome pressure sensitive 3D Touch and Face ID – 3D facial recognition technology. From now on the interaction with iPhone X is entirely gesture-based. Swipe it, left, right, hold the tap longer and not a single click. You can access the control swiping down from the top. The home screen is now upward-from-the-bottom-gesture away. 

Touch ID replaced

Together with the home button, we waved goodbye to fingerprint scanning. Instead, you can unlock your iPhone by simply looking at it. Apple claims that Face ID is more secure than fingerprint scanner as there’s only 1 chance in a million your face can be faked. The trick behind Face ID is that machine learning adapts to your facial changes and uses True Depth camera and multiple sensors hidden in the top notch to scan your face. Even in the dark. Even you are wearing a hat or spectacles, or growing a beard over night.

Dual lens camera set up

The camera sensors stick to same specifications as last year – wide-angle 12 MP lens and 12 MP telephoto lens. This year’s dual cameras do have a redesign. Dual optical image stabilisation makes images blur-free even when zooming in. Camera sensors are larger and faster and we see a f/2.4 aperture improvement on telephoto lens. The new, advanced Portrait Lightning Mode is a game changer in smartphone photography. Your portraits with added blur-background can be transformed applying lightening effects on model’s face, much like studio lights.

Emoji animations

Let’s get back to the TrueDepth camera benefits we mentioned briefly. The 7 MP TrueDepth camera with ambient light sensors, proximity sensors, dot projector and flood illuminator (all those face-mapping sensors) can capture your facial expressions, mirror them and guess what? – apply on an emoji. Yes! Any emoji – fox, cat, piggy, monkey and even silly poo! What’s more crazy you can record a video and send it to your friends over iMessage.



All the above mentioned techy features are enabled with a smartly designed, new A11 Bionic chipset. The six-core chip will power latest augmented reality apps and 3D games. Apple hasn’t mentioned anything about battery capacity or RAM specifications, but rumours suggest iPhone X will sport 3 GB.

First wireless charging iPhone

The glass back was a design solution to offer fast wireless charging to iPhone X owners. Apple claims it will last 2 hours longer than on iPhone 7 and will charge up to 50% in 30 minutes. The only unwelcome news is that you’ll need to purchase separate charging adapter to experience fast charge capabilities.

Release and price

We’ll have to wait until November 3 for the iPhone X to come out and it can be pre-ordered starting from October 27. Space grey or silver water-resistant (IP67 rated) iPhone X will cost £999 for 64 GB storage version and hefty £1,149 for the 256 GB.

Okay, if you trade in your old iPhone for the most cash, you might be able to afford the radically redesigned all-screen iPhone X. With extra cash invested towards the upgrade, it won’t seem so costly, we hope.

To sum up

The level of craftsmanship Apple reached with its iPhone X is incredible. It is the most advanced iPhone to date. Our first impressions are great as this device means a step to the future for the company. We shall wait for the phone to be released and see how it performs in comparison to Android flagships. Well done, Apple!

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Guide to Apple’s Event

Today is the big day! The day when Tim Cook will take the stage in the brand new Steve Jobs Theatre to announce new iPhones marking the 10th anniversary of the smartphone. The major expectations are, of course, the completely redesigned iPhone X in three possible colour variations: black, silver and a new ‘Blush Gold’ (coppery thing) along the upgraded versions of iPhone 7 – iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Read on to get familiar with what we’re going wow about and how to watch the live-stream.

The biggest iPhone changes since iPhone


Apple has been trying hard to keep all the bits under wraps, but hot HomePod and iOS Gold Master leaks appeared over past months and revealed detailed design and specifications of the all-new iPhone. iOS developers dug into the code and shared the bits and pieces of much-anticipated iPhone including the official brand name.

Regarding iPhone X performance recent leak tips the brand new A11 processor with six cores. The chip will come with four Mistral cores – that’s twice more than in A10 – and two Monsoon cores. This upgrade means that iPhone X will be the most powerful smartphone obtaining access to more power than ever before.


Developer Steven Troughton-Smith said that iPhone 8 will pack 2 GB of RAM whereas both iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will sport 3GB. You might question how this is going to be better than 6 and 8GB of RAM in current Android flagships. Well, the answer is the A11 processor with each cores being independently addressable. Internal storage capacities will be 64 and 256 GB. Crazy rumours suggest that 512 GB storage will be available as well. But we doubt that’s going to happen as the price of the handset is expected to go higher than £900 and to be honest who really needs this much storage in a phone?

Design changes

Apple will go edge-to-edge this year and make iPhone out of glass with first ever OLED display. The 5.8-inch screen will cover the entire front leaving a little cut out in the top bezel for sensors and Face Time camera.

The home button has been a trademark feature since the very first iPhone released back in 2007. But as last year Apple decided to get rid of the headphone jack, this time it’s the home button that we wave goodbye to. Instead of clicking and 3D touch, we’ll get facial recognition and gesture-based interaction with the phone. Facial recognition technology will be used to unlock the device, verify payments and access apps.

In order to charge the new, high-end, iPhone, rumours indicate it will need to be placed on an inductive pad for, yes you guessed it, wireless charging. We haven’t spotted any details on battery capacity and standby time, but if Apple makes its next device to keep the charge for more than a day, it will be a real breakthrough.

There might not be much improvement in rear camera. The revolutionised iPhone X will feature 12MP sensors this year. However there hasn’t been any evidence, so it may stay a secret until this evening.

Leaked iOS GM firmware disclosed new feature such as Smart Camera that will identify different backgrounds and adjust settings automatically. Portrait Lightning Mode is believed to be more advanced than last year’s Portrait Mode and relate to the flash when taking photographs giving studio-like images as the result.

How to tune in live?

To witness all this exciting stuff and new watch, iOS 11 and Apple TV announcements you can follow the event live.

Apple event live stream will be broadcasted from Apple Website and it starts at 6 pm (BST). Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it was that easy to watch the grand unveiling. Events cannot be streamed on the Chrome or Firefox browsers. Safari browser on Mac computers with macOS 10.11, iPhones and iPads with iOS 9.0 or later will work perfectly fine. Windows users will need to access Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

If you are not able to meet these requirements, join us on Twitter this evening, we’ll be sharing live all the announcements.

Tasty treats prior to iPhone release

Our recent data research revealed that best time to sell earlier models is before the new iPhone goes on sale. This gap between announcement and release can mean the difference of £100. If you have your eyes on next iPhones, now is the time to choose the best deal and ensure the biggest pay. Act quick! The release is rumoured on 22nd of September.

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Selling Your iPhone in September? Act Quick

The brand-new auditorium is almost complete at Apple park in California and the announcement date has been set.

You may have seen all the latest news and leaks that have all but confirmed the iPhone 8 as a new and improved 7, but the big news is that the new line of iPhone is going to be named under a new moniker.

The new iPhone has hinted it will be called the “iPhone X” (to symbolise the 10th iteration of the iPhone) or the “iPhone Edition” or something completely different and unexpected. All we know is that this uncertainty is something that builds hype for Apple and they are sure to be relishing in it.

Sell on Announcement Date

We know the announcement date is on the 12th of September and we expect to see an influx of users trying to get the highest offer for their older model as prices drop significantly and are subject to volatility between announcement and release as the following graph shows.

Selling your iPhone before the announcement can result in an offer price of over £50 difference

If you are dead set on getting one of the new iterations of the iPhone, whether the upgraded model or the completely new model then follow these snippets of advice, you need to lock in a price on the day of or the day before the announcement to ensure a high price.

If you have one of the higher capacity iPhones, then these are less susceptible to the volatility. (prices below correct as of 7th September)


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Apple Invite for Press Conference Goes live

Apple is holding a press conference on September which is due to start at 6pm. Where they are likely to unveil the new range of iPhone, the iPhone 8 and introduce a range of new features to iOS 11.

The next iPhone will be the 10th iteration of the game changing smartphone device, as such the event is promising to be a spectacle as Apple Park is brimming with excitement for what promises to be the “biggest ever launch” for every one in Camp Apple.

Watch the spectacular footage of Apple Park nearing completion. The scale of the new building is breathtaking and sets the stage for the latest models.

With launch just days away and most of the work completed, there are still a few question marks hanging around the main auditoriums finish. But we are sure that what is publicly viewable will be finished to a high standard in time for the 12th.

Until then we’ll keep you informed.

DID YOU KNOW that NOW is the best time to sell your iPhone? We released the research and the conclusion that sooner is better than later as it could mean the difference of £100 over the course of the announcement and release of the iPhone.

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The Note rises from the ashes – Note 8 Announced

The Samsungs Note 8 has been officially announced with all the specifications and its shaping up again to be leader in the phablet market.


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 10nm mobile processor, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot for expansion up to 256GB.
  • 6.3″ Infinity Display, 18.5:9 aspect ratio.
  • 14% wider viewing area compared to Galaxy Note 4.
  • Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display: bright colours, black colours are dark and saturation makes images stand out.
  • Display is HDR (High Dynamic Range) ready. HDR gives content higher contrast, wider dynamic range, makes blacks deeper and whites more white. Colours look more vibrant.
  • Two 12-megapixel cameras on the back, one wide angle and second 2x optical zoom telephoto lens. Both cameras are with OIS (optical image stabilisation). Selfie camera is 8-megapixel.
  • Note 8 has similar feature to iPhone 7 Portrait Mode and it’s called Live Focus, to make background blur. The effect can be adjusted in real time and after taking a picture using a slider.
  • S Pen is 0.7mm and supports 4096 pressure levels, full sentence translations, both the flagship and stylus are rated IP68 that means water and dust resistance.
  • Wireless charging charges from 0 to 49 percent in 30 minutes. The Note 8 features a 3,300mAh battery and charges via the USB Type-C port.

How Much?

With a special pre-order price of £869 you can claim a free docking station from Samsung, so expect similar deals in the high street stores for those that move first.

If you are living abroad you can enjoy the Note 8 in black, blue, gold and grey colour schemes, but unfortunately only the black and gold options are available in the UK.

The phone itself is a serious upgrade on previous phablets and the usability of the cameras will make or break how well this one is received. Let’s hope Samsung have learned from their mistakes and the quality control and safety checking have been rigorous enough to stop them blowing up.

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Android Oreo: When Will You Get The Sweet Treat?

Yesterdays Solar Eclipse brought something sweet, as Android Oreo (OS version 8.0) was released. Google partnered with another snack company and continued to name its OS line up after a dessert. A while ago, prior to Android O launch, we polled our Twitter followers to see what chances other O-named desserts have. Well, Oreo was obvious winner! The only real contender was for Oatmeal, but there’s not as much commercial intrigue in that name.


When to expect the update?

Now, the most important things to be curious about are when your Android devices will get treated with Oreo sweets. Good news is that Google handsets will have Android 8.0 update rolling out first. For the rest non-Google devices, the update will depend on manufacturer and network so be ready to wait between 2 and 12 months.

System images for the Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player and Pixel C are available for download on the Android Developer site and useful guides to manually flash a device.

What’s new: Android Oreo major powers

  • Faster: As measured on Google Pixel, the boot speed is 2x faster when powering up, so getting started process will be quicker.
  • Behind the scenes: Less used apps background activity will be minimised.
  • Autofill: Granting your permission, logins will be remembered.
  • Picture-in-Picture: two apps can be seen at once.
  • Notification dots: Just tapping the dots on app icon you can quickly see the notifications and swipe them away without accessing the app.
  • Instant apps: New apps can be accessed directly from a browser you use without requiring installations.
  • Google Play Protect: App scanning is processed daily to keep device and data protected.
  • Battery life improved: Streaming, talking, playing or working won’t drain your battery as quick as before.
  • Emoji, emoji, emoji: Complete redesign and over 60 new emoticons including T-Rex.
  • Deeper colours and ambient screen: Incoming notifications have larger fonts, app name highlighted and access to actions.
  • Accessibility services for users with disabilities such as Select to Speak and audio optimisation.
  • Adaptive icons and TextView auto-sizing to optimise text size across different screens and content dynamics.


The latest Android version’s name is settled and we know we’ll have tidier notifications, better battery life with automatic background activity limits, picture-in-picture feature, over 60 new emoji, and more. Now we can hold our breaths on for the roll out and we think there are under-the-hood improvements worth waiting a couple of months, maybe a bit more. Tell us in the comments below what’s the new features you’re most excited about and your guess about Huawei Android Oreo update.

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When to Sell your iPhone – (Spoiler: It’s now)

If your head has been turned by the latest leaks and information around the Apple camp about the iPhone 8, then you will probably be asking “when is the best time to sell my iPhone?”.

We have compiled the offer prices from over 30 recyclers to provide you with an accurate guideline of when is the best time to trade in your iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and even earlier models to get the most money for your old device.

The Compare and Recycle comparison engine allows all merchants to change their price in real time, so price fluctuations occur depending on demand and supply, but the similarities season to season are always consistent and the cross reference of over 30 recyclers provides reliable data.

This data will help you decide when is the best time to sell your mobile to get the best price.

The iPhone 6S Depreciation

The best way to anticipate how much your iPhone 7 will have depreciated by, is to look at previous trends.

The following graph is the monthly average price for the iPhone 6S in the months leading to and after the launch of the iPhone 7.


The month before iPhone 7 came out, the demand from the recyclers is high enough to drive recycling prices up. Many people like to hold onto their device in August to trade in for the new model in September so Merchants offer a higher price in August to keep their stock levels high.

Many people aren’t happy to sell their iPhone in August, so we look at when is the best time in September to request a pack to send your phone off.

The announcement was made on the 7th of September 2016 resulted in a sharp decrease in offer price. This coincides with the volume of people selling through the website, indicated by the green bars.

Immediately after the announcement the price enters its most volatile period with the most sudden drop off, affecting the smallest capacity iPhone 6S the most.

This volatility lasted all the way until the release of the iPhone 7, the prices were then met with a steady resale price for several days before it hits a more consistently slow fall in price for the months following.

The ten days between announcement and release can mean the difference of up £50 if you have the latest iPhone, so deciding quickly is the best course of action to ensure the biggest payout.

Older models

Previous models also follow this pattern, with an increase in the month before the announcement. August breaks the moving average with a sharp peak as more people hold onto their mobiles and are less inclined to sell before the new iPhone is released.


iPhone 7 Depreciation

The iPhone 8 is just around the corner and people are waiting with baited breath to hear what new features it will or won’t have. The price they can get for their mobile phone towards the new version will heavily depend on how quick they are to act.


We can see that, following the trend of previous models, the price offered in August is higher than that of the three months prior, and this average price will maintain until the announcement which is yet to be released by Apple.


Our advice is if you are getting the new iPhone 8, or even if you are looking to trade in your phone, then right now in August, demand is at its highest and recyclers are paying up to £50 extra for a working mobile in good condition.

The problem with this is that you will need to have a spare mobile phone in order to tide you over until you buy the new iPhone 8.

If you are waiting to see what the announcement brings but are on edging towards getting the iPhone 8 regardless, or you don’t have a spare phone to trade in August, then you should take advantage of the 14 day price lock-in and request a pack on the day before the announcement to maximise the price you can get in September.

Check our Sell your iPhone page to see the current offer prices of older iPhones.

**All data has been taken from order and listing price of the specified mobile phone from the website.

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Apple iPhone 8 – What we Know

The 10th Anniversary iPhone is shaping up to be simply amazing! Here’s what we know already.

The leaks surround the iPhone 8 are looking amazing. Apple look to be catching up to the latest Android phones with faster charging and tap to wake features that have been a staple in the top Android phones for 2 or 3 years, but combining this with the latest cutting edge technology that this iPhone looks to include, Apple may have an even bigger hit than we were ever expecting.

Three New iPhone Models

Along with the iPhone 8, there will be a 7S and a 7S Plus model released all at the same time. The difference between the models are going to be around price, function and size, the main details around software improvements are being closely guarded.

Aesthetically, the iPhone has needed more imaginative design for users to visually determine the difference between the models, especially with the Samsung S8 having received great reviews across the board for its infinity display.

The leaks have slowly but surely been confirming the new design, sometimes through some strange channels.


OLED Screen

It has been no secret that the OLED screen is making its way over to the Apple since the news broke out that Apple ordered 70 million OLED displays from their main tech rival Samsung. The new screen will deliver a dramatically better picture, but also be much more power efficient than the LCD screens.

Wireless charging

It has been a will they/won’t they, the likes we haven’t seen since Ross and Rachel, when it comes to wireless charging, with the stance met by Apple saying they won’t release wireless charging until it’s perfect. The latest pictures and leaks provide further evidence of wireless charging. The hidden sound file in iOS 11 beta that points to wireless charging.

The image below is of wireless charging components and they are supposedly heading for the iPhone, and the CEO of one of Apple’s suppliers accidentally slipped up revealing that “new features like waterproofing and wireless charging now require some different testing”.

The Price

We won’t beat around the bush, with the latest leaks and developments and increase in production costs, this device is likely to cost above £800. Possibly more, and the heavily promoted Apple payment plans will look to soften the blow.

How much it costs, make sure you get the most for your old mobile to go toward it by finding the best iPhone recycling company through Compare and Recycle.

The Release Date

All we know is that the announcement and release will be in September, we haven’t yet been informed of the exact dates but as soon as we do we will update the page.

UPDATE The announcement, according to sources, is likely to be on the 12th of September.

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Get ready for the Solar Eclipse: how, when and why to watch?

Today our excitement is built around Total Solar Eclipse – a rare divine event which happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and the moon slowly covers the sun until peak moment leaving only the ring of light burning on the edges. Doesn’t this sound fascinating?


This year the “path of totality” crosses 11 US states from west to east coast in the middle of the country on Monday the 21st of August. However, you’ll be able to see a partial solar eclipse from the UK when the Moon covers 4% of the Sun. For the best views and photos get familiar with UK Eclipse time schedule below.

We know what you’re thinking and that’s why prepared a quick rundown of tips to witness and capture the best of the partial solar eclipse.

How to watch the Solar Eclipse?

Witnessing such a rare, worth-watching event, even though it’s only partial eclipse for Britons, you will be probably eager to snap this awesomeness on your smartphone camera. However, as safety is always first, let us tell you what you need to know before staring at the Sun.

To start with, make sure you equip yourself and your loved ones with special protective glasses as looking with bare eyes can be risky and cause temporary or permanent eye sight damage. Normal sunglasses or DIY won’t be good enough because glasses need to have a special solar filter and be granted international safety standard ISO 12312-2. The list of trusted vendors can be accessed here.

Currently, 5 pairs of protective eclipse glasses with ISO standard by Education Harbour are available for £8.99.

How to capture this beauty?

Now let’s move on how to set up your phone camera to make the most of this spectacle. We won’t advise you to get a new phone with advanced camera solely for this purpose, but some of the models have decent cameras enough to make stunning pictures.

If you’re the owner of iPhone 7 Plus or Android phones such as the Google Pixel, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the One Plus 5, you have one of the best smartphone cameras available on the market. Here are few steps to get you ready:

  • Autofocus and flash: these need to be turned off because these features will spoil dark vision and ruin the shot you’ve been working hard on.
  • Lower Exposure: you need to control how much light reaches your camera lens, this can be done by minimising exposure settings. On iOS and Android, you will need to open the camera app where sun icon will appear next to focus area. Drag the sun icon down to reduce exposure. On some Android phones, Exposure Value (EV) can be found in Pro Mode settings.
  • Time-lapse feature: on iOS 8 and above you can record video at a very low frame enabling you to capture the movement of the moon. There are customised ones available to install on Android phone.
  • Attach a camera filter: to get a clear, crisp image of the Sun and protect your camera lens, NASA advises covering your camera with eclipse glasses.
  • Zoom In: you will need additional zoom capabilities as this feature is limited on smartphone cameras and using zoom lens attachment will provide 12x-18x zoom level.


  • Get a tripod: this little helper will free your hands holding your smartphone camera. You can place it on any surface or attach it to your backpack and enjoy the solar eclipse hands-free with your own eyes. Have a look at this Amazon offer .

Wrap up

We recommend you to practice with your camera settings on the moon sometime this weekend before snapping the solar eclipse. Keep fingers crossed not to have our usual cloudy skies and we are looking forward to see your advanced snaps on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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